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Break Everything

Finish the Chasm Crossing speed run within 70 seconds

Break Everything-0.5
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XI AlphaMale IXXI AlphaMale IX853,653
22 Sep 2015 09 Dec 2018
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To break 3-2 Chasm Crossing, you'll need to abuse Warp Beacon to skip past the death rail cutoff ramps. The process essentially consists of free-falling down the right side, occasionally stopping to warp your chariot by pressing cn_Y, then pressing cn_Y again. You have to cross the finish at 1:10:000 or quicker.

Note that my Warp Beacon is fully upgraded here. I didn't try it before upgrading, though I'm pretty sure you'll need it maxed out for this achievement.

Skeptical MarioThis may be the fastest way to farm gold, too. 3500 every 90 seconds (including loading screens)? Seems good.
Posted by Skeptical Mario on 23 Sep 15 at 16:54
CrypticZombieVWhich level Warp Beacon is this you are using?
Posted by CrypticZombieV on 27 Sep 15 at 04:53
XI AlphaMale IXI'll add it, thanks.
Posted by XI AlphaMale IX on 27 Sep 15 at 12:05
Nod NolanI completed this achievement with only the second upgrade. Not the full upgrade.

Had a full 5 seconds to spare too.
Posted by Nod Nolan on 16 Feb 16 at 09:45
angelskWhere do you find the upgrades please?
Posted by angelsk on 18 May 16 at 09:47
XI AlphaMale IXThey're in hub where you're looking at the map. You have to go to the right of the map.
Posted by XI AlphaMale IX on 18 May 16 at 12:31
angelskAnd where are the blueprints found so you can buy them in the shop? :)
Posted by angelsk on 18 May 16 at 12:59
Panthera oncaSame question as angelsk. Which level is the blueprint in? Haven't been able to find any guides for the DLC blueprints.
Posted by Panthera onca on 18 May 16 at 18:21
Nod NolanSelect a level from the main map.

on the screen where you choose the entrances it will say something along the lines of '1/2' next to the blueprints icon in levels where there are blueprints to collect.
Posted by Nod Nolan on 18 May 16 at 19:43
vSullyWorth a note that you unlock this speed run by getting to exit B in 5-1.
Posted by vSully on 25 Sep 19 at 20:58