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Twenty/Twenty Vision

Grabbed by the Ghoulies: Complete Challenges 1-20 on a single game save.

Twenty/Twenty Vision0
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When I was playing through the challenges, a friend came over, so we decided to platinum them all. There's a trick to almost every level that you more or less need to know if you're gonna get platinum. The last challenge, number 21, is a Rare archive video. This guide took hours to make, so if it helps you, an upvote would be super appreciated.

Challenge 1 -- Billiard Bust-up

Kill as many skeletons as you can in 60 seconds. 16+ skeletons killed is Platinum

Ok, for this one, you're gonna want to focus on getting the skeletons near the pool table. The spin of the pool table will kill most of them. After that, grab the trophy and throw it at the skeletons while not hitting the pool cues, then run over to the cues and try to kill as many as you can before the time runs out.

Challenge 2 -- Bring Out the Imps

Survive as long as possible without being struck by an Imp. 48+ seconds is platinum.

This one is a tricky challenge. I'll post my best run by video. Basically, stay near the first table and smack imps with chairs as they come out the window for the first 30 sec or so, then just run. If you can get to it, there's a turbo can to the left of the Box for the Xbox. There is a destructible bone fence with the can just beyond. Even grabbing the can, I have never done better than 1:05, although I've tied it a number of times.

Challenge 3 -- Super Duper Scary Shock

Hit the Buttons as fast and accurately as you can. 12+ buttons pressed is platinum.

Challenge 4 -- Friday Night at the Embassy!

You need to kill all enemies while taking as little damage as possible. 18+ health remaining is Platinum.

When you start, don't go on the dance floor, turn left and grab every thrown item that you can find and throw it at the ghouls on the dance floor. Make sure you hit the leftmost picture on the far wall with a pot, it has a Knockdown Mania Power up. After all thrown items are expired, go to the entrance to the dance floor, look to the right, smash the picture leaning on the wall and get the 5 health. Now, go grab a chair and head out on the dance floor. Run over to the Knock down mania. Grab it and smash 3 groups of ghouls with your chair. Then run to where you entered and grab the pot. throw it at the ghouls on the dance floor. The rest of it is just killing the remaining, hopefully injured, ghouls.

Challenge 5 -- Soak-a-Zombie

Kill 20 zombies as fast as you can with the squirt gun in the time limit. 1min 10sec or less is platinum.

This one is really fun. Just grab your gun and smash the chests in the room to unleash more zombies when you're running out of them. Spray the zombies with water, if any of them come anywhere near you, STOP SPRAYING and pistol whip the zombies. Once on the floor, they're harmless, until they stand back up. Just keep shooting and whipping the whole time.

Challenge 6 -- A Touch of Frost

Defeat as many ghouls as possible before the time expires using weapons only. 13+ is Platinum.

This one is fun, too. IF you smash open the freezers, there will be weapons in there, focus on grabbing throwing items. There are three vertical, thick metal pipes coming out of the floor in this room, each contains a One Hit Wonder power-up. If you grab that and throw things, every zombie you hit will die.

Challenge 7 -- Poor Ol' Fiddlesworth!

You need to stop the imps from striking Fiddlesworth for as long as possible. 60+ seconds is Platinum.

The first imp comes from a barrel near the broken hay wagon. Wait for it to appear and kill it, then the imps will spawn, one by one, from locations rotating clockwise around Fiddlesworth. Try to intercept the imps as close to their spawn points as possible, don't wait for them to come to Fiddlesworth.

Challenge 8 -- Who's the Daddy?

Kill as many mummies as possible before the time expires. 7 Mummies is Platinum.

In the Urn right in front of you when you start, there is a mummy, throw it in the fire. wait right next to the first for mummies to show up, then kick them in. There is a turbo and a Knockdown power-up nearby, but they seem to make it harder to get the mummies in the fire, so I skip them.

Challenge 9 -- Smash the Study, Buddy

Cause as much damage as you can in the time limit. You need to cause $11,000 worth of damage to platinum this one.

