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Quiplash XL: Back Talk

Write a quip that Schmitty actually responds to

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You can use answers listed here. Some of them have multiple possibility, listed and separated with coma

Also, feel free to add any missing answer you find.

Question: What two words would passengers never want to hear a pilot say?
Answer: I'm drunk, Im drunk

Question: You would never go on a roller coaster called "BLANK"
Answer: the decapitator, the decapitater, decapitator, decapitater

Question: The secret to a happy life
Answer: playing Quiplash

Question: If a winning coach gets Gatorade dumped on his head, what should get dumped on the losing coach?
Answer: Powerade

Question: Name a candle scent designed specifically for Kim Kardashian
Answer: untalented, un talented

Question: You should never give alcohol to "BLANK"
Answer: a mogwai, mogwai, the mogwai

Question: Everyone knows that monkeys hate "BLANK"
Answer: sarcasm

Question: The biggest downside to living in Hell
Answer: bad wifi, no wifi, spotty wifi, wifi, wi-fi

Question: Jesus's REAL last words
Answer: ouch

Question: The worst thing for an evil witch to turn you into
Answer: tampon, maxi pad

Question: The Skittles flavor that just missed the cut
Answer: dirty underwear

Question: On your wedding night, it would be horrible to find out that the person you married is "BLANK"
Answer: vegetarian

Question: A name for a really bad Broadway musical
Answer: Linsday Lohan the Musical, Lindsey Lohan the Musical, Lindsey Lohan: the Musical, Lindsay Lohan: the Musical

Question: The first thing you would do after winning the lottery
Answer: buy more tickets, buy lottery tickets, buy more lottery tickets

Question: What's actually causing global warming?
Answer: nothing

Question: A name for a brand of designer adult diapers
Answer: Abercrombie and Shits

Question: Name a TV drama that's about a vampire doctor
Answer: Monster Mash

Question: Something squirrels probably do when no one is looking
Answer: masturbate, masterbate, masturbait, masterbait

Question: The crime you would commit if you could get away with it
Answer: regicide

Question: Come up with a great title for the next awkward teen sex movie
Answer: boner time

Question: What's the Mona Lisa smiling about?
Answer: she's not wearing pants, shes not wearing pants

Question: A terrible name for a cruise ship
Answer: Animal Love Boat, The Animal Love Boat

Question: What FDR meant to say was We have nothing to fear, but "BLANK"
Answer: chupacabra, chupacabras, the chupacabra

Question: Come up with a title for an adult version of any classic video game
Answer: The Legend of Zelda's Ass

Question: The name of a font nobody would ever use
Answer: Comic sans

Question: Something you should never put on an open wound
Answer: ketchup

Question: Scientists say erosion, but we all know the Grand Canyon was actually made by "BLANK"
Answer: my dick, my cock

Question: The real reason the dinosaurs died
Answer: they crossed me

Question: Come up with the name of a country that doesn't exist
Answer: Canada

Question: The best way to keep warm on a cold winter night
Answer: orgy

Question: A college major you don't see at many universities
Answer: Coloring

Question: What would make baseball more entertaining to watch?
Answer: make it football

Question: The best thing about going to prison
Answer: free orange jumpsuit, free jumpsuit, orange jumpsuit, the free orange jumpsuit, the free jumpsuit, the orange jumpsuit

Question: The best title for a new national anthem for the USA
Answer: guns, Guns!, gun

Question: Come up with the name of book that would sell a million copies, immediately
Answer: The big book of boobs, big book of boobs

Question: What would you do if you were left alone in the White House for an hour?
Answer: pass a law, pass laws, pass some laws

Question: Invent a family-friendly replacement word that you could say instead of an actual curse word
Answer: Flufflepuff

Question: A better name for testicles
Answer: Man Orbs

Question: The name of the reindeer Santa didn't pick to pull his sleigh
Answer: Crasher

Question: What's the first thing you would do if you could time travel?
Answer: eat a dinosaur, eat some dinosaurs, eat dinosaurs

Question: The name of a pizza place you should never order from
Answer: Pizza Butt

Question: A not-very-scary name for a pirate
Answer: Johnny Depp

Question: Come up with a name for a beer made especially for monkeys
Answer: High Life

Question: The best thing about living in an igloo
Answer: beer always cold, cold beer, beer's always cold, keeps beer cold, keeps beer nice and cold, beer's always nice and cold, the beer's always cold, the beer stays cold, beer stays cold

Question: The worst way to be murdered
Answer: with a spoon

Question: Something you shouldn't get your significant other for Valentine's Day
Answer: a scale, scale

Question: A dangerous thing to do while driving
Answer: load a gun, loading a gun, load your gun, loading your gun

Question: Something you shouldn't wear to a job interview
Answer: wife beater, a wife beater, wife beater tshirt, wifebeater, wife beater t shirt, a wife beater t shirt

Question: The #1 reason penguins can't fly
Answer: they're lazy, too lazy

Question: Using only two words, a new state motto for Texas
Answer: Bush Country

Question: The hardest thing about being Batman
Answer: cleaning the cave, cave cleaning

Question: A great way to kill time at work
Answer: working, work

Question: Come up with a really bad TV show that starts with Baby
Answer: baby cop, baby cops

Question: Why does the Tower of Pisa lean?
Answer: gravity, gravity dumbass, fucking gravity, fuckin gravity, gravity duh

