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The voice of success

Solve 10 cards using the microphone

The voice of success0
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07 Sep 2015 15 Sep 2015
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Not sure how this plays out if you have not deleted the game before the DLC came out. I did delete my game, so I had to start again.

After reinstalling the game ..... and starting over...

The achievement popped after using the microphone on my 10th picture. It doesn't have to be in a row. I had used the tap screen method twice during the first 12 cards.


The microphone is on the top half of the playing screen. It's the icon on the bottom left side of the picture. Sets underneath the icon with two heads. It's obvious which icon as the other side(right) has the eye & basket.

I've noticed on 3 different phones now this is very touchy. Tap the icon, and follow with your voice answer. Now, as MCASguru stated ... sometimes you have to say it slightly off to make it register correctly. dale smeegle & others with his issue ... I've had a few of these that simply wouldn't accept my voice answer, but most will work. A good point was made by MadMirror in that you sould make sure the language setting are correct ... also in setting you can find the Cortana tab which gives you the instructions on how to use the voice/microphone answer.

*edit 2*

So, if you have noticed or just read the comments below .... this game is now super buggy after the title update. Sometimes this achievement is glitching, and even the 5 day achievement is glitching out or more than 5 days are required. I know some are having the game load only to have it quit every time. Others are popping achievements but they don't register on xbl .... These are all common issues with the free games. Not much to say about a game that's buggy making the simple achievements not work right or not at all. Most are uninstalling & reinstalling for a fix, however this is not working for others.
dale smeegleHow do you use the microphone?
I keep trying different phrases but it doesn't seem to want to work.
Posted by dale smeegle on 07 Sep 15 at 10:50
MCASguruGo to Settings, then App Permissions, and make sure What in the World can use the microphone. Also, if you say "Elvis Presley" say "Prezley" and it will hear the right answer! headspin
Posted by MCASguru on 07 Sep 15 at 11:05
BlueyZealgo to store on what in the world and click on unlock all levels. Before you click on it make sure it says $0.00. If your phone doesnt understand you use google tanslate and make sure both language is in english. Then click on sound. Sometimes it doesnt pick up name correctly.
Posted by BlueyZeal on 07 Sep 15 at 11:43
jaysondominoThanks for the question & input guys...

I'll add to this.
Posted by jaysondomino on 07 Sep 15 at 12:48
Kelle1994i didn't delete the game (100% completition). But i can't unlock an achievement from the title update. Is it really necessary to delete and reinstall?
Posted by Kelle1994 on 08 Sep 15 at 18:07
jaysondominoIt shouldn't be necessary if you previously hadn't. Which achievement? You should be fine.
Posted by jaysondomino on 08 Sep 15 at 18:47
Kelle1994didn't get any. Neither 'The voice of success' nor 'Level 6 unlocked'. Although i have solved 10 pictures in level 6 with the microphone.
Posted by Kelle1994 on 08 Sep 15 at 19:19
Er PaBlEtOrI unlocked this achievement very soon (when the update just came out) and is not registering on my Xbox account D: If I reinstall the game will I be able to get this achievement?
Posted by Er PaBlEtOr on 08 Sep 15 at 20:06
jaysondominoThat's odd kelle.... not sure why. I know some of my friends have had that issue only to have it pop soon after it should have.

As far as your issue gors Er ... my cousin had one late last night that didn't show for several hours. I've had that happen to myself once as well. Mine showed up nearly 4 or 5 hours later, and I don't have a clue as to why. It should eventually show. Play in a Wi-Fi situation as to ur data if you previously did not. I've seen this make a difference when finally registering to live.
Posted by jaysondomino on 09 Sep 15 at 04:48
jaysondominoI can't explain the issue with it not unlocking as it should. I do know 2 other people personally, who achieved it as I stated it should work. What I posted is correct information(to whomever gave neg). WP games are often buggy ... certainly the free ones. The 3 of us had reinstalled the game due to deleting it after previous completion. I'm not sure that should or does matter. I know someone who just installed the game for the first time. I will post if she has any issues.
Posted by jaysondomino on 09 Sep 15 at 05:01
MCASguruAlas, neither this nor unlock level 6 achievements have unlocked for me, despite the fact that on the game, they show as unlocked. Subsequent ones have synced just fine. I suppose this is just another buggy game. kelle1994, you're not alone!
Posted by MCASguru on 09 Sep 15 at 21:46
Er PaBlEtOrI unlocked the achievement 3 or 4 days ago and nothing is happening, I will wait untill I get the 5 consecutive days achievement and I will try to reinstall the game, but in the game it says that I already have the achievement.
Posted by Er PaBlEtOr on 09 Sep 15 at 22:08
KashThePriestIn game it says I have this cheev but it doesn't show up as unlocked. This is the only cheev I need for the completion, so this sucks
Posted by KashThePriest on 13 Sep 15 at 19:39
Er PaBlEtOrKashThePriest: The same to me
Posted by Er PaBlEtOr on 13 Sep 15 at 22:11
KashThePriestYeah, a friend said uninstalling and reinstalling popped it for him, but it didn't work for me
Posted by KashThePriest on 14 Sep 15 at 13:59
JrSolarisMine is bugged too. In game shows all achievements unlocked, but on Xbox still missing 4 cheevos.
Posted by JrSolaris on 15 Sep 15 at 12:10
jaysondominoI'm finding different issues with this game. I had to go one extra day(six) for the five day to unlock, but it does show up on here & xbl.... also my cousin got back through the game to the 6th level only to have the game lock him out. It will load and back out nothing more. He had to uninstall & reinstall. There doesn't appear to be a pattern as to why or which achievements glitch. I'll make a note in solution.
Posted by jaysondomino on 15 Sep 15 at 13:17
LeiChatI installed the update today, didn't realise there were new achievements. Unlocked 21 cards using the microphone and no achievement. Closed the app, came here to see if anyone else was having the problem. Launched it again and tapped for a new card, solved it with the microphone and the achievement unlocked.
Posted by LeiChat on 03 Oct 15 at 17:30
jaysondominoYeah Lei ... this is super buggy after the update. I've actually heard of many different issues. Glad it ended up popping.
Posted by jaysondomino on 03 Oct 15 at 22:47
Er PaBlEtOrWell I just unlocked this achievement, but because I just bought a new Windows Phone. I think the people who had the same problem as me won't be able to unlock it unless you buy a new phone or do a hard reset of your phone.
Posted by Er PaBlEtOr on 08 Oct 15 at 21:13
KashThePriestInteresting, I have an old wp I can try this on
Posted by KashThePriest on 12 Oct 15 at 22:25
OliverSudden01My phone currently has win 10and the microphone will not work when I try in game it just tells me make sure settings are correct.

