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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Wild Rose Dethorned

Defeat all the fallen knights and loot their campsites.

Wild Rose Dethorned0
4 guidesOffline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Collectable - These achievements are obtained by exploring the game environment to find a set of unique objects.
15 Oct 2015 22 Oct 2015
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This achievement is actually pretty simple, it just involves a lot of running around. To get this achievement you need to hunt down and kill all Knights of the Flaming Rose otherwise labeled as "Fallen Knights" and loot the main chest in each camp. People it seems have had the most luck getting this by starting a "New Game" and selecting expansion only, and then going to kill and loot the camps.

There are a total of 8 bandit camps THAT ARE CONFIRMED to be needed to get the achievement.

(If you cleared all the camps go back to each one as you might have missed a guy running around, the easiest place to miss a guy is LOCATION #2 as There are a few on the outskirts of the camp.)

(Clear the guys as close as you can to the center of the camp. *credit to Joueur*)

Below are the locations of the camps.

#1. (Bandit Camp) Straight north of the "Upper Mill".

External image

#2 and 3. (Bandit Camp) North of and Southeast of Zuetzer Castle fast-travel post.

External image

#4. (Bandit Camp) Southeast of Est Taiyar fast-travel post.

External image

#5. (Bandit Camp) West of Erde fast-travel post.

External image

#6. (Bandit Camp) Northwest of Sarrasin Grange fast-travel post.

External image

#7 and 8. (Bandit Camp) Both are to the Northeast of the Bowdon fast-travel post.

External image

If you have any questions or think I may have left a spot out just leave a comment, :)
BiggDopeAre locations 9-11 absolutely confirmed? I got my achievement before ever touching a single quest in the expansion.
Posted by BiggDope on 15 Oct 15 at 02:04
EvolKamiThis achievement is buggy, I've spent hours clearing out these sites on multiple different saves & nothing.
Posted by EvolKami on 15 Oct 15 at 02:20
Foxfire4911 is the only one that involves a can get all the others without doing. It unlocked for me for sure after I cleared the final camp I hadn't cleared yet.
Posted by Foxfire49 on 15 Oct 15 at 02:54
Foxfire49It is possible that you just need the 8 bandit camps. But I included every spot I found the Knights at just to be on the safe side.
Posted by Foxfire49 on 15 Oct 15 at 02:58
SVEIt will be better if you start a new game and select HOS only, the Knights you killed in previous save will still count, just clear every bandit camp and kill the one you are missing.
Posted by SVE on 15 Oct 15 at 03:46
Iron PraetorianI was having trouble with this achievement using my previous saves so I started a new game in Hearts of Stone only and didn't start any quests, then I went to each of the bandit camps and cleared all the enemies and only looted the red aura chest then the achievement unlocked, hope this helps.
Posted by Iron Praetorian on 15 Oct 15 at 03:49
EvolKami^ that didn't work either. There's also a 3 page forum about this on Steam. Seems it's bugged.
Posted by EvolKami on 15 Oct 15 at 05:19
UFC Zombie 935It's definitely bugged cause I just tried a third time every possible way and STILL NO ACHIEVEMENT
Posted by UFC Zombie 935 on 15 Oct 15 at 05:59
Szary669I don't think that this achievement is bugged, well maybe it is :) but you can "fix" it. I've double checked all the bandit campsite and found one guy that didn't spawn earlier, after I killed him I've got achievement.

@Foxfire49 - I think that You've missed one group that appears in "From Ofier's Distant Shores" quest. The group is east of Vikk watchtower, south-west from Erde
Posted by Szary669 on 15 Oct 15 at 10:10
Resident JesusJust to double up on what Szary said, I also cleared every camp, no achievement.

