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Win International Open

Win the International Open in the Road to FIFA World Cup mode

Win International Open0
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12 Jan 2009
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During your way to Road To FIFA World cup, you will be able to play in international open, if you win it, you will get the achievement.
MLR MikeyTo let people know stay close to the out side lines as you can and when u get close to the goal pass the ball with Y and tap B do not hold B and dont pass with A when ur close to the goal. holding B makes u kick it way to hard and passing with Y makes you kick the ball passed the runner not to him letting him run into the ball for a "fast break" its hard to score in this game but after you get the hang of it you will score a bunch. Alot when ur up 1 nothing steal the ball take it to your goalside and hold onto the ball passing it to ur guys befor the other team comes close. and let the time run out. Hope some of this helps you.
Posted by MLR Mikey on 16 Sep 09 at 02:25
Melomonster721At the beginning I picked four teams to control and two of them played in the int open championship game. The team I was controlling in the match lost by penalty shots but I still got the achievement probably due to the opposite team also being a team I picked. Is this correct? Does the achievement pop if any of your four teams win the match?
Posted by Melomonster721 on 12 Aug 17 at 20:51