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Obtain 500 Stars

Obtain a total of 500 stars

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18 Sep 2015 10 Oct 2015
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There are 195 levels in this game. If you get 2 stars on every level, you'll have 390 stars. That means you'll need 3 stars on at least 110 levels to get 500 stars, then 2 stars on the other 85.

Obviously, if you can only manage to get one star on some levels then you'll need to get 3 stars on more than 110, but 110 is the absolute bare minimum with the levels that the game currently offers. This will be much easier if you decide to pay for extra power-ups and lives, but it won't be necessary. It'll just take longer if you choose to play through for free.

As mentioned in the other solutions, there are methods you can use to not lose lives (dashboard and quit), but you do risk losing some progress if you do this, as the game doesn't seem to save after every level.

Also, this isn't guaranteed, but there is the possibility that the game will eventually be updated with more levels. If that ever happens, this achievement could become a lot easier. But until then, just remember, 110 levels.

Edit: If you're going to vote negative, I'd appreciate if you'd leave a comment as to why. Since the game randomises the gems, there is literally no way to provide an in-depth guide for the levels. It'll be different for every single person. What I've written is pretty much the only kind of guide you're going to get for this achievement outside of general gameplay tips.
capicawlHas anybody tried the peggle solution to try and get stars?
Posted by capicawl on 23 Sep 15 at 16:16
Zootown MontanaWhat is the "Peggle solution"?
Posted by Zootown Montana on 30 Sep 15 at 14:40
Posted on 01 Oct 15 at 16:10
TehJofusThe achievement's definitely obtainable, the tracking says 7 people already have it.

Whether or not they paid to get it so quickly, though...that's another question.
Posted by TehJofus on 01 Oct 15 at 16:18
Conor x420aI'm on level 180 with 429 stars right now and have not paid a penny towards this game, the achievement is very much obtainable just very time consuming as my playtime is close to 70 hours anyone who's done it in less has most likely made in game purchases
Posted by Conor x420a on 02 Oct 15 at 21:57
Dr Tinus NLit is possible to getit without paying (im doing it that way), but it just takes a shitload of time. The game basically wants you to pay for stuff, as i need one more move to complete a level a lot of the time. I refuse to pay so yeah... it takes long :P
Posted by Dr Tinus NL on 05 Oct 15 at 17:20
capicawlThe Peggle solution is deleting your save, replaying offline to get stars and when you log back online, your stars synch with the ones you have and adds to them. But it's been confirmed that this does not work.
Posted by capicawl on 06 Oct 15 at 21:10
dale smeegleAre the gems definitely random? I have played one level three times and the gems always fall in the same pattern?
Posted by dale smeegle on 14 Oct 15 at 18:08
TehJofusIf you replay the same level, they'll stay the same. But if you play another level in between, or turn off the game, the gems change.
Posted by TehJofus on 14 Oct 15 at 18:22
mereel1i only have 49 stars unlocked, but in the tracking it says i have 56, i think playing the same level and gaining three stars will add to your total
Posted by mereel1 on 16 Oct 15 at 04:57
Dr Tinus NLno it does not mereel1. You probably had to redo some levels, cause the save system in this game is fucked up. You have to back out to the start title for it to save correctly.
Posted by Dr Tinus NL on 17 Oct 15 at 11:32
FullMoonBeaverI find I get a couple of easy levels, then I get one insanely tricky level. Stuck on level 41 right now, and its doing my nut in.
Posted by FullMoonBeaver on 29 Nov 15 at 13:08
BlayzsI found an easy solution. When starting the game you do not use life, and when it is over and ruined it and writes it to Too Bad, then you press the Xbox button to quit and restart the game. New hands will give you and your life does not lose it.
Posted by Blayzs on 19 Jan 16 at 12:25
CRAZE KILERThis is far from an easy achievement, I swear the game is rigged so you will lose and spend money on it.
Posted by CRAZE KILER on 24 Jan 16 at 18:07
CrackerlocThis probably won't get answered b4 I beat the level, but: does any1 know which character I need to use for level 183?
Posted by Crackerloc on 03 Feb 16 at 00:45
CrackerlocNever mind that shit . after 6 hrs on that 1 level I have up and went back to get stars on levels I had already beaten.
Posted by Crackerloc on 03 Feb 16 at 06:57
Iron Man TStarkI personally find it hard to appreciate a guide to getting an achievement by someone that hasn't got it themselves
Posted by Iron Man TStark on 13 Jun 16 at 22:50
TehJofusYeah, me too.
Posted by TehJofus on 13 Jun 16 at 22:53
EdweirddYeah it would make more sense if they had the achievement, but he really said all there is to getting the achievement. He gave the math that's needed to get the 500 stars in the least amount possible. Just because he doesn't have the achievement doesn't invalidate his guide, he just didn't grind out the game long enough to get it.
Posted by Edweirdd on 18 Jun 16 at 22:36
That505GuyJust a quick tip you can redo the daily reward so that you get a power up everyday

