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So close yet so far!

Escape the French army with Anna and Karl

So close yet so far!0
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22 Oct 2015
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Just because I was confused by this and no one posted a solution, I figured I would.

'So Close Yet So Far!' Its the last level of Chapter 3.

It seems story related since you have to pass it with getting away with Anna and Karl but here is the description...

"Escape the French army with Anna and Karl"

Its a car level so just escape the little tanks by dodging their bullets and throwing dynamites into their tanks. You can do this pressing back and just throw dynamites into their cars.

Now when the dude with the big tank comes you have to be slightly more careful. There will be road blocks and at points rush up front to where you are, so make sure you quickly go to the side. He also throws barrels when you are behind him. Whenever he opens the latch, just throw a dynamite in there. I believe it took 3 to knock him out.

I died once, so thats why its story related.