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07 Sep 2015 03 Oct 2015
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Updated solution from Philmnator at Oct 3

The game has update and it seems the glitch resolved, anyone still not unlock the game please try update and open the game the achievement should unlock immediately.

Update solution from several gamers at Sep 17

Reported from several gamers it seems clear all Level 1 - Level 5 cards will unlock this achievement, if you still stuck it won't unlock, you may try to clear all cards from Level 1 to 5 and see if it popped.

While the screen show unlock all is free, when click and purchase it will ask for real money so below solution seems no longer work.

Also some users report even with lv 1-5 completed and unlock level 6, the achievement won't unlock.

As now seems the achievement glitched without paying real money. Several gamers simply play through from level 1 to level 5 and thus level 6 unlocked won't pop for this achievement.

Below solution seems no longer work
As of today (7 Sep), you can click the shopping cart icon at top right and the first "Unlock all" should be free, simply "purchase" it and you will instantly unlock this achievement.
ProjectSixThanks. This didn't unlock for me after getting the update even though I had the other 5 levels done and 200g on the game. This solution worked and unlocked it though.
Posted by ProjectSix on 07 Sep 15 at 07:13
CrAzEdCaNuCk18Word of caution, I did this and the achievement for using the mic 10 times glitches. Delete/reinstall worked to fix it but have to redo all the levels again. I didn't continue to see if the other achievements glitches but hopefully this will not happen to others.
Posted by CrAzEdCaNuCk18 on 07 Sep 15 at 09:08
KingyOwlThe glitch you experienced seems unrelated. I followed this guide to get this achievement and the mic 10 times one unlocked no trouble.
Posted by KingyOwl on 07 Sep 15 at 12:50
Sambawebi cant confirm any glitches because i started with the mic achievement this solution works fine no other chevo glitches :)
Posted by Sambaweb on 07 Sep 15 at 12:59
Lord TerentiusThanks for the heads up. Didn't have any problems with glitches whatsoever (unlocked "Voice of Success" prior to unlocking the achievement). smile
Posted by Lord Terentius on 07 Sep 15 at 13:39
Spay001lol great tip dude thanks :)
Posted by Spay001 on 07 Sep 15 at 17:51
Arsenic 17No longer works? It says "buying is disabled at this time" when i click any unlock levels ones. i can buy to remove ads though
Posted by Arsenic 17 on 07 Sep 15 at 21:58
HyruleBalverineIt's trying to charge me to unlock the levels. This achievement didn't pop even though I already completed level 5.
Posted by HyruleBalverine on 07 Sep 15 at 22:43
MetalShadow13Didn't unlock me before I decided to "donate" 1,99€ (for being nice fun game) for unlocking level 6 and it unlocked right after the purchase.
Posted by MetalShadow13 on 08 Sep 15 at 02:02
lfcjohnIt seems the "free" unlock is expired (or glitched actually before). May wait for few more test from TA gamers before update the solution above. ><
Posted by lfcjohn on 08 Sep 15 at 02:21
Rossco7530Yeah, in game it says Unlock All is free, but then it goes to the Confirm Purchase screen where is becomes $7.39 (AU...). What utter rubbish!
Posted by Rossco7530 on 08 Sep 15 at 02:46
Posted by MIXHONG on 08 Sep 15 at 07:07
ReD S1Xi accidentally bought it. fucking asshole game troopers.
Posted by ReD S1X on 08 Sep 15 at 10:03
RVMThis is weird. I have levels 1-5 completed and level 6 is already unlocked for me. I've done about 15 cards on level 6, yet it still won't unlock this achievement.
Posted by RVM on 08 Sep 15 at 13:49
PrisSame as the guy above. How do they not test these things?
Posted by Pris on 08 Sep 15 at 19:46
AH Howesyit is absolute crap, we should be able to get the level 6 unlock achievement straight away!
Posted by AH Howesy on 08 Sep 15 at 21:48
neeker75I started the DLC with my game still intact. This achievement only unlocked after I went in and out of the game 10+ times. I don't know what made it unlocked. I've all levels done prior to starting the DLC. The game crashed many, many times. And during one of the times that I went back into the game, this achievement randomly unlocked.
Posted by neeker75 on 09 Sep 15 at 09:14
FullMoonBeaverThis achievement is broken for me as well. Game Troopers are officially the worst Devs I have had the displeasure of ever playing a game by,
Posted by FullMoonBeaver on 09 Sep 15 at 15:28
U2NUMBYep broken for me.. I have all the other level 6 achievements but this one will not pop. I did not pay anything.. was just there when I booted up the game.
Posted by U2NUMB on 09 Sep 15 at 17:11
ScottybonzoBroken for me too. I had previously uninstalled the game once I had got the 200gs. Reinstalled after update, had to do all levels again but lvl 6 cheev didn't unlock. On the plus side all the other complete lvl 6 themes unlocked no probs
Posted by Scottybonzo on 10 Sep 15 at 17:29
GtechApocalypseSo have to pay $2 for an achievement!?
Posted by GtechApocalypse on 11 Sep 15 at 01:08
