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Knock out Avery Bullock on the American Dad! Pinball table. (Single player only)

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22 Oct 2015 22 Oct 2015
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For this one, you need to use the upper flipper to hit the ball up the CIA ramp three times. Each hit will light up one letter. When they're all lit up, you'll then need to hit the ball into the holes in front of Bullock around 4 times (Bullock is the bald guy, for those unfamiliar with American Dad).

He'll pick it up and throw it back to you. After a few throws, he'll get tired and out of breath, and the achievement will unlock!

I recorded a video of my game when I unlocked it. I'm not the best at the game, but I still managed to unlock it in around 15 minutes. For the achievement, you can skip straight to 9 minutes, which is when I hit the CIA ramp for the first time.

SeapupThanks for the guide and entertaining video TehJofus. Made this achievement easy peasy. toast
Posted by Seapup on 23 Apr 17 at 01:02