Later on I started revisiting the cleared camps, one had a single knight wandering around, killed him, achievement popped.
Posted by Resident Jesus on 15 Oct 15 at 10:42
BiggDope@Iron, on that file, did you clear the Abandon Site and Person in Distress as well? Or just the camps?
Posted by BiggDope on 15 Oct 15 at 11:30
Iron Praetorian@BiggDope Just the camps not the Abandoned Site or Person in Distress
Posted by Iron Praetorian on 15 Oct 15 at 12:02
Foxfire49Ok so I've been looking through a lot of stuff and talking to a bunch of people about this. 1.It seems you really just need to clear the 8 bandit campsites as pictured above. 2. It seems people have had an easier time getting this when they start a new game using the Expansion only (but you can still get it using a normal previous save.) 3. People still recommend doing at least the "From Ofier's Distant Shores" quest as Szary mentioned as there is a possibility of a unmarked bandit camp on that mission (meaning it's a possible camp you have to clear, but it's not marked on the map.)
Posted by Foxfire49 on 15 Oct 15 at 13:16
Iron PraetorianI don't know if it made any difference but when I started the HoS only new game I had a free save slot that had not been used
Posted by Iron Praetorian on 15 Oct 15 at 13:49
Foxfire49I've talked to a couple of other people who said the same though, that's the only reason why I'm including it, and still letting people know you don't have to start a new game as well.
Posted by Foxfire49 on 15 Oct 15 at 13:53
Jaskier85In my case loading an earlier save solved the problem. I saved when I had three more camps to clear. The achievement popped when I was clearing the last of those three, there were some knights still alive and kicking when it unlocked, so I didn't even get to loot the chest. Furthermore, not all knights died by my hand - some arachnomorphs got mixed into the last scrap and killed at least one knight.
Posted by Jaskier85 on 15 Oct 15 at 20:27
Foxfire49Yeah it seems to be a very buggy achievement to be sure. But at least all the locations listed are correct.
Posted by Foxfire49 on 15 Oct 15 at 20:40
TRU x MoNoXiDedidnt even loot all the campsites and it still popped
Posted by TRU x MoNoXiDe on 16 Oct 15 at 02:12
Faustus PHDI have attempted thus 5 times. 3 times with a game completion save and twice with a new game HoS, and cannot unlock achievement. I have double checked each location and looted all. My game saves and quests are all missing names. Could this be a problem. Also thanks for the maps.
Posted by Faustus PHD on 16 Oct 15 at 02:38
UFC Zombie 935Yep just did it for a fifth time so it's bugged for sure just have to wait for the next patch to come out I guess
Posted by UFC Zombie 935 on 16 Oct 15 at 06:36
Foxfire49Yeah it's extremely buggy, but after you clear the camps if it doesn't pop, I would go back and check them again in case you somehow missed a guy. And would go ahead and do 10-12 just to be safe.
Posted by Foxfire49 on 16 Oct 15 at 12:43
Cpt Lan NLDI'm also 1 of the lucky that cant have the achievement. Played 2x new game HOS mode and 2x with a previous safe game. I did al the locations kill'd al the soldiers looted every chest and no luck. Even traveled multiple times back to other locations to find new soldiers but no succes.
Posted by Cpt Lan NLD on 16 Oct 15 at 15:21
WhiterValkyrieI've tried this 10 times... I really don't understand what i'm doing wrong...
Posted by WhiterValkyrie on 18 Oct 15 at 20:38
Foxfire49It's a very buggy achievement, both on Xbox and the PS. All you can really do is go to each location listed, clear it, then go back and double check each one. And maybe patch 1.11 will help make it less of a hassle.
Posted by Foxfire49 on 19 Oct 15 at 12:40
EndanehmThis one is bugged for me as well... Hopefully the next patch will fix it (and the Ofieri one too)
Posted by Endanehm on 19 Oct 15 at 19:20
brydgesr@Joueur455523401 Thank you very much followed your instructions to the letter and the achievement unlocked, just like you said on the last kill of camp #5, no need for #4. @Foxfire49 consider adding these instructions to the solution if you get further confirmation.
Posted by brydgesr on 19 Oct 15 at 21:25
Hao Fu Qin@brydgesr
that explains,will try again later/
Posted by Hao Fu Qin on 20 Oct 15 at 02:20
Sephiroth Onionly kills 1-8 camps, u dont need steal loots, but in my first play/save didint pop, i play 2 times in save before enter new dlc
Posted by Sephiroth Oni on 20 Oct 15 at 06:56
brydgesrSo that would mean its the number of kills at each camp that triggers the unlock of the achievement, not the loot. Camps #9- #11 are not required.
Posted by brydgesr on 20 Oct 15 at 09:14
hullubalooThere were no bandits at camp 7 ?? The achievement did not pop :((
Posted by hullubaloo on 21 Oct 15 at 18:48
GrubbmeisterI can confirm I got my achievement NOT looting any of the 8 camps. I also did it in just Hearts of Stone only on a separate save. I started at Camp #1, then did #8, #7, #6, #2, #3 and #5 from the list above. I DID NOT go to Camp #4 at all. I ran through enemies until they followed me as close to the vicinity as possible of each chest in each bandit camp, and I just made sure to kill every Fallen Knight at each camp I went to. For the Fallen Knights that don't come close and sit back and shoot crossbows, I had upgraded Deflect and just stood near the chest while I deflected their arrows back at them to kill them, which actually is a separate achievement if you don't have that one either.
Posted by Grubbmeister on 21 Oct 15 at 22:31
XI AlphaMale IXI went to all 9 camps twice and no achievement. It's obviously somewhat bugged, so I think I'll just wait for a patch.
Posted by XI AlphaMale IX on 22 Oct 15 at 00:37
BastiaenI got it first try. Didn't even have to do #9. Killed the last guy at 8 and the achievement popped before I even looted the camp.
Posted by Bastiaen on 22 Oct 15 at 04:10
Loadme TacosI had played the HoS expansion originally on NG + and I did not get this achievement, then follow the tips here, so I started a new game only with the HoS, I went in the eight camps of bandits, killed them all without collecting anything and achievement unlocked . Thank you all. Qualified!
Posted by Loadme Tacos on 22 Oct 15 at 10:56
Foxfire49Alright thanks for the updates guys, I'll remove the 938th option, but it's still obviously bugged as I've read in several places you need to at least loot the main chest as that is part of the achievement description. But glad people have got it without looting.
Posted by Foxfire49 on 22 Oct 15 at 13:30
Nefarious AntFinally got this on my third try. Just followed Pattington_Bear's method from the steam forums.
Posted by Nefarious Ant on 22 Oct 15 at 16:35
DOOM RAINSAnt30025674
Link pls.
Posted by DOOM RAINS on 23 Oct 15 at 03:57
Nefarious AntSure, his method can be found here.
Posted by Nefarious Ant on 23 Oct 15 at 10:08
DOOM RAINSAn update has rolled out....its 1426MB.