FinnanI've played through the game twice now without popping this achievement. Has anyone unlocked it without 'purchasing' level 6?
Posted by Finnan on 11 Sep 15 at 01:41
MIXHONGMy friend ask me he unlock this without pay the money. But i GOT BUG...
Posted by MIXHONG on 11 Sep 15 at 01:51
neeker75@Finnan Me. I did not purchase anything. It just randomly unlocked after the game crashed on me, and I had to reload it several times. During one of the reloads, the achievement popped.
Posted by neeker75 on 11 Sep 15 at 04:47
EVEN5TAR 117i send them an e.mail and they reply me: "We are working in an update" so hope it fix it in no time... I don't want to play it again
Posted by EVEN5TAR 117 on 11 Sep 15 at 04:56
lfcjohnGreat to know, I'll unlock for win 10 tonight
Posted by lfcjohn on 11 Sep 15 at 11:54
TBonePhoneAs of today, (Sep 12) I unlocked this achievement after fully completing Levels 1-5. I did not go in to level 6 until I'd completed 1-5. This is on an old Win 8 phone (not 8.1)
Posted by TBonePhone on 12 Sep 15 at 13:01
Im the LoraxSept 12, previously had all levels and achievements done, lvl 6 did not unlock for me but all others (except the 5 days I'm still working on that) did.
Posted by Im the Lorax on 13 Sep 15 at 00:36
Bob101910Reinstalled the game and cannot even get to level pack 3. Says I need to solve -5 more puzzles. I've tried reinstalling again and stopping at 0 needed to unlock. Didn't work either.
Posted by Bob101910 on 14 Sep 15 at 00:45
SkridgerI've tried all the tricks in this comment section without any luck. Just will not unlock. Hopefully there'll be a fix for it soon.
Posted by Skridger on 14 Sep 15 at 17:32
janiwesterlingFor me the counting of needed cards went haywire during level two, it said I needed over 10 more cards even though I didn't have that much left. However, each consecutive level has unlocked when I have done all of the cards from the previous levels. This achievement popped when I got all levels from 1-5 completely done.
Posted by janiwesterling on 16 Sep 15 at 20:37
Crimson DrifterIs there any way to reset progress? I've uninstalled/ reinstalled twice and my progress is still all there (everything completed)
Posted by Crimson Drifter on 26 Sep 15 at 14:57
Im the Loraxreally? when i reinstalled on a new phn i had to start over. you sure you're doing it right? maybe it's on an SD card or something and it's not completely uninstalling it?
Posted by Im the Lorax on 26 Sep 15 at 16:19
Crimson DrifterI do install to SD card, but I figure uninstalling would delete everything still. I'll try installing to the phone and see what happens!
Posted by Crimson Drifter on 26 Sep 15 at 18:29
Crimson DrifterInstalling to phone worked! dance
Posted by Crimson Drifter on 26 Sep 15 at 18:40
Im the Loraxnice :) glad it worked for you
Posted by Im the Lorax on 26 Sep 15 at 19:16
BeatStradivariI finally got this achievement (oddly the last one to pop). The way I got it, I uninstalled the game and installed it back again (SD card always), played it from the beginning, and, though the new levels showed weird negative values to unlock, they did when the time came. Once I completed level 5, there finally went the cheevo! Now I wonder whether there will be a new update and a new glitchy set of achievements to get on our nerves!!! :S
Posted by BeatStradivari on 01 Oct 15 at 20:41
Im the LoraxUgh I so dnt wanna do this game twice. Will give a try I guess if it wrked for u
Posted by Im the Lorax on 01 Oct 15 at 22:11
PhilmnatorHey what's up y'all
Similarly I'd finished levels 1-5 and unlocked 6 but no achievement. Downloaded a game update that showed up today and the achievement popped smile I think that update did the trick!
Posted by Philmnator on 03 Oct 15 at 17:27
Im the LoraxNice! I already had 100% of this game down. downloaded the update and within seconds it popped. Thanks Phil for updating the thread clap
Posted by Im the Lorax on 03 Oct 15 at 18:24
Im the Loraxreally? i went there and it said "installed" but i still clicked on it and it said "update"
Posted by Im the Lorax on 03 Oct 15 at 19:53
HyruleBalverineNo update for me yet, either. This could be rolling out in waves to different phone providers, maybe?
Posted by HyruleBalverine on 04 Oct 15 at 00:45
Im the LoraxMaybe. It said "update" when I clicked on the store where it showed all my updates for all apps/games as well as when I manually searched for it and clicked on it. Hopefully soon for you guys
Posted by Im the Lorax on 04 Oct 15 at 07:48
HyruleBalverineMine did update late last night and the achievement popped when I loaded up the game. Not sure if the update was rolled out or if I just had to wait until I was connected to WiFi for my phone to download it. Either way, the achievement now works. Maybe GameLoft will learn from this for next time?
Posted by HyruleBalverine on 04 Oct 15 at 14:12
CasperTCPatch released last night and this popped when I opened the game after updating.
Posted by CasperTC on 04 Oct 15 at 20:49
SkridgerMine popped when I opened the game today
Posted by Skridger on 05 Oct 15 at 16:27
JrSolarisMine still locked on XBL servers even after the update.
Posted by JrSolaris on 14 Oct 15 at 14:09