Question: What's wrong with these kids today?
Answer: Rock music

Question: A great new invention that starts with Automatic
Answer: automatic buttscratcher, automatic butt scratcher

Question: Come up with a really bad football penalty that begins with Intentional
Answer: Sucking, Intentional sucking

Question: A Starbucks coffee that should never exist
Answer: Capoochino, ca-poo-chino

Question: There's Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and Hufflepuff, but what's the Hogwarts house few have ever heard of?
Answer: suckandpuff, suckenpuff, suck-n-puff

Question: The worst words to say for the opening of a eulogy at a funeral
Answer: He was an asshole, he was an ass, she was an asshole, she was an ass

Question: Something you should never use as a scarf
Answer: anaconda, anuconda, aneconda, an aneconda, an anaconda

Question: Invent a holiday that you think everyone would enjoy
Answer: Spanksgiving, spanks-giving

Question: The best news you could get today
Answer: it's not contagious, its not contagious, it's not contageous, its not contageous, it's not contagus, its not contagus

Question: Usually, it's bacon,lettuce and tomato, but come up with a BLT you wouldn't want to eat
Answer: Boogers Lint and Toenails, boogers lint toenails

Question: The worst thing you could stuff a bed mattress with
Answer: spiders

Question: A great opening line to start a conversation with a stranger at a party
Answer: I see dead people

Question: Something you would like to fill a swimming pool with
Answer: pudding

Question: Miley Cyrus' Wi-Fi password, possibly
Answer: teddybearhumper

Question: If you were allowed to name someone else's baby any weird thing you wanted, what would you name it?
Answer: Cookie Masterson, Cookie

Question: A fun thing to think about during mediocre sex
Answer: Game of Thrones

Question: You know you're in for a bad taxi ride when "BLANK"
Answer: your driver dies, the driver dies, the driver is dead, driver dies

Question: Where do babies come from?
Answer: Krypton

Question: The terrible fate of the snowman Olaf in a director's cut of "Frozen"
Answer: made into snowcones, made into snow cones, Olaf gets made into snocones, olaf gets made into a snowcone, olaf becomes a snow cone, olaf becomes a snow cone, becomes a snow cone, becomes a snowcone, gets made into a snowcone, gets made into a snow cone, gets eaten as a snowcone, gets eaten as a snow cone

Question: Sometimes, after a long day, you just need to "BLANK"
Answer: kick a squirrel

Question: The worst way to spell Mississippi
Answer: butthole

Question: Give me one good reason why I shouldn't spank you right now
Answer: I don't have a butt, no butt, i have no butt, i have no ass, no ass, i don't have an ass

Question: The best pick-up line for an elderly singles mixer
Answer: I've fallen in love and I can't get up, I've fallen in love and I can't get it up, help I've fallen in love and I can't get up, help I've fallen in love and I can't get it up

Question: A good stage name for a chimpanzee stripper
Answer: Ape-ril, aperil,

Question: The best place to bury all those bodies
Answer: enemy's backyard, backyard of enemy, your enemy's yard, enemy's yard, your enemy's back yard, your enemy's backyard

Question: One place a finger shouldn't go
Answer: peehole, pee hole

Question: Come up with a name for the most difficult yoga pose known to mankind
Answer: downward hog

Question: What's lurking under your bed when you sleep?
Answer: Mormons

Question: The name of a canine comedy club with puppy stand-up comedians
Answer: Laugha Apso, Lhafa Apso, laffa apso, laff-a apso, laugh-a apso

Question: A great name for a nude beach in Alaska
Answer: Blue ball beach, blue balls beach

Question: Make up the title of a movie that is based on the first time you had sex
Answer: The Neverending Story, the never ending story

Question: A vanity license plate a jerk in an expensive car would get

Question: A good fake name to use when checking into a hotel
Answer: Jack Torrance, Danny Torrance, jack torrence, danny torrence

Question: A good catchphrase to yell every time you finish pooping
Answer: Operation Dumbo Drop

Question: Your personal catchphrase if you were on one of those "Real Housewives" shows
Answer: I'm crazy

Question: The Katy Perry Super Bowl halftime show would have been better with "BLANK"
Answer: sharks, cartoon sharks, shark costumes, dancing sharks

Question: Okay... fine! What do YOU want to talk about then?!!!
Answer: philosophy

Question: Miller Lite beer would make a lot of money if they came up with a beer called Miller Lite _____
Answer: NOT!

Question: Something you should never stick up your butt
Answer: burrito, a burrito, burritos

Question: A terrible name for a clown
Answer: Suckles

Question: An inappropriate thing to do at a cemetery
Answer: Live, be alive

Question: Like chicken fingers or chicken poppers, a new appetizer name for your fun, theme restaurant: chicken _____
Answer: faces

Question: Thing you'd be most surprised to have a dentist a find in your mouth
Answer: his penis, his dick, his cock

Question: Rename Winnie-the-Pooh to something more appropriate/descriptive
Answer: Winnie-the-Pantless, Winnie the Pantless

Question: Name the sequel to "Titanic" if there were one. "Titanic 2: "BLANK""
Answer: Cruise Control

Question: An alternate use for a banana
Answer: back scratcher

Question: What you'd guess is an unadvertised ingredient in most hot dogs
Answer: orphans, unadopted orphans, unclaimed orphans

Question: Name your new haircutting establishment
Answer: Scissor Me Timbers

Question: Something that would make an awful hat
Answer: salmon, a salmon

Question: How many monkeys is too many monkeys?
Answer: Twelve, 12, Twelve Monkeys

