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Call in your hero vehicle in a multiplayer match.

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31 Aug 2015 31 Oct 2015
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solution for solo-players

This also works for:
Toy Soldiers: War ChestBooooom!The Booooom! achievement in Toy Soldiers: War Chest worth 155 pointsCall in your barrage in a multiplayer match.

My solution is an upgraded version of ShadyShall's solution.

since it is almost impossible, at least for me, to play both controllers on my own, I worked out this method. Here is what you do:

1. Create a second gamertag and boot up Toy Soldiers:Warchest. You should have 500 coins ( if not play a game with this gamertag to earn yourself some ) next go to upgrade army and buy the german heavy infantry/stormtroopers for 400 coins.

2. Start a local Coop-game between your real gamertag and your newly created one.
- Local-Coop ( It's the option in the top right of the screen )
- Use the third Map called "The Breach" (thx Eurydace)
It's the map where you can see each other's Toybox through a tunnel in the middle.
The infantry will always run trough the tunnel, so you have a straight shot with your turret
- In the options change the starting money to 100.000$

3. When its your second gamertag's turn to attack select the heavy infantry/stormtrooper or whatever they are called and mow them down with the anti-infantry turret of your primary gamertag (maybe one or two damage upgrades required)

Using this method actually makes it possible to achieve even the barrage in one round without having to kill the enemy hero at all.

Hope this helps, happy achievement hunting
EurydaceSolution worked perfectly. English version of the map is called "The Breach".

+1. Couldn't be better.
Posted by Eurydace on 31 Oct 15 at 04:52
Drashi90Happy to help and thanks for the feedback. I will change the mapname right away
Posted by Drashi90 on 31 Oct 15 at 11:00
TheOnlyMattofirst try. you rule
Posted by TheOnlyMatto on 28 Nov 20 at 22:45