I do hop it fix the problem.roll
Posted by DOOM RAINS on 23 Oct 15 at 11:14
Loadme Tacos^^ Dude, you have followed the procedures I said above? It takes little time and worth a try. Do not forget that at least two camps have soldiers "hidden". On the images above, the number two has a soldier in the ruins, and the number five has a masked near the bee boxes.
Posted by Loadme Tacos on 23 Oct 15 at 16:22
paramoreRyanI got the achievement today after the update. I hadn't cleared any camps before the update. The achievement unlocked when I killed the final person, I hadn't even looted anything in that camp.
Posted by paramoreRyan on 23 Oct 15 at 19:33
XI AlphaMale IXFrustrated that they didn't patch this, as I still couldn't get it. So I tried the HoS only and went straight to 1, then 8, 7, 6, 2, 3, and then 5, killing everyone. I did not loot. I did not fast travel. I did not go to 4. Achievement unlocked.
Posted by XI AlphaMale IX on 23 Oct 15 at 22:55
Pedrito9504Got this achievement through my first gameplay of this DLC. The achievement unlocked for me while I was in Camp#3 still fighting the enemies. (There were at least 3 guys left and the achievement popped anyway. However I did looted all the other 7 camps though.) Guess maybe it is made easier after the patch?
Posted by Pedrito9504 on 25 Oct 15 at 06:23
Ricky CharlesWorked for me today, I went around the camps shown above and it unlocked before I opened the chest in camp 8
Posted by Ricky Charles on 25 Oct 15 at 13:32
GazzaAwesomeThis is glitched for me. I've done everything in every camp and side quest, so either one of them ran away or its just glitched.
Posted by GazzaAwesome on 25 Oct 15 at 22:19
Foxfire49Idk some people claim to have got the achievement without looting (which is fine), but still safer to loot IMO since its part of the achievement description.
Posted by Foxfire49 on 26 Oct 15 at 14:38
Renatka82unfortunately it doesn't work for me :( I tried every solution posted here but nothing is working - tried new HoS game still the same
Posted by Renatka82 on 26 Oct 15 at 17:58
brandiesel1It's not working. I did some before the latest patch and a few afterwards. I wonder if that messed it up.
Posted by brandiesel1 on 27 Oct 15 at 20:35
MysticWeirdoGot it on the first on attempt on my main save after completing the dlc story line.

I Followed the order given by Joueur455523401, I didn't loot anything, I didn't fast travel. I meditated after each battle for 1 hour (except when it was sunset I meditated for 12 to avoid fighting in the dark).

Popped without going to #4.

I killed 6 enemies at each site except #2 which had 12.
Posted by MysticWeirdo on 28 Oct 15 at 01:12
GavInxsTried this 3 times now with no luck :-(
Posted by GavInxs on 29 Oct 15 at 22:30
rudestGlitched. Did it on my main save, no dice. Did it on a fresh HoS game, didn't work. Tried not fast traveling, not looting, etc. nothing.
Posted by rudest on 30 Oct 15 at 00:03
AG Bucky Barnes5th time completing it, killed all bandits, 6 camps have 6 enemies except for the big camp obviously then 4 enemies at the southern most camp. No achievement. Fuck CDPR.
Posted by AG Bucky Barnes on 06 Nov 15 at 16:53
LavindatharNot unlocking me for me, but after doing the 7th I always go the 8th anyway....only ever four there.
Posted by Lavindathar on 07 Nov 15 at 23:19
LavindatharOk, second attempt I got it without visiting the eight camp.

