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Double Tap

Defeat Oz for the last time in Descent.

Double Tap0
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You must complete the Descent easter egg to unlock Double Feature mode which can then be activated by pressing the button opposite the generator at spawn. You can view my guide for the easter egg here:

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You must have the Reckoning DLC pack. Load up Exo Zombies > Descent.

The youtube video at the bottom of this guide is all you should really need,
however I have still included the steps in detail below.

This IS possible solo or in co-op.


I cannot stress this enough.
Killing Oz on round 20 is SO much harder co-op than it is solo.

Activate Double Feature mode by pressing the button opposite the generator at spawn. Double Feature mode is HARD - this is what it changes:
-No HUD (no ammo count, no marker for orbital drops, no view of other players' points etc.)
-Black and White screen
-ALL Zombies are stronger including Oz
-No points for damaging zombies ONLY for killing them
-Upgrade machine is only 1500pts to use not 2500
-No second chance - you do NOT go down - YOU DIE (however if playing co-op you can respawn next round)

Get a good gun on one of your first hits of the 3dprinter otherwise restart!
A good gun is the Blunderbuss, S12 or CEL-3

Get your Exo Suit ASAP.
Open the Spa so you can use the decon pad on the infected round ASAP.

Survive as normal and GET SET UP so that you are ready for the first Oz challenge.

At round 13 you will be teleported for the second time for the FIRST OZ CHALLENGE.
To pass this challenge you need to shoot Oz behind each of the four command consoles when the bulletproof glass opens. When you kill one Oz, there will be an explosion, he will teleport to the next console and the old console will be on fire. You need to repeat this 4 times. The bulletproof glass will only open after a set amount of traps increasing in number and difficulty as well as zombie spawns as you go. The traps are:
- Laser grid ceiling: don't jump or your exo suit will reboot
- Electric floor: don't touch the floor or you will take damage
- Infected gas: don't go in the gassed areas or you will become infected and need to use the pad in the middle of the room to decontaminate.
- Turrets: sentry guns spawn on the ground floor in the lifts & automated turrets spawn on the high walls up by the ceiling - just destroy them with normal weapons.
In this room you have orbital drops that teleport in with ammo for one person in them (NOT a max ammo), contact grenades, a 3dprinter and a standard weapon upgrade machine at your disposal HOWEVER you do not earn points in this room from damaging and killing zombies. If you don't manage to kill Oz on one of the rounds and the glass closes again simply pass the challenges again and then the glass will reopen and your damage from before will have been saved. Once you take out all four Oz' there will be a large amount of orbital drops teleporting into the room with free points. Every time you collect one another one will spawn. Collect as many as you can before you are teleported back to the map (if you're fast enough you can get about 7k).

After the first Oz challenge survive as normal and GET COMPLETELY SET UP so that you are ready for the second Oz challenge on round 20.
Try to keep enough points to get gun upgrades to replenish your ammo during the second Oz challenge.
Do NOT pick up max ammos during the second Oz challenge or you will most likely get hit by the zombies and die.
Infect yourself ON PURPOSE by walking into the gas trap just before using the decon pad every time so that when you use the decon pad you not only take down Oz's shield but you also get given a camouflage so that normal zombies are not attracted to you for a few seconds.

At round 20 you will be teleported for the third time for the SECOND OZ CHALLENGE.
To pass this challenge all you have to do is avoid the same traps from the first Oz challenge (except no electric floor), turn on all four of the generators located in the corners of the room then wait for the mutated Oz to be running towards you and close then activate the decon pad. You will be able to damage mutated Oz ONLY while the decon pad is active (you will know you're not doing damage when a shield icon appears on screen). Then, simply repeat that multiple times until you kill him. Other zombie spawns will increase as you damage Oz. Good weapons to damage Oz efficiently are the Blunderbus, S12, CEL-3 & nano swarms placed directly on the decon pad. Oz will have a health bar at the top of your screen when you get this bar down to zero he will die and orbital care package points drops will teleport into the room like with the first oz challenge. Collect as many as you can before you are teleported back to the map.

Kill oz and you will pop the achievement!
You can then go on to continue playing in double feature mode if you so choose.

1 like = 1 cry for Oz

Tips to survive are:
-Start the low rounds shooting in the legs and knifing for more points
-Get your Exo Suit ASAP
-Attain Exo Health / Juggernog ASAP (2500pts)
-Attain two good weapons from the 3dPrinter/MysteryBox or the wall ASAP
-Train zombies behind you (gather them up behind you and run in circles around the room or map) once you reach approximately round 7 and upwards
-Upgrade your weapons using the upgrade machine whenever you can (ONLY 1500pts)
-Pick up all care packages! Why not they're free and they help you out!
-Gain free points from security consoles by walking up to them and pressing x (randomly change around the map).
-Purchase all other perks in order of personal preference
-Prioritise killing zombies: try pick off the EMP zombies from your trains

Good areas for training are SPA, LOUNGE, GALLERIA & RECEPTION.
The best weapons on this map are: Blunderbuss, Trident, CEL-3, S12

Some additional useful info is contained in my map below!

External image

Pop goes the cheevo!

Hope this helps
Happy Gaming!


All credit to NGTZombies for the below video!