Question: Something you'd be surprised to see a donkey do
Answer: taxes, his taxes, its taxes, fill out taxes, fill out his taxes, fill out its taxes

Question: The title you'd come up with if you were writing the Olympics theme song
Answer: I Torch Myself

Question: Something you should never say to your mother
Answer: you're a milf, what a milf

Question: Come up with a name for a new, very manly cocktail
Answer: teste tequila, testes tequila, tequila testes, tequila teste

Question: Where's the best place to hide from the shadow monsters?
Answer: at their house

Question: The three ingredients in the worst smoothie ever
Answer: poop barf and greek yogurt, barf poop and greek yogurt, greek yogurt poop and barf, greek yogurt barf and poop, barf greek yogurt and poop

Question: The best thing to use when you're out of toilet paper
Answer: sandpaper, sand paper

Question: Come up with a catchier, more marketable name for the Bible
Answer: Fifty Shades of Pray

Question: The most presidential name you can think of (that isn't already the name of a president)
Answer: Kevin

Question: A good way to get fired
Answer: come to work naked, go to work naked, go to work nude, come to work nude, go nude, go naked, get naked

Question: If we can't afford to bury or cremate you, what should we do with your body?
Answer: hide it

Question: Name the eighth dwarf, who got cut at the last minute
Answer: Barfy

Question: A good place to hide boogers
Answer: in your butt, in your ass, inside your butt, inside butt, inside your ass, inside ass, in butt, in ass, butt, ass

Question: Come up with the name for a new TV show with the word Spanky in it
Answer: Better Call Spanky

Question: A fun trick to play on the Pope
Answer: stealing the pope mobile, stealing the popemobile, steal the popemobile, steal popemobile, steal the pope mobile, steal pope mobile

Question: Where do you think the beef really is?
Answer: In Iraq, iraq

Question: Something it'd be fun to throw off the Eiffel Tower
Answer: mimes, mime, a mime

Question: Write a newspaper headline that will really catch people's attention
Answer: Earth Explodes

Question: The worst job title that starts with Assistant
Answer: proctologist, assistant proctologist, proctalogist, assistant proctalogist

Question: The last person you'd consider inviting to your birthday party
Answer: Jesus

Question: The grossest thing you'd put in your mouth for $18
Answer: my own penis, my penis

Question: What John Goodman's belches smell like
Answer: old Funyons

Question: The name of a new perfume by Betty White
Answer: Golden Girl

Question: The worst name for a robot
Answer: Chappie

Question: The first names of each of your nipples
Answer: Nipsey and Russell, Nipsey Russell, Nipsy and russell, nipsy russell, nipsy & russell, nipsey & russell

Question: The most embarrassing name for a dog
Answer: No Balls

Question: The worst thing you could discover in your burrito
Answer: ebola

Question: One thing never to do on a first date
Answer: die

Question: Ozzy Osbourne's Twitter password, probably
Answer: batheads, bathead, bat heads, bat head

Question: Who let the dogs out?
Answer: Obama, President Obama

Question: What do vegans taste like?
Answer: sadness

Question: An item NOT found in Taylor Swift's purse
Answer: mirror, a mirror

Question: Name a new reggae band made up entirely of chickens
Answer: UBeak40

Question: Name a children's book by someone who hates children
Answer: You're Not Special

Question: The name of your new plumbing company
Answer: Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Brothers, Mario Brothers, Super Mario's Plumbing, Super Mario Bros Plumbing, mario bros plumbing, super mario plumbers, super mario bros plumbers, mario bros plumbers

Question: Make up a word that describes the sound of farting into a bowl of mac & cheese
Answer: Blart

Question: A new ice cream flavor that no one would ever order
Answer: kale

Question: Name a new movie starring a talking goat who is president of the United States
Answer: GOTUS

Question: Something that would not work well as a dip for tortilla chips
Answer: other tortilla chips, tortilla chips, more tortilla chips, crushed tortilla chips

Question: If God has a sense of humor, he welcomes people to heaven by saying, "BLANK"
Answer: we're full, no vacancy, heaven is full, sorry we're full, no room at the inn, sorry no room at the inn, it's full, we're full up, there's no room left

Question: The name of a clothing store for overweight leprechauns
Answer: Fatty Patty's

Question: Something upsetting you could say to the cable guy as he installs your television service
Answer: you're never leaving, you'll never leave, you'll never leave here, you can't leave now, i'm not letting you leave

Question: The worst thing that could jump out of a bachelor party cake
Answer: Betty White

Question: Come up with a name for a new beer marketed toward babies
Answer: Milkwaukee's Breast, Milwaukee's Breast, Milkwaukees Breast

Question: A terrible theme for a high school prom
Answer: 9/11, September 11, September 11th

Question: Make up a name for a silent-film porno from the 1920s
Answer: The Jizz Singer

Question: Something you should not whisper to your grandmother
Answer: show me your tits, show me your boobs, show me your breasts

Question: A terrible name for a 1930s gangster
Answer: Girly

Question: Brand name of a bottled water sold in the land of Oz
Answer: Wicked Water

Question: A fun thing to yell as a baby is being born
Answer: thar she blows!, there she blows!, thar she blows, there she blows

Question: The worst family secret that could come out over Thanksgiving dinner
Answer: everyone's adopted, everyone is adopted, everybody's adopted, everybody is adopted

