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Hunger Pangs

Complete "The Old Hunger" quest.

Hunger Pangs0
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27 Sep 2015 10 Nov 2015
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This questline is huge. You have to collect 45 out of 50 calcified fragments, beat the entire King's Fall raid and play many missions. However, at the end of the day you will earn one of the best weapons available at the moment; the Touch of Malice, an exotic scout rifle which is really amazing.

Ok, so here are the mainsteps and some little explanations. It may happen that these steps come at you in different order depending on what you have already done (collect / visit) in the game.

You can check how many fragments you have collected while being in Orbit when you select the destination Saturn -Dreadnaught.

Step 1: Collect one Calcified Fragment and return to Eris Morn in the Tower

You will find Calcified Fragments only in Dreadnaught areas, there are 50 fragments total in the game. For a location guide of 46 / 50 fragments (4 fragments still undiscovered as of 09/27/2015) have a look at the end of this solution.

Step 2: Eris Morn will give you the first quest called Shattered Past which requires you to collect 5 more calcified fragments. After you have found these 5 fragments, return to Eris Morn.

Step 3: The next quest called Hunger Pangs with the Step "Promethean Code (heroic)" is unlocking after you have collected 15 calcified fragments.

Go to Bunker War-4 and kill the Taken Centurion at the end of the mission, after you have done so, go back to Eris Morn.

Step 4: Collect 30 calcified fragments and the Hunger Pangs The Undying Mind quest is unlocking.

Play in this special version of the Undying Mind Strike until you reach the final boss fight against the Undying Mind. Shoot the boss' health down to 50% to trigger the second reinforcement wave. Morgath appears with these reinforcements. Morgath should appear near one of the little caves at the right side of the boss area. The problem is, the Vex fight against him so you have to be fast enough and kill him before the Vex kill him (If you fail, restart the boss fight).

Step 5: After you have the Essence, talk with Eris in the Tower and go inside the King's Fall raid to trigger the next quest called The Old Hunger Form the Ritual. (Go in Raid and leave directly to the Orbit, thats enough)

For this quest you have to defeat the whole King's Fall raid Bosses (Warpriest / Deathsingers and Oryx)

Step 6: After you get all 3 items, talk with Eris again to get the next quest step. Here she needs you to collect 25 Wormspore, 50 Hadium Flakes and 50 weapon parts for her.

Wormspore and Hadium Flakes (only in random chests) can be found in all Dreadnaught areas in the game, the best way to do this is patrol mode and farming chests and wormspores. You obtain weapon parts when you dismantle weapons.

Step 7: Collect 45 fragments to unlock the next quest step called Hunger Pangs Fear's Embrace.

The last mission in on Phobos, besides Mars. Play the mission until you reach the circle room with the Echo of Oryx inside, shoot down the Echo to 25% and the wizard appears. Kill the wizard and get the essence. Return to Eris for a last time and claim your Touch of Malice. Congratulations, Guardians.

Here are the video guides which help you to solve this long quest:

first, the complete guide (the steps are not the same as here in this solution)

second, the Morgath step shown in a detailed way

lastly, the calcified fragments (in the spoiler is the timeline with timelinks)

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RVMGreat guide! You should also add this link into your solution as well. User Sjlu on Reddit created this site that shows which fragments you are missing:
Posted by RVM on 27 Sep 15 at 23:02
CanadianWhizKidAs I write this, 4 fragments seem to be unclear. It seems to be thought that one of them (possibly the rest) will be tied to the weekly tier 3 Court of Oryx. Last week's and this week's T3 CoO each had their own unique fragment.

