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Shovel Nightmare

Digger T. Rock: Defeat 250 enemies over time.

Shovel Nightmare+0.1
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06 Oct 2015
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On cave 5, start the level and dig down on the left, once you reach the bottom go to the right and jump the gap. Two skeletons will spawn there and as long as you move side to side they will continuously spawn.

Make sure to have the cheats on to make it easier. You should get this in no time!
Nukes A Lot 2I also found if one mashes the attack button like crazy as a skeleton is spawning one can accumulate more than one kill per skeleton.
Each skeleton is worth 200 points and I managed to get 2000 points on some skeletons.
I checked my method by having the achievement snapped on the screen and yes, after killing 5 skeletons the bar for the achievement jumped a good 6%.
Posted by Nukes A Lot 2 on 13 Oct 15 at 20:57