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23 Sep 2015 23 Sep 2015
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I had trouble with this so once I got it I figured I'd share the method that I used.
It's not as step by step as some solutions because this can be done fairly quick long before the cure is finished.

The genes I used are as follows
Metabolic Jump
Genetic Mimic

Start in India
1.Evolve Blood 1, Water 1, Insect 1, Bird 1. (Transmission)
2.Evolve Drug Resistance 1 , Genetic Hardening 1. (Abilities)

**Allow mutations that are non lethal**

3.Evolve coughing if it hasn't already mutated. (Symptom)

**The cure might start but it is fine**

4.Now collect DNA points until you have over 53 points (with Sympto-stasis gene, without Sympto-stasis you will need 100+ which is still easy) as well as a noticably good chunk of red (infected)

**Save in a new save file just in case at this point**

5.Go to symptoms and devolve all of them, even coughing
6.Evolve Insomnia, Paranoia, Seizures, Insanity, Dysentry, Diarrhoea
7.Devolve Dysentry, Seizures, Paranoia, and Insomnia

At this point you should have only Insanity and Diarrhoea evolved

8.Go back to the world view and just let it play out for a moment.

For me it popped up saying I had the public defecation combo within 10 seconds on super fast speed. If it does not unlock for some reason re-load and redo steps 5-7.
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MegaRae Got this on my 3rd or 4th try with this method, after the cure had been completed and distributed to almost all the infected people in the world.
Posted by MegaRae on 20 Apr 16 at 23:10
Dauntless xo might be a stupid question, but on what virus or whatever is this used for?
Posted by Dauntless xo on 16 Nov 16 at 17:41
Jissi Virus is fine, if anyone is still interested.
Posted by Jissi on 28 Feb 17 at 20:08
Brave Cypher I did this with Bacteria and worked like a dream.
Posted by Brave Cypher on 18 Aug 17 at 17:42
Jan Dercon Worked on 1st try; thanks a lot !!!
Posted by Jan Dercon on 10 Apr 18 at 19:11