Question: The name of a toilet paper specifically designed for the Queen of England
Answer: Buckingham Poolace, Buckingham Poo-lace

Question: Something you'd probably find a lot of in God's refrigerator
Answer: Miracle Whip

Question: The worst person to narrate the audiobook of "Fifty Shades of Grey"
Answer: Gilbert Gottfried, Gilbert Gotfried, Gilbert Godfried, Gilbert Gotfreid, Gilbert Gottfreid, gilbert godfry, gilbert godfrey, gilbert godfreid

Question: A lawn decoration sure to make the neighbors mad
Answer: flamingos with boobs, flamingoes with boobs, flamingos with tits, flamingoes with tits, flamingos with breasts, flamingoes with breasts, big-breasted flamingos, big-breasted flamingoes

Question: The worst thing to say when trying to adopt a pet
Answer: What does cat taste like?, How does cat taste?, what's cat taste like?, what does a cat taste like?

Question: A good name for an erotic bakery
Answer: Do it in the bundt, doin' the bundt, doin the bundt, doing it in the bundt

Question: People wouldn't respect He-Man as much if, to gain his power, he held up his sword and shouted ____________________
Answer: I peed my pants, I peed in my pants

Question: Fun thing to do if locked in the mall overnight
Answer: pee in the fountain, pee in a fountain, pee in fountains, pee in fountain

Question: The worst person to receive a sponge bath from
Answer: Gary Busey

Question: Pants would be a whole lot better if they "BLANK"
Answer: didn't exist

Question: The most awesome Guinness World Record to break
Answer: biggest penis, biggest dick, largest penis, largest dick, world's biggest penis, world's biggest dick, the world's biggest penis, the world's biggest dick, world's largest penis, world's largest dick, the world's largest penis, the world's largest dick

Question: A little-known way to get gum out of your hair
Answer: jizz, cum, sperm

Question: It's bad to be buried alive. It's worse to be buried alive with "BLANK".
Answer: Pitbull

Question: Something that would not work as well as skis
Answer: dead bodies

Question: A rejected title for "The Good, The Bad and the Ugly" was "The Good, the Bad and the "BLANK""
Answer: Horny

Question: A rejected name for a ship in the U.S. Naval Fleet: the USS "BLANK"
Answer: SS

Question: What to say to get out of jury duty
Answer: I'm Batman, I am Batman

Question: What the Statue of Liberty is hiding beneath that robe
Answer: a shotgun, a shot gun

Question: There's only one time that murder is acceptable and that is when "BLANK"
Answer: you can get away with it, no one is around, no one sees you do it, no one's around, no one sees you do it, no one sees you, nobody sees you, nobody sees you do it, nobody's around, nobody is around

Question: Take any well-known restaurant and slightly change its name to something inappropriate
Answer: P.F. Wangs, PF Wangs, P.F. Wang's, PF Wang's

Question: Little-known fact: The government allows peanut butter to contain up to 10% "BLANK"
Answer: rat feces, rat poop, rat shit

Question: A good sign that your house is haunted
Answer: bleeding walls

Question: A catchy name for a sperm bank
Answer: Spank of America

Question: A bad occupation for a robot to have
Answer: proctologist, proctalogist, a proctologist

Question: A sequel to the painting Dogs Playing Poker
Answer: Dogs Playing Strip Poker

Question: The Tooth Fairy's other job
Answer: Fluffer

Question: Little-known fact: A secret area in the White House is the "BLANK" room
Answer: mud wrestling, mudwrestling

Question: An invention by Thomas Edison that never caught on
Answer: back hair straightener, backhair straightener

Question: A bad place to skinny-dip
Answer: volcano

Question: What time is it?
Answer: time to shut up, time to shutup

Question: A birthday present you shouldn't get for your grandmother
Answer: coffin, a coffin

Question: A short motto everyone should live by
Answer: Don't eat yellow snow, dont eat yellow snow, don't eat the yellow snow

Question: Invent a Christmas tradition sure to catch on
Answer: naked caroling, nude caroling, naked carols, nude carols, naked carolling, nude carolling

Question: A bad thing to yell during church
Answer: that's what she said, thats what she said

Question: The unsexiest thought you can have
Answer: my nude mother, my nude mom, nude mom, nude mother

Question: A good improvement to make to Mt. Rushmore
Answer: give them breasts, give them boobs

Question: The best way to start your day
Answer: covered in puppies, in a pile of puppies, swarmed by puppies, puppy pile, in a puppy pile

Question: The worst name for a summer camp
Answer: Camp Gonorrhea, camp gonorhea, camp gonorrea, gonorrhea, gonorhea, gonorrea, camp gonnorrhea, gonnorhea, camp gonarrhea, gonarrhea

Question: Something that's made worse by adding cheese
Answer: constipation, being constipated

Question: Three things are certain in life: Death, Taxes, and "BLANK"
Answer: boogers

Question: A faster way to get home from the Land of Oz is to click your heels three times and say "BLANK".
Answer: I like big butts

Question: The first commandment in the new religion you started
Answer: no pants, thou shalt not wear pants, no pants-wearing

Question: Come up with a name for a rock band made up entirely of baby ducks
Answer: Waterfoul, water foul

Question: Something that is currently legal that should be banned
Answer: kale

Question: A word that should never follow Beef
Answer: socks, shoes

Question: The perfect song to hum on the toilet
Answer: Push it, Push it real good

