Frozen Free Fall: Snowball Fight Review

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Quick review.

This game is like Candy Crush, Bejeweled and all the clones of Candy Crush/Bejeweled you can find spread all over Facebook.

I have played both versions of this game (X360 and Xbone) and am currently stuck on the same level on both (Level 18). I don't know whether it is even possible to get past this level without paying for the upgrades the game tries and sells you for real money. So far I've reach 10,000 points out of 30,000 points in the 40 seconds or so that it gives you to complete the level.

This is not fun.

So what this seems to boil down to is a 'pay to progress' Candy Crush clone that isn't actually much fun. Also the multiplayer could have been great if they'd made it online but as it is splitscreen/shared screen and they want you to shell out 15.99 to unlock all of the characters for the multiplayer it's all a bit sad.

Achievement-wise you can get about 150G off of the game within the first 30 minutes of play, after that I suppose you could get sucked into the 'pay to progress' model or just replay a highscoring/spacious level inorder to grind out the other achievements. But that sounds extremely boring.

Anyway if you want an easy 150G then play this. Otherwise I'd avoid it like the plague as it is only after your money via microtransactions at the end of the day.
DoPeY5007It just takes time to get through the levels. I am at about 35 and no $ spent.
Posted by DoPeY5007 on 18 Sep 15 at 17:22
Watty8883I laughed at the people who said it would be an easy 1k because it's Frozen. This review hit the nail on the head for this cynical cash grab.
Posted by Watty8883 on 18 Sep 15 at 19:38
BenchemNot that bad, level 65 without buying anything, however I can understand where you are coming from, some levels are batshit hard without powerups. Although they do sporadically give them out.
Posted by Benchem on 19 Sep 15 at 11:07
SierraNightI understand the game's just a Candy Crush clone and really isn't that great.....but you're stuck on level 18? The key to that one is just to match things quickly. Your multiplier increases as you make matches fast. Don't stop to think and plan out moves, just see 3 and go. Do that and you should 3 star it easy, no pay to win needed.
Posted by SierraNight on 19 Sep 15 at 17:38
Marcos AspiraWorst part of the game is the local multiplayer only and the characters pack (I hope all of them unlock for free playing the "campaign") roll
Posted by Marcos Aspira on 19 Sep 15 at 21:41
Dr Tinus NLlevel 100 here, and no money spent whatsoever, not gonna spend any either. Some levels need multiple replays to pass the level, but the game isnt that bad.

what concerns me is that i lost (some) progress over 5 times already. If i boot up another game or force close the game, it sets me back about 10 to 30 levels 50% of the time.

Just because of this progress loss, i agree with the 0,5 star :P
Posted by Dr Tinus NL on 20 Sep 15 at 16:37
Dr Tinus NLon a sidenote, you get a daily reward, and when you pass a certain amount of levels/stars, you unlock a new character and some specials with it (for example, 10 snowballs (5 extra moves), 10 power ups, or a measly 1 life). i got lucky and got snowballs/power ups every time making it easier.
Posted by Dr Tinus NL on 20 Sep 15 at 16:39
KinectKid333My dad has this on his phone (not live enabled though). He always gets stuck on the timed levels so he gives his phone to me to complete them. The trick with timed levels is to be constantly making combos, not waiting until your first one is finished. This way you rack up a multiplier. (100 pts, then 150, then 200, then 250, until you get to 500 every combo)
Posted by KinectKid333 on 20 Sep 15 at 19:13
BrutishMuffinThis is a silly review. The game is actually a lot of fun if you enjoy match 3 games, and you don't have to buy anything to complete it. I'm currently on level 87 with no money spent.
Posted by BrutishMuffin on 23 Sep 15 at 15:28
GerbasgamerIt's a really obvious Candy Crush clone, as basically every game mode is copied.

The difference is that Frozen hasn't a random pattern but always the same every time you restart the level. Thus I guess you could even watch level walkthroughs on YouTube to help you if you get stuck.
Obviously that doesn't help too much on the time levels and I agree that they're the hardest. Still level 18 doesn't have to be the end of the journey. I'm currently at level 38 and obviously didn't spend anything either.
Posted by Gerbasgamer on 23 Sep 15 at 20:25