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The Goa'th amendment

Craft all the weapons in one game

The Goa'th amendment+0.3
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Deranged AsylumDeranged Asylum508,533
26 Aug 2015
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Play on Goatz during the Outbreak and if you want to play it safe you can have the normal goat mutator on, to stop any damage or fear of death.

There are 5 weapons you can craft and as the title of the Achievement states, this must be done in one game, die and its over, quit out and its over.

There are 3 Garages to craft in the City. One is at the spawn, one is next to the greenhouse and the other is next to the TV Studio. They all have a blue craft sign on the garage door.

In order to register the item, make sure to drop it on the mat below the bluenote poster.

The Video below shows how to get this Achievement and Survivalist in one go.

Below are all 5 weapons needed.

The Gumshot

Beer Pong+Gumball Machine - Both are found around the back of the house with the crafting garage.

The Relaxer

Broken Minifun+Vial Of Goo - The Minifun is in the crafting garage and the Vial Of Goo is behind the bar counter in the Luau area near the beach.

The Antiquer

Flour+Mousetrap - Flour can be found behind the Coffee Stain Studios building at the spawn point area and the Mousetrap is located in the Mall on the ground floor on the far left.

The Heartbreaker

Twig Man+Wedding Cake - There are 2 Twig Men at the bar next to the Whiplash and the Wedding Cake is in the first shop on the left in the Mall behind the counter.

Mind Controller

Crystal Ball+Boom Box - The Ball is at the fairgrounds area, in the fortune-teller's tent towards the back, it will be on a table and the Boom Box is behind the Coffee Stain Studio at the spawn point.
I ASK NO ONEThanks for the text. I just did the Xbox One version and now I'm doing the 360 version. I didn't want to search all over again while looking at the video. Text makes it simple easy.
Posted by I ASK NO ONE on 29 Aug 15 at 05:44
Fusciori would agree but item spots seem to be a small be different spent ages looking for a barrel, if anyone needs one for crowd control there is two towards the UFO near the big hole in the ground
Posted by Fuscior on 07 Dec 15 at 22:21
Panzerdrako707:50 not in the 360 version...i found one behind the house where you make stuff
Posted by Panzerdrako7 on 07 Feb 17 at 20:10