Right as you begin, turn around and grab the pot, then run in front of the desk and throw the pot so it bounces off the desk and hits the window behind it. All small blue vases have time extensions. Grab the one on the desk. To the left of the desk is a chest of drawers, pick it up and throw it into the liquor cabinet. Go behind the desk and kick anything not broken, the chair, the blue vase or the stack of game designs on the window. Kick the safe. Grab the tv and throw it at the window near it, with a decanter and game designs. run to the middle of the room, kick the chair, kick the decanters, pick up the bottles, throw them at the display case that has the Mumbo Trophy, all 5 of them. There's a blue vase over there, pick up the time. Grab the throwable vase and throw it at the mantle over the fireplace. kick the chest of drawers, grab the trophy and throw it at the display case with glass doors by the stairs. go up the stairs, smash the pot.

Challenge 10 -- Chop Socky Whacky

Kill as many imps as you can with 10 attacks in the time limit. 16+ imps is Platinum.

Pick up the Victrola music player. Throw it at the group of 3 imps to your right near the window. stand directly in front of the piano and wait. an imp will come over and jump up in front of you, pause one sec and then move, he'll kick the piano, unleashing a One Hit Wonder. Go to the room with the fireplace, in the corner nearest the piano, there is a Bust statue. Have an imp kick it. Go right to the next corner, there's another bust, have an imp kick it for you. Now, run to the turbo and pick it up, then run into the music room, straight ahead is a harp, go forward and left and there will be a drum against the wall, grab it and go get the one hit wonder, run in a straight line towards the harp, then throw the drum directly behind you. Grab the drum over there and throw it, then grab the other item there and throw it, too. Now, sprint back to the fireplace room, grab the weapon power up and go the door, there's 2 pots, throw them both. IF you have more than 1 hit remaining, grab the guitar and smack an imp, if not, circle the couch until you have a bunch of imps around it or 5 sec remaining. Use the couch. You need 17, I believe.

Challenge 11 -- Amber Wants a Kiss

Kill Monster Amber as quickly as possible. 45 seconds is Platinum.

Turn around, grab the weapon power-up and go to the right. On the right, by the book shelf is a cardboard box, pick up up and throw it behind you , it will hit her. Turn to the left, and you will see green bottles, pick them up and huck them at Amber, pausing every so often to get a step closer. You will probably run out of bottles when she has 15 health left, QUICKLY strike her and put her down before she slaps you. You need to be standing pretty close to do it.

Challenge 12 -- Hey Big Swinger

Kill as many skeletons as possible with a single swing of the bathtub. 11+ Skeletons is Platinum.

This one takes a little luck. Go to the left and break the 2nd closet, should have a freeze in it. Now, break every closet, one of the other side of the room will have a freeze in it. After all the closets are broken, go punch the skeleton in the shower and the two in the kitchen, then wait by the bathtub, when they unfreeze, try to kite them so they all come near the tub, then use the tub.

Challenge 13 -- Gone to Pot

You must kill as many Vampire chickens as you can in the time limit without breaking anything. 17+ Vampire Chickens is Platinum.

Go in front of you and to your left, then turn around, there will be an alley directly in front of you leading up to shelves with a blue light, there are almost no pots in this path, so shoot every turkey in front of you, then run to the shelves, run back and there will be a bunch more turkeys in the kill zone. keep doing that until you have 15-20 sec left. then, grab a freeze can, there are two exposed in the room, and shoot every chicken still alive, they won't fly away until the freeze wears off, so just don't miss.

Challenge 14 -- Kick 'em Quickly

Kill 20 flying imps as fast as possible. 50 Seconds or less is Platinum.

As you come out of the room go to the left corner, there will be a chest with turbo power up, use it and kill the imps quickly, I find punching them manually does the best job the TV is the only thing in the room that will one shot them. Throw the tv at a group of them whenever the change appears.

Challenge 15 -- Take out the Trash

Kill 30 spiders with as few attacks as possible. 9 attacks or less is Platinum.

There are 3 waves of spiders. Grab a trash can and throw it at a group of spiders. there will be 4 groups or so that just don't move for a little while to start. Kill as many full groups as you can in one throw each. 3 for 1 is a good ratio. There will probably be a point where only one or two remain. kill them. Wave 2 will spawn, lead all of them near the yellow trash bin. Once they are close, spin the dumpster and kill them. Take out any stragglers. In the final wave, the spiders spawn slowly, so wait for at least 3 to show up and group them together. Grab a swinging weapon, preferably the ladder or the broom, they have the longest reach. Kill at least 2 spiders per swing until you're done.

