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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Wild Rose Dethorned

Defeat all the fallen knights and loot their campsites.

Wild Rose Dethorned0
4 guidesOffline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Collectable - These achievements are obtained by exploring the game environment to find a set of unique objects.
20 Oct 2015 11 Jan 2016
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UPDATE: 11th Jan 2016

The 1.12 patch should fix the issues with this achievement not unlocking for some gamers.

Patch 1.12 Changelog

Hearts of Stone

Fixes issue whereby achievement titled Wild Rose Dethorned could not be completed.

This solution has a short video of the achievement unlocking at the last bandit camp and video's of potentially missable enemies. The achievement glitched for me on my main game save and I tried on a new HoS and that glitched. I took inspiration from a comment by @Joueur455523401 on @Foxfire49 solution and tried again with success. The video's are from another play through on an secondary account, so I am confident this will work consistently as I have unlocked it twice using this method.

It took an about an 1 hour 5 minutes in total (one uninterrupted play through) to unlock White Rose Dethroned achievement using a new HoS save. At the start screen use an HoS save and choose "Just the story". Allocate point to signs and abilities as you prefer.

Got to the Notice boards at the Seven Cats and Brunwich so the markers are visible on the map. No need to carry out any missions or objectives, just clear the camps. Begin clearing out the first #1 to #8 camps identified by @Foxfire49 in the previous solution. The order doesn't seem to matter, I did it differently on each play through.

At each camp I tried to pull all the enemies close the red highlighted chest, then kill them, Thanks to @Joueur455523401. Scout around the perimeter to make sure you have them all. At one camp with distillation equipment there is an enemy near some bee hives on the perimeter wearing a silver mask make sure you pull him.

Also by the Kuetz castle there is an enemy on his own in a side building area by some cages, you can't pull him close to the chest so just kill him. I kill the enemy around the 5 minute mark in the video below.

Once the you have killed all the enemies at a camp ignore the red chest and looting the bodies, Thanks @Sephiroth oni. I found that looting everything at each camp left me overburdened and I had to drop items. Its possible that dropping items triggers the glitch. Go to another camp. When you reach the final camp and kill the final enemy the achievement will unlock. In the video you can see the camps I visited and markers are still white showing they are unlooted.

I died at one camp and reloaded, I glitched Geralt into FP view, then glitched him into mid air and still the achievement unlocked.

For completeness I have the full 1 hour 6 minute video unedited of the playthrough.

Many thanks to @Foxfire49 @Sephiroth oni @Joueur455523401
Loadme TacosI had played the HoS expansion originally on NG + and I did not get this achievement, then follow the tips here, so I started a new game only with the HoS, I went in the eight camps of bandits, killed them all without collecting anything and achievement unlocked . Thank you all. Qualified!
Posted by Loadme Tacos on 22 Oct 15 at 10:56
SparkronIt's still pretty buggy even on 1.11. I just tried this method after it didn't pop in my main game and still didn't get it. Will try it again later and see what happens.
Posted by Sparkron on 27 Oct 15 at 01:25
brydgesrI couldn't unlock it on my main game either. I tried a new HoS save playing normally fast travelling and looting chests etc and that didn't work . It was only when I made a new HoS and followed this method that it unlocked.

There was no mention of a fix in the 1.11 patch notes, so its obviously not straight forward to repair and we can't be sure exactly what are the requirements for the unlock. But there are gamers unlocking the achievement after the 1.11 patch, the recent winners confirms that.
Posted by brydgesr on 27 Oct 15 at 09:28
brydgesrFound this on the CDPR forums, no idea if its legit or an ETA pm a patch.

"I just asked Marcin Momot on Twitter if the future fix will retroactively grant the trophy if you already cleaned every bandit camp, and he confirmed that's the plan for that fix. Since that's my case, I'm not trying to get the trophy with a new playthrough, I'll just wait for the next patch."
Posted by brydgesr on 27 Oct 15 at 09:37
The Reverend JCJust managed to get this tricky little bugger to pop on my 4th attempt using the above method, with one or two alterations. 1st attempt - regular playthrough with existing save. Did everything, no joy. 2nd and 3rd attempts - exactly as above. 4th attempt - as above, but did loot only the red chest at each camp using "take all", and didn't use Axii at all (previously I would use it to stun shield bearers, instead I used firestream). I also didn't fast travel on attempts 2, 3 or 4. It's interesting that the achievement popped after killing my last knight and before I'd looted the chest at my final camp, but I still found it uncanny that I finally got it after making sure the other camps were "greyed out". On attempts 2 and 3 I used the order 1, 2, 3, 5, 4, 6, 7, 8 to reference Foxfire49's guide, but on attempt 4 I went 1, 2, 3, 5, 4, 8, 7, 6, and it's possibly telling that brydgesr's video shows the achievement unlocking at camp 6 also. I also didn't worry too much about killing knights near the centre of each camp, though I've no idea if it plays a part. The majority of the camps have 6 knights to look out for, with the exception of 2 (11 knights), 4 (4 knights) and 8 (~7 knights, may have been 6). I'm pretty sure on my first try some of them ran off after nekkers at camp 5, which may have been what messed me up in the first place, so make sure you kill all 6 there. Good luck all!
Posted by The Reverend JC on 27 Oct 15 at 20:00
I Ebon Hawk II started a new save and did exactly what the solution states. I went around all the camps and killed every enemy, but did not loot the chests. No achievement. I tried opening the red chests afterwards but it still didn't pop. :(
Posted by I Ebon Hawk I on 28 Oct 15 at 21:26
LostOrLimpThis is the method that worked for me, this being my third attempt. I also did the camps in a random order, opting to do the top row of ones first and work my way down. I was on camp # 7 and didn't even finish killing them all before it unlocked. Never looted anything either. Thanks very much!
Posted by LostOrLimp on 08 Nov 15 at 03:07
ScorchPSOFirst attempt failed.

Restarted Expansion Only, Just for Story and then I followed The Reverend JC's 4th Attempt guide. I did 1, 2, 3, 5, 4, 8, 7 and then ended on 6 not looting a single thing.

I think he is on to something about the nekkar camp, im pretty sure on my first playthrough I only killed 5 dudes in that camp and could not find a 6th, This time I found the 6th near nekkars, got him back to the camp and killed him.

Also, I can confirm enemies died from bleeding effects and some even got shot and killed by their friends arrows so it seems you dont have to be the one giving a finishing blow.

I didnt fast travel or die when going for this but I did make 1 or 2 saves mid-session. Seeing the achievement pop was satisfying as hell! Popped a few seconds after I killed the last guy in Camp 6.
Posted by ScorchPSO on 30 Dec 15 at 15:14
WessmonsterThis is still bugged to shit, the Bandit Camp at Kilkerinn Ruins simply won't clear for me.
Posted by Wessmonster on 01 Jun 16 at 01:11