Dishonored Definitive Edition Review by GoZorak

25 Aug 2015
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Well, I for one loved/love this game. Had on my 360 and got the 50% discount for the previous owned digital version. $20 for the Definitive version on my One? Absolutely. Didnt play on pc so the graphical improvements over the 360 are really blowing me away and hadnt played since back in 2012 and I am loving it even more and playing through on hardest difficulty level which I never got around to doing in the original play through. All I can say is that anyone who missed this on yourself a tremendous favor and buy. It will cost $40 if you didnt own the 360 version but its better than most games on the Xbox One. Anyone who was looking forward to Thief on the One and that style of gameplay but was disappointed(I was ) by the end result this IS the game for you because the stealth gameplay, if you choose to go that route, is soooo rewarding. If youd rather go with a balls to the wall violent approach, that route is equally rewarding...just get it and enjoy. THe story itself is also solid, exceptional even, and absorbing.
This isn't a review mate... More of an opinion.
Posted on 27 Aug 15 at 18:39
bryan dot exeWell a review is an opinion.

OP, thanks for your two cents. That being said, this could use to be fleshed out a bit more. Some editing would help too.
Posted by bryan dot exe on 25 Nov 15 at 19:51
King BranðonNot really written like a review, more so a comment that you would write on a post, which is why I also voted negative.
Posted by King Branðon on 20 Jan 17 at 17:19