Challenge 16 -- Dirty Laundry

Kill as many Ninja imps as possible before the time expires with the Soda Gun. You need 30+ imps for Platinum.

There are time extensions in the laundry baskets that look like wicker vases. Grab a few immediately. Shoot all the doors off the laundry machines so the max amount of baddies will spawn. Then run down the little stairs, shoot the laundry basket and get the weapon powerups. run to the opening to this hallway and go to town until the timer runs out.

Challenge 17 -- Catch the Cowards!

You have to kill as many cowardly imps as you can in one minute. 23+ imps is Platinum.

These imps will run away from you the whole time. Look to your left, should be wall lockers there, break them for a turbo power-up. There are cages in the far corner of the room, kick them and you'll get 3 mini coopers, not the car, lol. it's better if you activate them one at a time, tho. There's also a pile of bottles in the room, which is a one hit killer for imps. Wait until your turbo is gone to grab them.

Challenge 18 -- Bedtime Gory

Kill as many baddies as you can without killing any imps in the time limit. 23+ baddies is platinum.

Destroy everything in this room, it will make a few flying imps and give you 3 one hit wonders and 3 turbos. Pick up the chest of drawers. The first TV in the room spawns the imp, but not until you get closer. Throw the Chest at the TV and break it. After that, run to the left, break the desk for 2 spiders, run to the circular window and break the vases on either side for 4 zombies. Then, run to the bathroom, break the sink and the medicine cabinet for 6 more ninja imps.

Challenge 19 -- Who's Still the Daddy?

Kill as many mummies as you can with 10 swings of the candle in the time limit. 15+ is platinum.

Go around the room clockwise, when you find a turbo power-up, right after that will be a huge Sphinx statue or a small Jackal in a sphinx pose statue. Break the statue for a one hit wonder. Slaughter the mummies for about 5 or 6 swings, then run to the other side of the room, grab the turbo and locate the other statue. Get the power-up and kill as many remaining mummies as you can.

Challenge 20 -- (Don't Fear) the Reaper

Avoid the Funky Finger of Doom for as long as you possibly can. 1 min 10 seconds or more wins the Platinum medal.

Juke the first reaper or throw the box at him, then run to the perimeter of the garden, just keep running around the outside in the smoothest path you can, if there is something to get hung up on, cut towards the inside, not the outside, and keep going in a circle. Pick up throwing items. Eventually the reapers will start catching up to you. When they're close, throw you item behind you and keep running, pick up another item. There's a Victrola music player leaning up against a wall near a drum in one part. If you break the window next to the record player, it will drop a dizzy reaper can.

Challenge 21 -- Play it again, Son!

Beat the game with Amber, no power-ups and only 10 HP in every room. Beat it and you get Platinum.

Beat it. Get Platinum. Run through every room as fast as you can, a lot of them have no special requirements to get the door open, it's already open. For the tougher rooms, consider calling in the reaper. He can kill your enemies easily, but you'll have to get pretty good at kiting. Tip: When the reaper is coming, try to put your enemy in between you and the reaper. Try to punch your enemy a couple times to keep them still. If it's an enemy that you can't punch, try running around an object like a table. the reaper will generally catch the bad guy before the bad guy catches you.

Thanks for reading!!
WilsonHey great guide! Can this achievement be unlocked with Golds? Or do you have to Platinum each one?
Posted by Wilson on 11 Jan 16 at 18:12
Octobot SuperBronze is sufficient
Posted by Octobot Super on 18 Jan 16 at 11:07
PinskiWhy would you embed 21 youtube videos on one page? It takes forever to load. Just make a playlist.
Posted by Pinski on 14 Mar 16 at 03:38
FailedSeppukuor put them all within spoiler tags
Posted by FailedSeppuku on 03 Jun 16 at 17:52
Falcon SVNHoly shit challenge 4 is impossible!
Posted by Falcon SVN on 04 Jun 16 at 17:04
TropanThanks, easy 5 Platinum. Good thing I don't need to Plat them all, some are brutal. Will settle for bronzing the majority heh
Posted by Tropan on 20 Jun 16 at 07:47