It must be to do with the distance from the chest. You need a certain amount killed within the invisible zone. Or, loot six chests using take all without dropping anything. Only two things it can be.
Posted by Lavindathar on 08 Nov 15 at 00:04
Crazi YetiIf you meditate at a camp any enemies that may have wondered away will be spawned closer to the camp to help you get any that you may have missed.
Posted by Crazi Yeti on 15 Nov 15 at 15:08
EurydaceYou definitely don't need to loot all the chests. I didn't loot anything except the recipes in each chest. Two of them I skipped entirely (the bandit camps are still uncleared according to my map).
Posted by Eurydace on 29 Nov 15 at 01:53
ChancePWI figured out why the achievement doesn't unlock, it has to do with #5. The beehive guy MUST be killed near the chest along with everyone else then the achievement unlocks.
Posted by ChancePW on 24 Dec 15 at 22:57
ColtoN899@ChancePW I tried that too, still didn't unlock. It's very possible that it is one of the things you have to do though.
Posted by ColtoN899 on 28 Dec 15 at 23:08
N7 TiggerDoes a 'Hearts of Stone only' game on a lower difficulty cause any problems with the Walked the Path achievement?
Posted by N7 Tigger on 03 Jan 16 at 00:34
VonrustherI tried multiple solutions, several times and unfortunately for me, this achievement is glitched. Let's hope the Patch 1.12 comes to correct this mess. I get very angry with bugged achievements and I tried this one for almost 10 hours before giving up.
Posted by Vonrusther on 04 Jan 16 at 13:25
Derrty NTThe same of @Joueur455523401 it finally unlocked when i killed the knights at my 7th camp (didn't even go anywhere near my 8th, not looted the 7th camp; but I looted the previous 6 camps thoroughly).
The key to unlock this achievement may to kill the knights within a close enough radius around the bandit camp marker.
I cleared the camps #1, #8, #7, #6, #2, #3 and #5 (and I would have finished with #4) in one go.
Thanks @Joueur455523401
Posted by Derrty NT on 08 Jan 16 at 19:55
WhiteWolF IIIIIt's fixed!
Posted by WhiteWolF IIII on 11 Jan 16 at 17:53
EndanehmPatch 1.12 fixed it for me as well! smile

When i loaded my save (a new Hearts of Stone Playthrough on easy that I had just started in an attempt to get this achievement back in October), I noticed that the bandit camp marker at Kilkerinn Ruins showed the camp as not completed, even though I had cleared all camps before.

When I fast traveled over there, there were no enemies to find, but the chest could be looted. I pressed take all, and the Achievement finally unlocked.
Posted by Endanehm on 11 Jan 16 at 19:56
AG Bucky BarnesAT LAST!!!

Exactly the same as Endanehm, assume CDPR put this in purposely as the "fix" as mine was at Kilkerinn Ruins too; placed near a fast travel.

Glad to have it finally done now but seriously wtf, to have to wait this long and for it to have been in the game. I can finally now enjoy the DLC as it was broken on my save, was not willing to sacrifice all my equipment etc for a "ready made" preset.

Fingers crossed the next DLC isn't riddled with bugs!
Posted by AG Bucky Barnes on 11 Jan 16 at 22:12
VonrustherFixed for me. Same situation described by Endanehn. Awesome!
Posted by Vonrusther on 13 Jan 16 at 23:31
FoogaKilled everyone. Looted everything. No achievement.

Edit: So I made a new HoS save. Went to Seven Cats Inn and Brunwich to get the appropriate undiscovered locations. I then went and killed every Knight (meditating after I did so and occasionally spawned another Knight) at the 8 camps, but didn’t loot their bodies or the chests. Didn’t get the achievement.

So I restart my Xbox, reloaded the auto save where I cleared the last camp, and then went BACK and looted all of and ONLY the red chests that gray out the area marker. Achievement popped on the last chest.

I didn’t fast travel between any of the points or use Axii to be safe. Hope that helps someone along the Path. wink
Posted by Fooga on 01 Oct 18 at 08:04
GroqikFor those who have problems, my achievement doesn't unlock after killing last guy, but after picking items in chest appearing in red in each camp with sorceler vision
Posted by Groqik on 08 Apr 19 at 20:35
Goggs25down vote from me can't open up new tabs for pics can only download which is bloody stupid
Posted by Goggs25 on 11 Dec 19 at 14:38
jiggaman89Thanks for guide. Great visuals
Posted by jiggaman89 on 25 Feb at 02:46
CrippledFingerzAgree with Groqik - the achievement pops after picking up the items in the last camp, not after killing everyone.
Posted by CrippledFingerz on 10 Mar at 05:16
minisim24This one is glitched for me. I have just traveled to each bandit camp to confirm they are empty. There was one camp that still had a wolf hide in the red chest, but apart from that I had looted everything the first time around. Witcher Senses would also show a chest in red, then not allow me to loot it (as if it were empty) when I got close. Bit frustrated at this but seeing as other HoS achievements have glitched for me I’ll have to replay it at some point anyway.
Posted by minisim24 on 09 May at 09:12