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Snowball Dodge

Dodge 3 snowballs in a round

Snowball Dodge0
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Itzz Sh0wt1m3Itzz Sh0wt1m31,196,195
16 Sep 2015 04 Mar 2017
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Edit: Patched. Achievement seems to be working OK and has the correct description. Do the dodges as mentioned below,but dodge with your main account.

You do not have to dodge 3 snowballs with your own character, the second controller has to dodge 3 in a round (2 minutes). Start by making gems with your main account, until the second controller will get a "snowball incoming" message. Then stop making gems with the first controller. If done correctly, no snowball is thrown. Now switch to your second controller and make 8 combination until a message saying "Dodge" will appear. Now make combinations with the first controller again until the snowball is thrown, and then start all over again.

Note: This is done in multiplayer with a second controller.
Dr Tinus NLAhhh im gonna try this tonight then. I was doing it the other way around, controller 1 dodging the snowballs. Didnt get it to unlock.
Posted by Dr Tinus NL on 17 Sep 15 at 16:26
pezboybenI will try this but not at all what the description says.
Posted by pezboyben on 18 Sep 15 at 01:51
pezboybenThank you! Worked like a charm!
Posted by pezboyben on 18 Sep 15 at 10:12
SneakyStabbalotPerfect +1
Posted by SneakyStabbalot on 18 Sep 15 at 16:21
Dr Tinus NLworked like a charm, thanks!
Posted by Dr Tinus NL on 19 Sep 15 at 14:27
Zootown MontanaI was wondering why I couldn't get the achievement to pop. Thanks for a great guide! +1 for sure.
Posted by Zootown Montana on 25 Sep 15 at 01:26
KURSED SOULSBullshit I can't make matches that fast in one round angry
Posted by KURSED SOULS on 27 Sep 15 at 08:03
DaMikeSCI busted out 3 dodges with one player and well more than 3 combined and didn't pop. Annoying.
Posted by DaMikeSC on 03 Oct 15 at 18:21
SwordofWhedonThis is nearly impossible. Either I get so many it throws the snowball immediately, or I can't make them fast enough
Posted by SwordofWhedon on 11 Oct 15 at 21:01
Itzz Sh0wt1m3The throwball gets thrown also as a result of auto matches. Try making combination higher up, decreasing thechance of auto matches.
Posted by Itzz Sh0wt1m3 on 11 Oct 15 at 21:10
KURSED SOULSYeah I got ittoast
Posted by KURSED SOULS on 07 Dec 15 at 14:11
LvL 60 Mewpactched, now requires main character to dodge.
Posted by LvL 60 Mew on 14 Nov 16 at 16:55
SDREW44I Can also confirm.. This Has Now Been Patched..

And The Achievement Description Is 100% Correct!!.. smile
Posted by SDREW44 on 25 Nov 16 at 02:41
FuuldrinNow that it is normal, please remove the old description and just tell how to dodge with the main character. I know we can deduce with the current description, but ut is very confusing because at first I thought your solution was updated.
Posted by Fuuldrin on 04 Jan 17 at 23:11
BeetleB99fix you solution to match your edit
Posted by BeetleB99 on 04 Mar 17 at 21:25
Yes absolutely confusing. Update
Posted on 04 Dec 17 at 01:51
VagganI understood it. Worked great.
Posted by Vaggan on 01 Sep 18 at 05:04