Of all the fragments I can get right now, I'm short 7: One in the raid (easy enough to get), one for a certain boss combo on T2 CoO, one from last week's T3 CoO (we just weren't high enough light yet), and the 4 unknowns.
Posted by CanadianWhizKid on 28 Sep 15 at 16:16
Say Goodbye Sirok stupid question i bypassed everything and am currently on the farming radium flakes part without doing any of the other steps is this normal
Posted by Say Goodbye Sir on 29 Sep 15 at 03:54
Say Goodbye Sirok stupid question i bypassed everything and am currently on the farming radium flakes part without doing any of the other steps is this normal
Posted by Say Goodbye Sir on 29 Sep 15 at 04:02
Say Goodbye SirLike i have both step 3 and 6 in my quest line if thats even possible
Posted by Say Goodbye Sir on 29 Sep 15 at 04:57
Say Goodbye SirLike i have both step 3 and 6 in my quest line if thats even possible
Posted by Say Goodbye Sir on 29 Sep 15 at 08:34
spxyu02I finished this, have the Touch of Malice, but no achievement. Tips / help?
Posted by spxyu02 on 30 Sep 15 at 19:08
Zasta 360GameTVtry this, the achievement glitch is still in the game, unfortunately
Posted by Zasta 360GameTV on 30 Sep 15 at 20:41
spxyu02Thanks, I had forgotten about this, and it worked perfectly! dance
Posted by spxyu02 on 02 Oct 15 at 18:34
Bleach XBA2 of my achievements arent unlocking yet i have exhausted all the questlines so i will try what the video says and see if it works for me.
Posted by Bleach XBA on 05 Oct 15 at 02:10
Purple DinDonoHi, there' s a typo at step 5, orbti is written instead of orbit.
Posted by Purple DinDono on 05 Nov 15 at 19:53
PraXis91xI have the quest for the bunker which I did not complete yet. When I go to Eris, she asks me for the wormspores, flakes, and parts (I just need to farm flakes)...but since I did not complete the bunker mission or the undying strike, how do I have the prompt from Eris already? I'm assuming I did not just bypass the other two steps. LOL
Posted by PraXis91x on 10 Nov 15 at 15:46
spxyu02@PraXis91x I believe you can skip some of those mid-steps if you've collected enough calcified fragments to trigger the following step since you last spoke with Eris.
Posted by spxyu02 on 11 Nov 15 at 22:12
FlaviusPrimusI managed to acquire Touch of Malice after completing the Fear's Embrace quest, Step 5.

Before I turned it in I already compiled 25 Wormspore, 50 Hadium Flakes and 50 weapon parts. I also discovered 45 Calcified Fragments and completed the King's Fall Raid on Normal.

When I talked to Eris to complete the Fear's Embrace quest, Touch of Malice was my reward.
Posted by FlaviusPrimus on 08 Feb 16 at 00:56
KATAKL1ZMThanks Zasta cheevo unlocked
Posted by KATAKL1ZM on 09 Mar 16 at 22:26
RengraveThis is a fantastic solution guide. Well done!
Posted by Rengrave on 18 Mar 16 at 19:10
Prattalmighty is a fantastic site that uses the player's grimoire to let you know exactly which fragments you have, on which characters, and guides of how to get them.
Posted by Prattalmighty on 23 Jan 17 at 21:56
HolyHalfDeadThe missing 4 are:

Court of Oryx

Fragment XLVIII (Antiquate Rune Event - Weekly T3 - Balwûr)

Kings Fall Raid

Fragment XLIII (Warpriest Challenge Mode)
Fragment XLIV (Golgoroth Challenge Mode)
Fragment XLV (Oryx Challenge Mode)
Posted by HolyHalfDead on 22 Feb 17 at 04:51
HolyHalfDeadI would like to add that up to 6 of the Calcified Fragments may not be obtainable on the day you play since they are tied to daily and weekly activities.
Posted by HolyHalfDead on 27 Feb 17 at 23:25
z0rrofoxIf you get to the flakes/wormspore/weapon parts section and don't have enough wormspore or parts you can buy 5 parts from the Gunsmith for 250 glimmer and wormspore in bunches of 20 for 10 legendary marks from the Vanguard quartermaster in the hanger (the level down from Amanda Holliday)
Posted by z0rrofox on 24 Apr 17 at 11:09
Dragonborn GearI did step 1, Step 2, then it shot me to step 5 (without having to enter the king's fall raid) giving me The Old Hunger quest. I have only gathered the 6 calcified fragments so far.
Posted by Dragonborn Gear on 15 Jun at 23:34
Dragonborn GearAs an update to my prior comment, once I collected the 15 fragments and went back to Eris, she gave me the task to take out the centurion. You have to do all of the tasks in the solution, but they don't have to be done in order due to task 5 coming up without having to collect all the fragments.
Posted by Dragonborn Gear on 12 Jul at 01:10