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Manifest Destiny

Kill the last buffalo in the Great Plains in Single Player.

Manifest Destiny0
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Credit foes to ShadowWolf810
Steps to Manifest Destiny Achievement

-Get access to the northern part of your map known as the "Great Plains." You will eventually gain access to that region by playing the game!

-Go to the buffalo picture on the map at around 1 am. A huge herd of buffalo should be peacefully grazing there.

-Sneak up quietly and try to take out as many as you can before you spook the herd and they start to stampede.

-Kill as many as you can, you can still come back afterward if you don't get them all and repeat the process.

-Once you've killed all the buffalo, you'll get the achievement.
WraithtechMan, I couldn't find the last couple buffalo but heading out to that area at night worked the first try. Thanks a lot.
Posted by Wraithtech on 29 Jul 10 at 02:05
SaltyTONThose are bison...
Posted by SaltyTON on 30 Oct 11 at 15:11
cs mesterthats bullshit i didnt find anything there.
Posted by cs mester on 14 Sep 15 at 15:33