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Come Out and Play

Win five consecutive PvP games initiated by other players

Come Out and Play0
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Drevin KnightDrevin Knight759,938
19 Aug 2015
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*Credit to UnsungGhost

If you play a career and get to Match 11 (3rd series of circuits) you go against an opponent named Butch that typically challenges you to button mash or strength challenges. Just wait him out and he will challenge you at least once, if not twice before the clock stRts it 30 second countdown. When it counts down just check regardless of your hand and do it again. You should have been challenged 5 times by the time the River card hits.
MattiasAndersonlol I was just gonna make this solution and give the credit to unsung ghost. Worked on my first attempt. Very good solution indeed!
Posted by MattiasAnderson on 09 Feb at 17:29