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They Walk Among Us

Have a party member turn into a pod person

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14 Oct 2015
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One of the first locations you can visit in the game is the Ag Centre. Here, you need to get infected by the exploding plants (which is likely to happen without effort). Check your character stats for a green square to make sure.

Now, for the achievement you need the infection to worsen and finally turn the character into a pod person. This will take about six hours of real time. So make a separate save file, and plug your controller in so it doesn't turn itself off, and leave your game running while you're away.
AllOvaMyselfJust a head's up, if you go the character screen, you can actually highlight the icon in the upper left that shows the Pod Infection by moving to it with cn_LS. Once highlighted, it has a timer that shows how much time is left before the infection turns the character into a pod. It's in seconds, so you may have to do some math... ;)
Posted by AllOvaMyself on 09 Jan 17 at 23:49
TS GhostThanks for the tip on where to find how much time is left.

I had my game running while I was at work. When I checked how many seconds were left, it was at about 11400, about three hours. Then I thought to check how many seconds the infection starts with.

After saving my progress, I loaded a previous save, and the starting balance was 14400. Exactly four hours (this seems to be the same for every character, regardless of level).

Unfortunately, the timer stops when the screen goes dark and the notifications pop up on the right.
Posted by TS Ghost on 05 Nov 18 at 23:00
TS GhostAnd apparently, there's a stage 2 of the infection, which is another 7200 seconds, or two hours.
Posted by TS Ghost on 07 Nov 18 at 02:05
snake42069turn off live update notifications. when the screen goes dark the timer will continue to count down just fine, or rubber band your controller to keep the screen active.
Posted by snake42069 on 02 Jul 19 at 00:14