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Diamonds are Forever

Win a diamond Daily Challenge badge

Diamonds are Forever0
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29 Sep 2015 30 Sep 2015
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In order to get this achievement, you need to collect enough gold coins on daily challenges to get the Diamond badge. That requires a total of 25,000 coins. You earn these coins by doing daily challenges.

For most months, you'll need to beat all the daily challenges for about 25 - 27 days to get enough for this achievement. These must all be done in the same month but don't have to be done each day, since you can go back and do any previous days challenge. At the end of the month, the score resets. So make sure you sit down at the end of the month and knock them out.

Since you are doing that many, why not finish out the month (make sure you play the last day of the month to get those last 5 challenges!) and get this one as well:
Microsoft Solitaire Collection (UWP)Strive for PerfectionThe Strive for Perfection achievement in Microsoft Solitaire Collection (UWP) worth 136 pointsComplete every Daily Challenge in a month

and since you completed at least one challenge per day, you also can get:

Microsoft Solitaire Collection (UWP)MarathonThe Marathon achievement in Microsoft Solitaire Collection (UWP) worth 132 pointsCome back each day of an entire month and complete at least one Daily Challenge

You can find solutions for the hardest challenges for any given day by checking out Voranc on YouTube.
JappeI have premium and I scored a Diamond badge about mid-month. But no achievement. I'm still going for The Strive Perfection today so I'll update here if I get it (needs to be done without extra coins from premium)
Posted by Jappe on 30 Sep 15 at 11:20
DelithIt might have something to do with the extra coins you get for Premium membership, because I just got the Strive for Perfection and Marathon all on cue. Let me know how it turns out for ya.
Posted by Delith on 30 Sep 15 at 13:45
GIERMOL94I didn't get the chievoo too, no premiums here.
Stats show 2 diamond badges (July Win8, September Win10), but nothing popped.
Perfect achievement popped correctly, but after 2nd try (fist one was on Win8).
Posted by GIERMOL94 on 30 Sep 15 at 20:12
JappeYup this didn't unlock. Strive For Perfection did. Also I noticed the coins didn't add up anymore after 29,000. Don't know what caused it to glitch but I'm gonna try to get another Diamond badge next month. I still need 7 of those Golds so...
Posted by Jappe on 30 Sep 15 at 21:42
DelithHmm, Jappe, did you start the game on Win 8 too? Because I did not. So not sure why you two didn't get it and I did.
Posted by Delith on 01 Oct 15 at 13:01
Runner7922About a month ago there was a problem with the servers that prevented people from accumulating scores and popping this achievement, despite the fact that the diamond badge was awarded in the game. That problem was subsequently fixed. So now this achievement will pop when you reach 25,000 coins. I can confirm that the achievement pops with the premium pack and it took me only 15 days to get the required amount of coins.

Note, the fix did not make the achievement pop if you already passed the 25,000 coin mark, but if you try for the badge again now it will pop.
Posted by Runner7922 on 18 Oct 15 at 15:36
KaelseWord of warning, Marathon will not pop if you do not complete the challenges on the correct days in sequence.
Posted by Kaelse on 10 Jan 16 at 09:27
DelithKaelse - Unless it was patched recently that is not true. I was able to pop Marathon without doing it every day for a month. You could get it all in one sitting if you wanted to.
Posted by Delith on 11 Jan 16 at 14:48
Gamer0364It seems this achievement is still not working properly. I just passed 25,000 coins, got the diamond badge, but no achievement. Guess I'll try it again next month.
Posted by Gamer0364 on 15 Jan 16 at 20:11
LegendgenesisDidn't pop for me this month.
Posted by Legendgenesis on 28 Mar 16 at 00:41
Mannschaft570It didn't pop for me either. I completed most challenges on the Windows 8 version but I made sure that I passed the 25,000 mark on Windows 10 first (since the cloud sync for this game is only from W8 to 10, not the contrary). I was able to unlock it on W8 though.
Posted by Mannschaft570 on 28 Mar 16 at 01:23
icytower38Not sure if they did something in the recent update that fixed it, but this is how I got it after 2 months of no luck.

Like a lot of people, I am still going for the Bronze/Silver/Gold on the W8 version so I have been sticking to doing the challenges there and syncing the W10 version. I got a new puppy at the beginning of the month and had not done any challenges for April. With the recent inclusion of a week of premium I decided to forgo W8 and see if focusing on W10 helped.

