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The Secret Gardener

Orange no-thumbs are the new green thumbs.

The Secret Gardener+0.2
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20 Aug 2015 20 Aug 2015
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Level: Home Sweet Home

Again this is one of the more trickier of the achievements in the game, the objective is to remove the weeds from inside the flower patch without touching any of the flowers.

Approach the flower patch with caution and begin grabbing the flowers closest to the edge first using cn_A, you know they can be picked up when they glow green. Be careful not to lean into the flowers and place the weeds outside the patch using cn_A Once you have grabbed all the outside comes the hard part. There are 2 weeds near the back of the patch that need you to go onto the narrow path to grab. You will need to position Octodad in line with the path and shuffle him using cn_LT and cn_RT if you use the cn_LSc you can guide his feet to avoid the flowers. Once you have the remaining weed just stay still and the achievement will unlock.

This can be a frustrating achievement and may take many attempts, you will know if you hit a flower by the smudge on the screen or your wife shouting NOOOO.
ChooseMyFateSomething that really helped me with this was changing my body from Translucent to Solid. It made it easier to see where my feet were.
Posted by ChooseMyFate on 23 Apr 20 at 04:30