is this game not compatible with win 10 yet and also any ideas
Posted by OliverSudden01 on 29 Oct 15 at 08:35
jaysondominoThat may be the case .... as far as win 10 goes. That shouldn't be a problem I wouldn't think, but with MS & this game.... anything is possible.
Posted by jaysondomino on 31 Oct 15 at 04:15
OliverSudden01looks like i need to rest my phone just for this one achievement
Posted by OliverSudden01 on 06 Nov 15 at 20:53
jaysondominoThat sucks Oliver. I currently know someone who can't even keep the game on. It keeps backing out more than normal since the update. The game is just broken apparently in many ways. The worst is that it appears to be random issues for different people.
Posted by jaysondomino on 07 Nov 15 at 13:49
Ryn0 LI used the microphone for dozens of cards. I'm now "done" and never got it to pop. The first microphone achievement popped no problem... After I get the 5 days taken care of, I guess I'll have to reinstall and try the 10 mic again?
Posted by Ryn0 L on 15 Feb 16 at 00:04
jaysondominoSeeing after all this time that the game is still buggy makes me smh... Hope it works for you Ryn
Posted by jaysondomino on 15 Feb 16 at 17:28
KashThePriestLike Er PaBlEtOr I tried it on an old wp I have and it popped. Thank God for that I am finally done with this game
Posted by KashThePriest on 16 Feb 16 at 11:24
Ryn0 LOnce I got my 5 day achievement, I deleted/reinstalled the game, and after 10 successful voice cards, it worked! phew.
Posted by Ryn0 L on 18 Feb 16 at 04:22
jaysondominoI'm glad to hear it for both of you guys ... (Kash & Ryn) ... I decided to keep it right where it's at this time around. If they put out another update with achievements ... I wanted to have it w/o reinstalling hoping not to have problems. With all the problems associated with this though... I'm not thinking we'll see any further content on this one. I hope at least!
Posted by jaysondomino on 20 Feb 16 at 19:28
Ariose999Can't get it to work on windows 10...
Posted by Ariose999 on 11 Mar 16 at 23:00
MassonMy wp doesnt have cortana :( cant seem to get it in any way
Posted by Masson on 11 Mar 18 at 18:22
jaysondominoAriose999 & Ex night.... I'm not surprised about W10 nor any issues. Once that update happened years ago at this point, the game was a glitchy mess. They(Microsoft) have never held dev's accountable for this stuff. I know it sucks for achievement hunters, and that's why I backed off the wind phone/pc games. You can bet no support is going to happen for any of these old titles cry
Posted by jaysondomino on 16 Mar 18 at 20:26
XMARKLIVECan u get this on wifi without a data connection. I don't have a sim in my phone and it just keeps saying can't connect to network every time I try to speak. Maybe its because I have a Lumia 521. Is the phone to old ?
Posted by XMARKLIVE on 06 Jan 19 at 05:12
M Scofi3ldI have a Nokia and I get the same messages. Can’t connect to network
Posted by M Scofi3ld on 13 Feb 19 at 06:28
jaysondomino XMARKLIVE & M Scofi3ld This game was buggy anyway at times. I can't answer the specific question. I have earned many achievements after switching phones. I've also seen that same message on another game, so not sure honestly.
Posted by jaysondomino on 04 Apr 19 at 00:50