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5 Double Glacier

Combine 5 Double Glacier gems

5 Double Glacier+0.2
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iTz WheezeyiTz Wheezey312,114
30 Sep 2015
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The easiest way to gain this achievement is on level 9.

Basically you play as Elsa in this level and her ability is a Glacier, you only need to make one Glacier each time you play the level. To make a Glacier you need to have 5 gems in a row (Horizontal or Vertical).

Then when you have created one Glacier on the board, simply use Elsa's Glacier ability on the Glacier you created on the board. This will count as one done.

Restart the level to refresh Elsa's Glacier ability and repeat the process until you have done 5. Then the achievement should POP!

NOTE - This can be done for the other Glacier achievements, just make an Iceberg (5 gems in a T or L shape) or Windchill (4 gems in a row). Now use Elsa's Glacier ability on either a Iceberg or Windchill to progress through the other achievements. 10 with the Iceberg and 20 with the Windchill.
crowbo 360Great guide and perfect suggestion for level 9. Completed it in 2 and a 1/2 playthrus of the level as you get 2 glacier boosts. Cheers smile
Posted by crowbo 360 on 31 Mar 16 at 23:05
iTz WheezeyYou are welcome crowbo 360 dance
Posted by iTz Wheezey on 19 Apr 16 at 12:16
Faded SympathyThanks bro!
Posted by Faded Sympathy on 17 Sep 16 at 20:08
Rusty Nail zhProbably the best way to do this. I didn't look at guides for this, but level 96 is also very good to do this.
Posted by Rusty Nail zh on 08 Jan 18 at 21:32