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Battle-Tested Gear

Earn enough multiplayer experience to reach level 25 (not Custom)

Battle-Tested Gear0
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06 Jun 2010
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if you have a friend who has this achievement and you dont want to bother playing online (stupid idea because gow2 online pwns) download your gamertag on his/her xbox go offline play a match of horde and it just gives you all the rank achievement the other person has
XxCESARxXxGTI couldn't believe it, I invited my friend to play in my house to take adventage of the 6 Exp week, we prefered to play horde and before the match starts, the console freezes for a moment and when it came back to normal, BOOOM!!! 9 achievements unlocked instantly and I didn't do nothing. I didn't want the cheevos because you said it Billyboy GOW2 online multiplayer rocks but the idea of have those achievements don't bother me.
Posted by XxCESARxXxGT on 16 Jun 10 at 01:38