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Redefine Keys

Atic Atac: Use keys to unlock 100 doors over time.

Redefine Keys0
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You can get this done even faster using the save and reload method by getting to this room. Each reload will get you 7 door unlocks. 4 in the room shown, 3 others in connected rooms. Character does not matter.

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This is partially copied from the solution here.
Solution for Three-Pronged Atac in Rare Replay

U = Up, L = Left, R = Right, D = Down

1. D, L, U.

2. L, U, Fall through the Trapdoor.

3. U, L, L Past Frankenstein, D, D, Pick up the Blue Key.

4. R, R, R, D, D

5. R, R (Blue Door), R, U, U, L Past the Demon, L.

6. D.

7. L, U, U, L (Blue Door), L, L, U, U, R, R, Fall through the Trapdoor.

8. You will now be in the room with 4 yellow doors and the yellow key. Save your game, unlock all the doors and reload the save as required.
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DeathknightMk great guide man thanks much better than the north east south west crap guide that someone put up 1 up for me
Posted by DeathknightMk on 30 Aug 15 at 20:18
MegaManSurvives Superb guide! I agree with DeathknightMK.
Posted by MegaManSurvives on 21 Feb 16 at 00:33
Jeremydj Worked great! Thanks for the guide!
Posted by Jeremydj on 28 Mar at 06:37