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H3: ODST: Beat the par score on Tayari Plaza.

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20 Oct 2015 08 Mar 2018
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Did this on Heroic, with the Famine, Tilt, and Tough Luck skulls on.
Quick steady pace through the level, killed most enemies, ran past the hunters and finished.
Final score was 11,891/8,000 so plenty of room.

This alleviates the need to play on legendary which is unnecessary and may be problematic for some, and avoids the thunderstorm skull which is unnecessary here.

Here's one video for reference of a possible path, of par score on legendary:

(Courtesy of "Halo Completionist" on

And another video for a speed run path reference:

(Courtesy of "Nak3d Eli" on
ParadoxReal8Why 4 negatives? redface
Posted by ParadoxReal8 on 22 Nov 16 at 22:30
Gut gulperI have done all the par scores apart from this one. I just can't do it!
Posted by Gut gulper on 25 Jul 20 at 14:43
GR34TD3STR0Y3RWhy would not use Iron, its basicly a free skull. Just use quit scuming. Edit: yappari, with famine, tilt, and iron just got 14,000 first try. I would say swap out which tough luck or tilt for iron.
Posted by GR34TD3STR0Y3R on 24 Sep 20 at 10:08
HK ThaneThis is no longer possible with this strategy. I just did the mission on heroic with the 3 skulls mentioned, killed every enemy including hunter and didnt die. Got 6,135 points.
Posted by HK Thane on 16 Feb 21 at 00:41
iMaginaryy^ what was the time? Time matters as well
It was harder at first, then they made it require less points, so unless they changed it again super late idk. I'm guessing it just took too long? sometimes its best not to take the time to kill all the enemies. Hence the "quick, steady pace" Did you notice the points going down?
Posted by iMaginaryy on 16 Feb 21 at 13:33
Not The SelkieThe par time for this mission is only 3 minutes so you'll get really heavily punished if you spend lots of time killing enemies. I got 9k on heroic with the above 3 skulls, 1 death and skipping a lot of the enemies in the final area (including the hunters).
Posted by Not The Selkie on 07 Mar 21 at 04:39
xPenitenceGreat guide, I got 12.2k using the same modifiers.
Posted by xPenitence on 27 Nov 21 at 06:17