Question: A bad thing to say to a cop as he writes you a speeding ticket
Answer: Oink, suey

Question: Something you shouldn't buy off of Craigslist
Answer: children, kids, a child, a kid

Question: Take any U.S. president's name and turn it into something inappropriate
Answer: William Howard Shaft, William H. Shaft, William Shaft, President Shaft

Question: We can all agree that "BLANK"
Answer: cats are evil

Question: The name you would give to a really mopey pig
Answer: Mess Piggy

Question: A great name to have on a fake I.D.
Answer: Cookie Masterson

Question: What robots dream about
Answer: being human, becoming human, being real

Question: What really happened to Amelia Earhart
Answer: abducted by aliens, taken by aliens, aliens took her, aliens

Question: How far is too far?
Answer: Utah

Question: If at first you don't succeed...
Answer: go get drunk, get drunk, drink

Question: Finish this sentence: When I'm rich, my mansion will have a room called The "BLANK" Room.
Answer: IKEA

Question: The best
Answer: Why did you make One Direction?, Why give us One Direction?, Why one direction?

Question: Something you'd be surprised to see come out of a pimple you pop
Answer: A tiny person, little person, a little guy, a little person, tiny person, a tiny man, tiny man, minature person, a miniature person

Question: Today's music needs more "BLANK"
Answer: cowbell

Question: A fun trick to play on your doctor
Answer: replace stethoscope with a snake, replace stethascope with a snake, replace stethoscope with snake, replace stethascope with snake

Question: A bad place for your rocket ship to crash would be The Planet of the "BLANK"
Answer: Apes

Question: A bad campaign slogan for a congressperson
Answer: Don't vote for me

Question: The coolest way to die
Answer: firework factory explosion

Question: Two people from history that should definitely have sex
Answer: Abe Lincoln and Marilyn Monroe, Abraham Lincoln and Marilyn Monroe

Question: The name of an all-male version of Hooters
Answer: Danglers

Question: A little-known nickname for New Orleans
Answer: Tittie town, Titie town, Tit town, Boob City, Boob town, boobie town, boobie city

Question: The next product for Matthew McConaughey to endorse
Answer: Depends

Question: A unique way to escape from prison
Answer: jet pack, use a jet pack, fly away with a jet pack, use a jet pack to fly away, jetpack, use a jetpack

Question: The title of a new YouTube cat video that's sure to go viral
Answer: two cats one cup, 2 cats 1 cup

Question: A gift nobody would want: The "BLANK" of the Month Club
Answer: stomach punch

Question: A just-so-crazy-it's-brilliant business idea to pitch on "Shark Tank"
Answer: bacon pants

Question: A terrifying fortune cookie fortune
Answer: I'm behind you, I'm right behind you, look behind you, don't look behind you

Question: It would be scary to read on a food package, May contain trace elements of "BLANK".
Answer: deez nuts, dees nuts, deez nutz, these nuts, these nutz, dees nutz

Question: What a dog sext message might say
Answer: want a bone?, wanna bone, want to bone

Question: Something the devil is afraid of
Answer: public speaking

Question: CBS should air a TV show about lawyers who are also "BLANK"
Answer: dead

Question: A great thing to yell before jumping out of an airplane
Answer: Cannonball, cannon ball

Question: What you hope the Mars Rover finds
Answer: treasure

Question: A TMZ headline you really want to see
Answer: TMZ Files For Bankruptcy, TMZ Files Bankruptcy, TMZ goes bankrupt, TMZ is bankrupt, TMZ bankrupt

Question: Something that will get you thrown out of a Wendy's
Answer: Yelling here's the beef, saying here's the beef

Question: A rejected phrase for one of those Valentine heart candies
Answer: we all die alone, we die alone, you'll die alone, you will die alone

Question: Where missing socks go
Answer: heaven

Question: The first sign that you're old
Answer: pants up to your chest, you wear pants up to your chest, wear pants high, high pants, wearing high pants, you're wearing high pants, you're wearing your pants high, you're wearing your pants too high, pants pulled up too high, your pants are too high, your pants are pulled up too high, pants pulled too high, your pants are pulled too high up

Question: The name of a cocktail for hillbillies
Answer: Moonshine Manhattan

Question: Graffiti you might find in a kindergarten
Answer: naps suck, naps sux

Question: The worst thing to wear to your court trial
Answer: blood-splattered clothes, clothes with blood on them, bloody clothes

Question: A rejected crayon color
Answer: pee yellow

Question: An angry review you'd give this game (Quiplash)
Answer: Not as good as Word Spud, It's not Word Spud, it's no word spud, worse than word spud, its worse than word spud

Question: Bad advice for new graduates
Answer: Go to grad school

Question: The best way to tell if someone is dead
Answer: Ask them, just ask, ask

Question: A terrible talent to have for the Miss America Pageant
Answer: cheese sculpting

Question: The worst
Answer: Where should I put my gun?, Where do I put my gun?, do you like my gun?, like my gun?, is this gun okay?, is this gun ok?, is it okay if i have this gun?

Question: Tomorrow's news headline: Scientists Are Shocked to Discover That "BLANK"
Answer: Mars is made of meat, Mars is meat

Question: The worst material with which to make a snowman
Answer: poop, feces, shit, dung

Question: A terrible sportscaster catchphrase for when somebody dunks a basketball
Answer: He made a basket!