Well it unlocked... No guarantees if this works. If you are struggling with this not popping, maybe focus on unlocking it 100% on the W10 version. I'm going to continue to see if I unlock Strive for Perfection
Posted by icytower38 on 17 Apr 16 at 02:06
Taz B IRLjust got platinum medal yesterday but did not get achievement
Posted by Taz B IRL on 30 Jul 16 at 09:28
Vandel BusterI love you stranger just for the link to Voranc's YouTube.
Posted by Vandel Buster on 14 Nov 16 at 18:21
JQ1017Managed to get the Diamond medal but no achievement. Maybe the tracker doesn't count the extra coins earned with a Premium subscription....
Posted by JQ1017 on 23 Nov 16 at 22:56
kiesan88Currently on the same boat as JQ1017. Didn't pop after getting the badge, will hope it goes some point later in the month.
Posted by kiesan88 on 18 Dec 16 at 03:37
SilentPlan3tI have the same issue. I reached out to Xbox support via twitter. I'll let you know what they come back with
Posted by SilentPlan3t on 18 Dec 16 at 07:20
JQ1017I had to do it all again from the start of December and it popped for me this time. Might be worth a try to do it again since you're attempting all the badges anyways.
Posted by JQ1017 on 18 Dec 16 at 12:30
spankyNspronkleJust got my diamond award and the achievement didn't unlock. It also reset my progress on Marathon...cry
Posted by spankyNspronkle on 19 Dec 16 at 18:49
kiesan88I'm going for at least challenges. I tried diamond last year, but didn't pop then. So hopefully this month will work.

Marathon is a no go since I missed a few days.
Posted by kiesan88 on 19 Dec 16 at 19:41
HappyCalf82281Encountered the glitch as well, got the Diamond medal but the achievement didn't pop. Also marathon resets itself in the counter occasionally but then reappears with the correct total a few hours later.
Posted by HappyCalf82281 on 21 Dec 16 at 10:08
frenchmau5I also hit the Diamond badge today and the achievement hasn't popped. Not impressed.
Posted by frenchmau5 on 21 Dec 16 at 13:42
lazyNeighbourSame here. Diamond did not pop
Posted by lazyNeighbour on 22 Dec 16 at 06:54
Nyte Rayne 2Ditto. Had played this back on Win8/10 a long time ago. Most things have popped on time, but not this one...
Posted by Nyte Rayne 2 on 23 Dec 16 at 19:02
UnsaferLlama7As above, hit Diamond but no achievement and Marathon has reset as well.
Posted by UnsaferLlama7 on 24 Dec 16 at 18:25
TADERTOT92i got to diamond today and no achievement this one should be labeled as buggy at this point with everyone problems with it
Posted by TADERTOT92 on 26 Dec 16 at 03:14
Hanrec2Same here got to diamond and no chievo, I got free premium for December so wondering if that's the problem. My premium has now expired, and when it did my marathon stats returned ?
Posted by Hanrec2 on 26 Dec 16 at 14:51
BPH WussieSame no cheeve.
Posted by BPH Wussie on 27 Dec 16 at 00:23
TMONEYRKO619Still glitched :(
Posted by TMONEYRKO619 on 28 Dec 16 at 01:14
jay p ukSame here - just got the diamond badge but no achievement
(on iOS fwiw)
Posted by jay p uk on 28 Dec 16 at 13:06
Big EllJoined the no achievement club.
Posted by Big Ell on 28 Dec 16 at 20:13
flipmodeXXIIIAlso a member of the no achievement club. Playing on iOS FWIW.
Posted by flipmodeXXIII on 29 Dec 16 at 01:25
J4CKA1Love getting achievements done with no credit. no achievement club here too
Posted by J4CKA1 on 29 Dec 16 at 13:42
WithTheDawnLikewise here. Appears to be glitched.
Posted by WithTheDawn on 30 Dec 16 at 05:01
Big EllEveryone who didn't get it on phones? It may have to do with the free premium month ending. Something went wrong after that.
Posted by Big Ell on 30 Dec 16 at 05:22
Nyte Rayne 2Yes, mine was also on the Iphone....probably related, but my count for "Going for the Gold" is also off. Neither my Gold nor Diamond counted, but the bronze and silver both did.
Posted by Nyte Rayne 2 on 30 Dec 16 at 13:25
SlightlyEroticIv got every challenge for the month apart from tomorrow's 5. I hope it unlocks my streak, still glitched...
Posted by SlightlyErotic on 30 Dec 16 at 16:25
UnsaferLlama7Achievement for completing every daily challenge has unlocked for me. Still says 0/31 for marathon and incomplete for Diamond though.
Posted by UnsaferLlama7 on 31 Dec 16 at 12:51
YabadabaDrewCompleted the marathon and that achievement unlocked. Got the diamond badge last night and this achievement didn't unlock 😔
Posted by YabadabaDrew on 31 Dec 16 at 13:56
BoxlorFinished every challenge in the month. This one didn't pop.
Posted by Boxlor on 31 Dec 16 at 19:37
JJ DANG3RDidn't unlock for me either. Ugh.
Posted by JJ DANG3R on 31 Dec 16 at 21:19
a Good GamertagI just finished the last challenge of the month and did not get it to pop either. Marathon and Strive for Perfection both popped.
Posted by a Good Gamertag on 01 Jan 17 at 01:11
ronabsDidn't get the diamond medal either, now the gold/silver/bronze progress are not counting anymore, this game is a mess.
Posted by ronabs on 04 Jan 17 at 15:16
A7X Unleashedsame here no diamond. my bronze for this month has not registered either
Posted by A7X Unleashed on 04 Jan 17 at 19:08
kiesan88New update out, and says it supposedly helps fixing these issues, along with stat tracking the Marathon cheevo.
Posted by kiesan88 on 19 Jan 17 at 14:48
flipmodeXXIIINoticed the iOS app had an update which supposedly fixed this issue. Anyone able tp confirm...?
Posted by flipmodeXXIII on 20 Jan 17 at 02:24
JJ DANG3RUnlocked for me today on iOS
Posted by JJ DANG3R on 20 Jan 17 at 22:24
flipmodeXXIIIUnlocked for me too (iOS). Seems as though the update finally fixed the issue.
Posted by flipmodeXXIII on 25 Jan 17 at 03:03
kiesan88Update for me: it just finally dinged

