Snoopy Flying Ace Review by Limafoxtrot

09 Jun 2010 23 Jun 2010
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The Concept:
Take an arcade flying shooter and apply Peanuts characters and sense of humor.
The Result: A fun arcade game well worth the 800 points. Game play is fun and fast paced with a set of single player missions that loosely form as story around Snoopy’s dreams of being and WWI flying ace and taking on the Red Baron. The missions can be done alone or in local or online co-op.

Add in a dose of fast paced multi-player set on the various single player maps and you have an all-around fun game. Multi-player has some basic modes like death match, team death match, and capture-the-flag. Throw in a unique football based mode and dog bone mode, which amounts to a game of keep-away and you have a nice set of multi-player modes.

Flight controls are fairly easy to pick up. One stick controls movement while the other allows for special moves like barrel rolls and loops. Planes are divided into 3 groups – light, medium, and heavy – which determine your speed handling and ability to take damage. In single player you play as Snoopy, but in multi-player you can chose from among the Peanuts gang or use your Avatar as your pilot.

Each plane can equip two special weapons that you unlock over the course of the single player campaign. These will give you an alternate fire mode that packs more punch than the standard gun. Options range from homing missiles (leach and comet rockets) to sticky bombs (tarpedos) to mines (squitos and BAMs). Ammo and health both regenerate over time, so if you can escape the action you’ll heal up and the guns will cool of so you can re-enter the fray.

Among the best in out there in Arcade games. The graphics bring to life the Peanuts gang. The plane models look great and have a decent variety in look to the around 20 options available. There is a cartoon quality to the style; however the whole package is well rendered.

Fairly easy overall. The multi-player ranks will require time, but rank up seems fairly fast. Most everything else is easy to get with a little practice. The single player ones can be done co-op, single player, or in a mix. There are also two awards – four if you count men's and women's versions of the outfits - a Charlie Brown shirt and a Red Baron suit. (EDIT: There are also some gamer picts I've unlocked in MP but I'm not sure what these are tied to.)
zombiemasher1Yes, it is a great game, but i find some of the single player achievements for gold medals frustrating. Good game though!
Posted by zombiemasher1 on 22 Jun 10 at 23:16
LimafoxtrotThey can be frustrating - my biggest advice is to do them co-op (except maybe the ring race ones). Basically to get all the medals you need to not die on them. It seemed you could do all the other objectives on the list, but if you died you would not get all three ribbons.

Full disclosure - I was also lucky enough to have a friend who could flawlessly save the birds, so I mostly flew in circles while he did the dirty work.
Posted by Limafoxtrot on 23 Jun 10 at 12:18