Question: The first thing a pig would say if it could talk
Answer: we taste really good, i taste good, i taste real good, i taste really good, we taste good, we taste real good, i taste great, we taste great

Question: A surprising job entry on Abraham Lincoln's resume
Answer: mime, a mime

Question: The worst shape for an animal cracker
Answer: dead possum, dead opossum, roadkill possum

Question: A weird thing to find in your grandparents' bedside table
Answer: condom, condoms

Question: The worst name for a big and tall store
Answer: Just Tarps

Question: Something you'd yell to heckle the performing dolphins at Sea World
Answer: blow my hole, blow this hole

Question: A new name for kumquats
Answer: jizzquats, sploogequats, jismquats

Question: The name of a shampoo for hippies
Answer: the grateful head, grateful head, the greatful head, greatful head, gratefull head, great full head, the great full head

Question: The real secret to living to age 100
Answer: Don't die, do not die

Question: What really happens if you tear off that mattress tag
Answer: nothing

Question: A bad first line for your presidential inauguration speech
Answer: hail satan

Question: A fun thing to do with a bowl of pudding
Answer: put it in your pants, put it in pants, put in pants, pour down pants, pour it down your pants, pour it down pants, pur it in your pants, pour it in pants, pour in your pants

Question: Another use for cooked spaghetti
Answer: baby wigs, baby hair, babies wigs, wigs for babies

Question: A weird physical way to greet someone
Answer: sniff their crotch

Question: The worst name for a tanning salon
Answer: Mel and Noma's, Mel-and-Noma's, Mel and Nomas, mel & nomas, e n nomas

Question: The worst word that can come before fart
Answer: Kardashian

Question: A bad substitute for a toothbrush
Answer: tampon, a tampon

Question: A trick you shouldn't teach your dog
Answer: to drive a car, drive your car, how to drive a car, driving a car, driving, how to drive

Question: Something you can only do in a Walmart if no one's looking
Answer: scooter races, scooter racing

Question: A name for a really cheap hotel
Answer: No Roof Inn

Question: The second thing said on the moon
Answer: Shut up Neil, Shut up Neal

Question: Why so serious?
Answer: gas prices

Question: A tourist attraction in Hell
Answer: Hitler's house, Hitler's home

Question: The worst name for a mountain
Answer: Mount Me, Mt. Me

Question: A thought that keeps Santa Claus awake at night
Answer: elf revolt, elf revolution, elf uprising, elf strike

Question: The best thing about being really dumb
Answer: entertained by jangling keys, entertained by shaking keys

Question: Come up with a name for a salad dressing by Lindsay Lohan
Answer: Frenchy Friday

Question: What they call pooping in the Land of Oz
Answer: making munchkins, making amunchkin, making munchkin, make a munchkin, make munchkins, munchkin-making

Question: A completely wrong way to spell Jennifer Aniston
Answer: Jennifer Aniston

Question: The worst way to remove pubic hair
Answer: duct tape

Question: You know you're really drunk when...
Answer: dubstep sounds good

Question: The best way to defeat terrorism is...
Answer: with a hug

Question: An animal Noah shouldn't have saved
Answer: mosquitoes, mosquito, mosquitos

Question: The biggest secret the government keeps
Answer: Abraham Lincoln is alive, Abraham Lincoln lives, lincoln is alive, lincoln lives, abe lincoln is alive, abe lincoln lives, abe lincoln's alive, abraham lincoln's alive, lincoln's alive, lincoln's still alive

Question: The password to the secret, high-society sex club down the street
Answer: password

Question: Another use for gravy
Answer: moisturizer, lotion

Question: The worst name for a rap artist
Answer: Eminem

Question: An angry internet comment on a pet store's website
Answer: fuck your hamsters, screw your hamsters

Question: A rejected shape for Marshmallow Peeps
Answer: Liam Neeson

Question: Something that should never be homemade
Answer: breast implants, fake boobs, fake breasts, boob implants

Question: The worst name for a funeral home
Answer: Coffins R Us, Coffins Are Us

Question: What Chewbacca has really been yelling all these years
Answer: I love you Han!, I love you han solo!, I love han!, i love han solo!

Question: An item on every pervert's grocery list
Answer: mayo, mayonnaise

Question: The worst car feature that ends with holder
Answer: soup, stew, soup holder, stew holder

Question: A Tweet from a caveman
Answer: mammoth good, mammoth taste good, mammoth is good, mammoth tastes good

Question: Knock, knock! Who's there? "BLANK"
Answer: Fuck you

Question: A great nickname for your armpit hair
Answer: Black Beauty

Question: Pick any city name and make it sound dirty
Answer: Boobapest, Boob-apest

Question: What you want your gravestone to read
Answer: YOLO

Question: A slogan to get everyone excited about corn
Answer: shuck yourself

Question: It never ends well when you mix "BLANK" and "BLANK"
Answer: firearms monkeys, guns monkeys, monkeys firearms, monkeys guns, firearms and monkeys, guns and monkeys, monkeys and firearms, monkeys and guns

Question: The best reason to go to Australia
Answer: meet Crocodile Dundee

Question: The beauty pageant no one wants to see: Miss "BLANK"
Answer: canker sore, chancre sore, canchre sore

Question: The perfect meal would be a "BLANK" stuffed in a "BLANK" stuffed in a "BLANK"
Answer: steak lobster pig, lobster steak pig, steak pig lobster, lobster pig steak, pig lobster steak, pig steak lobster

Question: What's black and white and red all over?
Answer: panda tampon, panda tampons

