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Cruel and Unusual Punishments

Battletoads Arcade: Over time, defeat 100 enemies with Smash Hit attacks.

Cruel and Unusual Punishments+5.6
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The fastest way is to make a save at the start of level 3 (space ship interior) then jump & strike (B then A) at a rat enemy which will knock him down & make him dizzy (stars spinning round his head), quickly run up to him & repeatedly press the attack button (A).
If done correctly your chosen battle toad will perform his special finishing smash attack : Rash (throat rip) Zitz (drill to the face) & pimple (T ton wieght foot).
Keep doing this on the rat enemies upto the point of reaching the first appearing ladder then reload the save to speed things up.
Using this method i was averaging 15 smash attacks per run every few mins.

Note : the purple rats seem to be too weak to perform smash attacks on.