Just grab the reward if you don't want it don't press anything hit the guide then hit pause on the frozen build then manage game then delete your save from CONSOLE only. Reload the game and try again. It's worth it
Posted by That505Guy on 27 Jun 16 at 10:11
rapid riot boyFinally got this achievement! I didn't spend a single penny on this game. Took me 120 hours.
Posted by rapid riot boy on 01 Jul 16 at 17:48
That505GuyGot this today finally!!! Didn't spend a penny either 😀 it would also be good to note that on level 175 you get 15 snowballs which are great for getting those last stars for your 500 😀 just go through your map and do any that you got 1 star on near the end of a mission pop an extra moves for the 5 bonus to give you that boost for the 3 star. Just things to think about
Posted by That505Guy on 06 Jul 16 at 10:16
Piyi PiyiI found a glitch/bug, but I can't do it again, it was luck (I don't speak english, sorry about that), maybe somebody finds how to do it.

Well, I was playing on Xbox One, "Beat the clock" level (early levels, when Anna and Elsa are childrens). I was trying to get 3 stars, I was so concentrated that I accidentally hit the "more time" power up (I don't have any power up, so the game opened the "buy more power ups" window) While the buying window was opening, I pressed two times A and one time B, and the game buys me 1 more time power up, but my account have excatly the same USD that I had (1.73 USD).

I have an US account, but my Xbox country is set to Chile, so every price has show in CLP (Chilean pesos). I don't know if this can affect the glitch. And I can't do it again, and the other thing that I don't know if this glitch is only for timed levels or not.

If you want to try it, please note that I don't know the "more time" powerup price. In CLP, is less than 800 and more than 700. (1 USD = 651 CLP), and if somebody finds how to do the glitch, please write a solution :D
Posted by Piyi Piyi on 19 Jul 16 at 18:16
It00sh1285 levels now?
885 stars?
Posted by It00sh1 on 14 Sep 16 at 00:50
I KICKER Iyeah they added new level so its now "EASIER" to do this
Posted by I KICKER I on 14 Sep 16 at 12:42
It00sh1i have 430 stars, now it's more easy
Posted by It00sh1 on 14 Sep 16 at 22:35
Im the LoraxStuck on this shit at like 447 stars. Even bought the summer levels (which suck BTW) summer levels hard AF angry
Posted by Im the Lorax on 07 Oct 16 at 16:32
OdinEliteDo the dlc levels count? I got some stars in summer and it doesn't look like it counts. +1 though.
Posted by OdinElite on 10 Apr 17 at 05:33
Im the LoraxIt does count. I bought the summer levels and that was the only way I finished it.
Posted by Im the Lorax on 11 Apr 17 at 13:25
tynderiCould you please update the solution to add the current level amount and the summer levels?

Summer levels can be unlocked if you complete enough levels so no need to pay with real money.
Posted by tynderi on 26 Mar 18 at 11:52
UberniXiThis achievement is terrible. I'm so close, but the last 50 are giving me a headache.
Posted by UberniXi on 09 Sep 18 at 22:19
SkinstakovicHow helpful are the DLC levels? Are they difficult to get many stars on?
Posted by Skinstakovic on 09 Oct 19 at 09:05
Maw N PawI'm at 483 at the moment and level 195ish. It's a nightmare of a game to do legit without paying a single amount into the game.
Posted by Maw N Paw on 12 Dec 19 at 07:51