Question: A little-known fact about the Jolly Green Giant
Answer: three nipples, he has three nipples, has three nipples, 3 nipples, he has 3 nipples, has 3 nipples, extra nipple, has extra nipple, has an extra nipple, he has an extra nipple, third nipple, a third nipple, has a third nipple, he has a third nipple

Question: The worst thing to find growing on your neck
Answer: a second head, another head, second head, extra head, an extra head, a head, a different head

Question: USA! USA! America is still number one in...
Answer: fat people, fatties, obese people

Question: A good name for an elderly nudist colony
Answer: hanging gardens

Question: You should never "BLANK" and "BLANK" at the same time
Answer: eat poop, eat shit, poop eat, shit eat, eat and poop, eat and shit, poop and eat, poop and shit, crap eat, eat crap, eat and crap, crap and eat

Question: What is a tree thinking all day?
Answer: I've got wood

Question: What you call a baby sasquatch
Answer: sascute

Question: A good name for a sex robot
Answer: Mother

Question: A bad reason to call 911
Answer: out of tacos, you're out of tacos, i'm out of tacos, need tacos, i need tacos, you need tacos, you need some tacos, i need some tacos, need some tacos

Question: Name the next big sexually transmitted disease
Answer: scrotum termites

Question: The worst thing about Canada
Answer: canadian bacon

Question: A strange thing to keep as a pet
Answer: husband, husbands, a husband

Question: What kittens would say if they could talk
Answer: murder

Question: A sign you probably shouldn't put up in your yard
Answer: rob me

Question: What dogs think when they see people naked
Answer: Only two nipples?, just two nipples, only 2 nipples, just 2 nipples, so few nipples

Question: The sound a tree actually makes when it falls and no one is around to hear it
Answer: Fart!, fart

Question: The grossest thing you could find at the bottom of a swimming pool
Answer: bucket of diarrhea, a bucket of diarrhea, bucket of diarhea, bucket of diarrea, a bucket of diarhea, a bucket of diarrea

Question: What happens to circumcision skin
Answer: gets made into sweaters, gets made into a sweater, made into sweaters, made into a sweater

Question: The worst name for an SUV
Answer: the guzzler, guzler, gmc guzzler, chevy guzzler, ford guzzler

Question: A good use for toenail clippings
Answer: salad topping

Question: The title of the most boring porno ever
Answer: Girls of the IRS, IRS girls, IRS gone wild

Question: Something you shouldn't stuff with cheese
Answer: dead grandparent, dead grandfather, dead grandmother, a dead grandparent, a dead grandfather, a dead grandmother, your dead grandparent, your dead grandfather, your dead grandmother

Question: Something Godzilla does when he's drunk
Answer: calls Mothra, drunk dials Mothra, Mothra booty call, makes a Mothra booty call, booty calls Mothra

Question: Trash talk you would hear at a chess meet
Answer: suck my rook

Question: A kinky weird thing that does NOT happen in 50 Shades of Grey (as far as you know)
Answer: man diaper, adult diaper

Question: The best part about being Donald Trump
Answer: immortal, live forever, can't be killed, will live forever, being immortal, immortality, the immortality

Question: Tip: Never eat at a place called Kentucky Fried "BLANK"
Answer: testicles, gonads, balls, nuts

Question: Something overheard at the Last Supper
Answer: whose got cash, whose paying with cash, i lost my wallet, i don't have my wallet, who's got cash, who's paying with cash, can somebody spot me some cash

Question: The name of a species of dinosaur you wouldn't want to meet
Answer: Kardashiasaurus, Kardashiansaurus

Question: The worst way to fly: "BLANK" Airlines
Answer: Incontinental

Question: So... what was that movie "Birdman" about anyway?
Answer: no idea, i have no idea

Question: Little-known fact: Over the course of a lifetime, an average person accidentally eats ten "BLANK"
Answer: people

Question: A great pet name for a parasitic worm that lives in your ear
Answer: Wiggly, Wigley

Question: A prank the Supreme Court Justices probably play on each other
Answer: go commando, going commando, nude under robe, going nude under robe, nude under their robe, nude under their robes, going nude under their robes, going nude under their robe, going pantsless, pantsless, pantsless under robe, pantsless under robes, going pantless under their robes, going pantsless under their robe, no pants, no pants under robe, no pants under robes, no pants under their robes, no pants under robes

Question: A crazy thing to find during a colonoscopy
Answer: carrots, carrot

Question: A word that should be in the dictionary but isn't
Answer: dingleberry

Question: Advice: Never stick your tongue into "BLANK"
Answer: your own butt, your own ass, your butt, your ass

Question: The perfect name for a second head that sprouts on your shoulder
Answer: Me 2, Me too, me ii, me too

Question: Something a weatherman might yell if he completely snapped during the weather forecast
Answer: we're all going to die, we're all gonna die

Question: The worst advice a doctor could give
Answer: keep picking at it, keep picking it, pick at it harder, pick it harder

Question: Life hack! Lower your heating bills by...
Answer: burning furniture, burning your furniture

Question: The worst thing that could crawl out of your toilet
Answer: snake, python, cobra

Question: No one would guess this is where the treasure is buried
Answer: under the bank, under a bank

Question: What your dog thinks when he sees you naked
Answer: I'd hit that, I'd hump that, I'd hump him, I'd hump her, I'd fuck that, I'd fuck him, I'd fuck her

