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18 Oct 2015 24 Oct 2017
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Finishing the game in standard mode, couple of tips;

Unlike Survival mode you have endless lives but at a price. Each time you die you lose all your equipment including any hard earned weapons. HOWEVER Zombi offers you what i found to be 1! chance to get them back. If you die in an isolated area with few zombies if you go back to where you died there will be a zombie of your pass life. If you can kill this zombie (without explosives) you can loot it and retrieve all your gear.

I stated non explosive as I was unlucky enough to die in a crowd and thought i would chuck a grenade which caused my pass self to lose the ability to be looted. Effectively making me start the game again -_-.

Another aspect to be aware of is you will have to complete Zombi 3 times (-_-) the difficulties do not stack in anyway, so don't jump into survival without understanding the games dynamics.

Final piece of advice is MELEE. You don't get an abundance of ammo so save it for crowds or as a last resort. -minor spoiler- The armored zombies more or less can only die by melee anyways (or explosives) so don't just throw away ammo.
Cantona222I died at the last sequence and couldn't retrieve the USB drive +many doors and shortcuts got locked) Now I can't beat the game. This game is so glitchy.
Posted by Cantona222 on 01 Oct 20 at 11:44