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Stay Focused

Earn a first-round bye in Ultimate Team Seasons.

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25 Sep 2015 23 Dec 2015
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To get this achievement you will need skill, a good team and some luck.

Sorry for a the little bit of wackiness with the text, I copied and pasted this and tried to adjust as best I could.

How to build you team and get coins:

Let's start with your team. The best way to earn coins and some good players is by going through the NFL Journey challenges. When you finish all of these challenges you receive a 90 rated Jameis Winston card. You should also do the Gatorade weekly challenges when they show up as a way to get a contracts and do the coin up games too. Watch the action block for deals on players is also a good way to upgrade your team but I would recommend that you wait to do this until you are done with the NFL journey, so you know what positions you need to upgrade.

If you have friends you could trade players between each other that you need or "give" each other coins through the action block by putting a 60 rated player at 25,000
coins for example. What also really helped me was getting lucky to get 150,000 from the Large Quicksell set in the Vault after I had finished my NFL Journey. Also, if
contracts are half off in the store you should take advantage and stock up on them.

Also I would recommend getting one of the legend receivers or the tight end (J.Horn, B.Finneran or S.Sharpe) as odds are you will be throwing more then running. If you
are a running team though try and get T.Davis. It is usually cheaper to buy each part of a legends set separately then buying them from the auction block and I only
had enough to get some legends after hitting the 150,000 Large Quicksell. You will get a legend badge and a legend item from the last tier of the NFL Journey Challenges.

My finished team:

87 Overall, 87 Offense, 86 Defense
Team Style: 45 SP, 42 ZD
Offensive Playbook: Giants
Defensive Playbook: Seahawks
Coach: "Lil' Pepper' version of Rex Ryan

Note: 90 rated A.Brown is temporary loyalty player, rating goes to 70 on Sept. 27, L=Legend


QB: J.Winston (90)
RB: M.Forte (85), S.Jackson (80)
FB: J.Kuhn (87)
WR: J.Horn (92, L), A.Brown (90), A.Green (86), C.Patterson (82), K. Wright (82), S.Johnson (82)
TE: J. Graham (88), T.Kelce (84)
LT: W.Jones (93, L)
LG: J.Sitton (88)
C: M.Unger (86)
RG: B.Brooks (85)
RT: R.Wagner (86)


RE: C.Johnson (86), M.Devito (80)
DT: G.Brown (92, L), N.Suh (89), J.Sheard (81)
LE: M.Williams (85), J.Tuck (83)
ROLB: K.Mack (87), J.Peppers (80)
MLB: D.Johnson (85), N.Irving (76)
LOLB: J. Galette (85), J.Peppers (83)
CB: S.Smith (87), M.Butler (85), B.Flowers (85), D. Randall (84), D. Randall (83)
FS: H.Smith (88), R.Moore (77)
SS: D.Whitner (86), R.Moore (83)

K: G.Zuerlein (77)
P: T.Way (80)

My Season: 8-3

Level: Rookie 2nd String

Week 1: 24-27, L
Week 2: 20-17, W
Week 3: 10-7, W (Note: kid quit the game in the 3rd)
Week 4: 21-10, L (Note: I was winning and my internet went out, so I got a L)
Week 5: 20-28, L
Week 6: 42-21, W (Note: kid quit the game in the 3rd)
Week 7: 31-27, W
Week 8: 6-3, W

Wilcard: 27-19, W
Divisional: 13-0, W (Note: kid quit in the 1st)
Conference: 14-7, W (Note: kid quit in the 2nd)

To get a 1st round bye you must win 8 games in the regular season.

This is where the skill and luck part comes into play. Obviously you have to have some level of skill to win games. Get ready to deal with most people going for it on
4th down and not punting the football. Also you defense will most likely not be able to stop the other team, you really have to get lucky with turnovers and holding them to field goals. You also have to hope you internet does not go out during the game because if that happens you get a loss or on the flip side a win if it happens to your opponent.

Some people will abandon ship early if they turn it over early and you score off it, others will stick around and endure it. I got lucky and had my easiest matchups in my last two games. In the Divisional round my opponents 3 best players were 82,81,81 and in the Conference it was 84, 83, 82. They also both turned it over twice in the 1st quarter which led to me scoring. On the opposite side of the scale my opponent in week 5 had legends T.Davis, J. Elway and D. Brooks. It is really luck of the draw in how good you opponent is skill wise and in terms of their team.

A Glitch?

This is not a glitch, both achievements just unlock when you get the Super Bowl. Thanks to for mentioning this.

On the my last note when I won my Conference game I not only got the 'Why not me in the Super Bowl' achievement but also the 'Stay Focused' achievement for getting a 1st round bye despite me finishing the regular season 5-3. I can only assume that this is a glitch of some kind and the game just registered I had 8 wins and unlocked the achievement.

I hope this guide helps in some small way to get this pain of an achievement. Good luck and happy hunting everyone!
ZleekIt's not a glitch. If you make it to the super bowl you unlock both achievements, it's the same as madden 15 :)
Posted by Zleek on 23 Dec 15 at 03:23
Silvery DeathThanks for confirming that. I was not sure since when I tried looking it up I could not find anything on it. Will update the guide.
Posted by Silvery Death on 23 Dec 15 at 19:03
Tandar1Do people quitting before losing still count as a win and advances you?
Posted by Tandar1 on 31 Jan 16 at 01:05
Silvery DeathYeah, if they quit you still get the win.
Posted by Silvery Death on 31 Jan 16 at 17:28