Question: How Garfield the cartoon cat will eventually die
Answer: cancer

Question: The worst pizza is "BLANK"-style pizza
Answer: New York

Question: What to do when your parachute fails
Answer: fall up

Question: Sleepwalking can be a problem but it's not as bad as sleep"BLANK"
Answer: moonwalking, sleep moonwalking

Question: A good name for a dog country singer
Answer: Collie Parton

Question: Little-known fact: the fourth Wise Man gave baby Jesus the worst gift of all: "BLANK"
Answer: shamwow, a sham-wow, a shamwow, sham-wow, a sham wow, sham wow

Question: A theme for a desk calendar that wouldn't sell very well
Answer: Dead Puppies

Question: A good name for a restaurant that serves animals with the faces still on them
Answer: Face Your Food

Question: This just in! A "BLANK" has won the election and will become the new governor of Texas.
Answer: Chicken Fried Steak, chicken-fried steak, country fried steak, country-fried steak

Question: The worst Halloween costume for a young child
Answer: Kim Jong-Un, Kim Jong Un, kim jung il, kim jung-il, kim jong-il, kim jong il, kim jung un, kim jung-un

Question: A lesser-known ingredient in most microwave pizza pockets
Answer: Salmonella

Question: A better name for the Washington Monument
Answer: The National Schlong, National Schlong, national shlong, the national shlong

Question: A terrible food truck would be one that goes around selling only "BLANK"
Answer: rocky mountain oysters

Question: The worst thing to overhear during your surgery
Answer: I'm so drunk, I'm drunk, I'm wasted, I'm so wasted

Question: A better name for dandruff
Answer: scalp frosting

Question: The liquid that would make for the worst salad dressing
Answer: Motor oil

Question: Paul Bunyan's replacement for Babe The Blue Ox when he dies
Answer: Gary The Green Porcupine

Question: Make up a word that means "to make up a word"
Answer: Dictomate

Question: The name of Jesus' 13th apostle
Answer: Ringo

Question: Something you don't want to find in your Christmas stocking
Answer: a human hand, human hand, a hand

Question: George W. Bush and Dick Cheney's rap duo name
Answer: GOPP, G.O.P.P.

Question: The most bitching thing you can airbrush on your van
Answer: Lincoln on a phoenix, lincoln riding a phoenix

Question: Something you probably shouldn't bring on a trip across the Sahara desert
Answer: space heater

Question: Something you'd love to smash with a wrecking ball
Answer: Miley Cyrus

Question: Life would be so much better if we all lived in "BLANK"
Answer: Snow globe, a snow globe, snow globes

Question: What deer would use for bait if they hunted hunters
Answer: porno, porn, pornography

Question: The best name for an obese rapper
Answer: Fat Shady, The Real Fat Shady

Question: If animals took over, an exhibit you'd see at the human zoo
Answer: Hipsters, the hipster exhibit, hipster exhibit

Question: A magazine that should never have a nude centerfold
Answer: Forbes

Question: Make up a word for the watery substances that come out of a ketchup bottle when you first squeeze it
Answer: preketchup, pre-ketchup

Question: A better name for the game Duck Duck Goose
Answer: Punch Punch Cry

Question: The worst children's board game would be "BLANK", "BLANK" Hippos
Answer: horny, horny horny, horny horny hippos

Question: The world's most boring video game
Answer: Quiplash, this one, this game, this video game, the one we're playing, this game right here

Question: The difference between Grade A beef and Grade B beef
Answer: fewer maggots, less maggots, not as many maggots

Question: Jesus's REAL last words
Answer: ouch

Question: On your wedding night, it would be horrible to find out that the person you married is "BLANK"
Answer: vegetarian

Question: A name for a brand of designer adult diapers
Answer: Abercrombie and Shits

Question: The name of a font nobody would ever use
Answer: Comic sans

Question: Something you shouldn't get your significant other for Valentine's Day
Answer: a scale, scale

Question: The name of a toilet paper specifically designed for the Queen of England
Answer: Buckingham Poolace, Buckingham Poo-lace

Question: A good sign that your house is haunted
Answer: bleeding walls

Question: The first sign that you're old
Answer: pants up to your chest, you wear pants up to your chest, wear pants high, high pants, wearing high pants, you're wearing high pants, you're wearing your pants high, you're wearing your pants too high, pants pulled up too high, your pants are too high, your pants are pulled up too high, pants pulled too high, your pants are pulled too high up

Question: A sign you probably shouldn't put up in your yard
Answer: rob me
Exe the HeroThis is amazing! Thanks! :)
Posted by Exe the Hero on 18 Oct 15 at 21:43
Tecstar70If you are answering the questions as listed but the achievement is not popping then check the setting for the Family-Friendly Filter in the settings on the main menu page. If it is switched On then switch it Off and the first "good" question/answer should pop the achievement as soon as the answers for that particular question are scored. This drove me nuts for ages!
Posted by Tecstar70 on 11 Apr 16 at 15:57
BigWiIIieStyIeTecstar70 thanks was on my third game and wasn't popping glad you left a comment about the filter.
Posted by BigWiIIieStyIe on 07 Dec 18 at 02:33
Lord Betus^^ same with the filter. Great shout. And incredible guide
Posted by Lord Betus on 01 Feb 20 at 03:22
OneSickKnaveQ - "Most annoying co-worker would constantly..."
A - Fart
Posted by OneSickKnave on 13 May at 21:38