edit: noting this happened on Android, but was using W10 version as well.
Posted by kiesan88 on 25 Jan 17 at 16:28
Bazroy99Popped for me too today on Android. Wasn't using Premium. Such a painful slog through ad-town.
Posted by Bazroy99 on 27 Jan 17 at 06:59
TMONEYRKO619Popped for me today on IOS. Looks like the update worked
Posted by TMONEYRKO619 on 28 Jan 17 at 05:35
Iron Man TStarkStill nothing for me - shows I have the diamond badge but no achievement :|
Posted by Iron Man TStark on 05 Feb 17 at 09:04
MrEDMeanerI've not had it pop two months in a row. Next month I am definitely going to try going for it on just one device. I might even delete the app off the other devices I use to see if that helps.
Posted by MrEDMeaner on 24 Feb 17 at 05:58
GYS GHOSTNothing :( 1 diamond but no achievement
Posted by GYS GHOST on 24 Feb 17 at 13:42
RealityBitesDogYep, still no achievement popped for me either, in the last week. I was playing on Win 10 the whole time but I was date jumping - not sure it that made a difference.
Posted by RealityBitesDog on 27 Mar 17 at 06:30
Hanrec2When it popped for me in Feb, I used two andriod phones, I avoided using the Windows 10 version as I used all three devices in Jan with no luck.
Posted by Hanrec2 on 27 Mar 17 at 08:42
GYS GHOSTI also got a gold medal, but the achievement is at 0% :(
Posted by GYS GHOST on 27 Mar 17 at 12:34
MrEDMeanerFinally got it after my third Diamond badge, on the last occasion I played exclusively on my android phone and deleted the app off Windows 10 and IOS before I started the month. Just the gold, silver and bronze badge achievements to go!
Posted by MrEDMeaner on 30 Mar 17 at 08:26
GooRoo4EverAnyone else finding that the Voranc Youtube link above no longer provides the solution for the correct Freecell game? For a few weeks now his has not lined up with mine. I've verified the dates and checked a few forwards and backwards as well and no luck. Other videos I've found also don't match up with mine. I am playing a basic US version (no premium) on an iPad. His solutions for the other four games are fine.
Posted by GooRoo4Ever on 02 May 17 at 15:54
kiesan88I've seen that the mobile versions (I use the Android version) have variants to the same challenge, so the youtube videos aren't not always the correct ones.

They are using the W10 version, and I've had success without having to reload the app to get the matching game. So they are correct if you are using the Windows version
Posted by kiesan88 on 02 May 17 at 20:13
kiesan88Also a note that I follow Zeming Jin's videos, just as helpful as Voranc
Posted by kiesan88 on 02 May 17 at 20:15
GooRoo4EverThanks! I'll try it on my wife's Win10 laptop. It's weird, it just started randomly a few weeks ago after months of using his guide. And of course Free Cell is the only game I really struggle with.
Posted by GooRoo4Ever on 11 May 17 at 16:11
SpudimusPrime89Oh goody, I got the Diamond Medal on the Android version, but the achievement didn't pop. 😦
Posted by SpudimusPrime89 on 28 Dec 17 at 13:33
brooza664Just got the diamond medal but no achievement. Mostly been playing on Android but I had a couple of days playing on Win10. Hopefully I'll get enough points exclusively on Android by the end of the month...
Posted by brooza664 on 27 Jun 18 at 07:15

for anybody trying to get Diamon badge & Marathon achievements can follow Zeming Jin at youtube.
Posted by iguanadude626 on 22 Nov 18 at 05:26
Beachem^ That link should either be in the solution or be a new solution to this achievement.
Posted by Beachem on 24 Apr 19 at 03:34
Jo12danJames2019. I got it 2 straight months and the achievement didnt unlock.
Posted by Jo12danJames on 27 May 19 at 04:52
MathNotEvenOncejust did this yesterday and no unlock :-/
Posted by MathNotEvenOnce on 16 Jan at 22:54
Yeipi137Same here doesn’t unlock
Posted by Yeipi137 on 30 Apr at 08:22
Yeipi137Same here doesn’t unlock
Posted by Yeipi137 on 30 Apr at 08:44
Bazroy99I guess they're not forever...
Posted by Bazroy99 on 30 Apr at 09:00