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Human Cannonball

Finish the entire game in under 3 hours.

Human Cannonball0
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12 Jun 2010
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I've used this guide i've found on

No problem to finish the game about 2 hours. But i suggest you do this on your second run so you can enjoy this game!
DeceivedHornet5It's a great guide, I was able to finish the game in 1h20min following it. It skips some unnecessary steps, but really it's written for a second playthrough, when you already know what to do in each place and just need an optimal sequence to do things in.
Posted by DeceivedHornet5 on 30 May 11 at 02:52
OzzysShadyDiscothe guide was helpful, although a little vague and unclear at times, and i finished the game with plenty of time to spare. finished in 2 hours or so. and i had even gotten slowed way down by trying to defeat 3 pirates with the insults, got all the cannibal notes, and escaped the hut 5 times!
Posted by OzzysShadyDisco on 17 May 12 at 05:14
GV LocThat guide was perfect. After finishing the game once, that text is pretty easy and simple to follow.
Posted by GV Loc on 14 Jul 18 at 23:42