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150,000 Point Game

Obtain 150,000 Points on one level

150,000 Point Game0
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Marcus PigeonMarcus Pigeon435,894
17 Sep 2015
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This is easiest done (in my opinion) on level 9 because you can use Elsa's glacier power up twice in the level. It also wouldnt be a bad idea to save your snowballs just in case you get a bit unlucky with the gem spawns. Overall a very easy achievement if you can stratigize on these types of games. There may be a level later on that is easier than level 9, if so, leave a comment and I will update the solution accordingly.
WileyOldFoxI just did this on level 9....was about to add a guide for this..U beat me to it wink
Posted by WileyOldFox on 17 Sep 15 at 03:39
I ASK NO ONEWorked perfectly, thanks!
Posted by I ASK NO ONE on 17 Sep 15 at 06:29
xCEL7IC ZOMBIExBeat me to it aswell lol.level 9 is also handy for the achievements with glaciers...+1smile
Posted by xCEL7IC ZOMBIEx on 17 Sep 15 at 18:05
Firebird22xLevel 23 was fairly easy for me, it is a timed one so you don't have to worry about the specific moves. I was able to get between 170k all the way to 230k fairly consistently, but for some reason the achievement hasn't seemed to unlock.

Tried on 9 as well, much easier, first time I went back to it I got 228k.
Posted by Firebird22x on 18 Sep 15 at 02:17
InsipidEyeused one glacier and the freefall at the end just give me over half the points I needed. thanks for the tip and great solution, did it first time :)
Posted by InsipidEye on 03 Mar 16 at 17:41
K8 AUSTENIs it possible to re-do a previous lvl without losing your progress further along? For example, if I'm at level 94, can I replay level 9 or 23 and then return to level 94?
Posted by K8 AUSTEN on 09 Dec 16 at 16:23
Marcus PigeonYes you can redo levels
Posted by Marcus Pigeon on 09 Dec 16 at 18:28