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Instincts Predator

Finish the Instincts Story at Predator difficulty level

Instincts Predator0
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13 Jun 2010 13 Jun 2010
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I would suggest starting another profile on hunter at the same time. This will allow you to beat the the map on hunter 1st(with radar) and them load up the profile on predator difficulty. Hopefully by first playing the map on hunter right before, you could have retained the route to finish the map on predator(with no radar).

By far the hardest part on this difficulty is protecting Doyle, I would suggest picking up the rocket launcher on this map and keeping it as your power weapon, vs having a sniper rifle. The rocket launcher can be found in the area where you have a helicopter out in the open with 4 buildings surrounding it. One of the soldiers from the second wave will be carrying it.

Another suggestion would be to obtain a microsoft chatpad, in order to quickly type in cheat code "ImJackCarver."
soccer4cmoomg thank you thank you
rocket helped alot
Posted by soccer4cmo on 16 Feb 14 at 04:32
forevabootlessGood tip I'm using this strategy and must say getting through the predator run through faster then the hunter big thumbs up
Posted by forevabootless on 03 Apr 16 at 16:35