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Whirlwind of Death

Perform fifty Multi-Finishers.

Whirlwind of Death0
2 guidesOffline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Cumulative + - These achievements are obtained by repeatedly performing the same action or set of actions over time.
24 Oct 2015 24 Oct 2015
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The best place I found to get this is during the fight club instances. You can unlock fight club by going to the Associates Activities icon on the map for Robert Topping. The icon should be on the upper left corner of the City of London section of the map.

As long as you are the same or higher level as the enemies you should be able to bring them down pretty easily. To perform a multi finisher you have to take at least two enemies health down to near death, they will be near death when their health bar is flashing and they will be stumbling around. Just get close to them to finish them off

Doing this you can pull off around 6-10 double kills during one activity. You can replay the same one over again until you get the achievement.
wetwork MGreat advice. Thanks!
Posted by wetwork M on 26 Oct 15 at 01:39
FUBLHave ran into this achievement being bugged. Stuck at 49/50. Unlocked the dual take down perk. Have done two fight clubs since then and it still will not pop
Posted by FUBL on 27 Oct 15 at 13:12
zuulONESame here.... It stucks at 48/49. ingame account is full and finished. But the achievement sucks.
Posted by zuulONE on 27 Oct 15 at 14:44
FUBLRebooting one did not fix, currently did the reinitilizing of profile but stuck at the main screen saying looking for additional content
Posted by FUBL on 27 Oct 15 at 17:24
zuulONEI have a same Problem like this with "without the grudge". This achievement stuck at 99%.
Posted by zuulONE on 27 Oct 15 at 20:40
iLukeee XD ZzI have the same problem too, stuck at 98% completion. Uninstalled and reinstalled the game, removed and redownloaded account and power cycled console still wont unlock.
Posted by iLukeee XD Zz on 27 Oct 15 at 23:09
Roose91I'm stuck on 98% too...
Posted by Roose91 on 28 Oct 15 at 02:06
zuulONEI have the Disc Version. A Friend has the digital Version, he unlocked the Achievement "Whirlwind of Death".
Waiting, if he can unlock the "Without the Grudge" too.
Posted by zuulONE on 28 Oct 15 at 08:02
Jacob4526I have the digital version as well and was able to unlock both of the achievements.
Posted by Jacob4526 on 28 Oct 15 at 14:21
Roose91Yeah its the disc version I have too, must be the issue. Mind you maybe 30 muktikills later it's now transitioned to "Done...Unlocking" alongside the Act One achievement so god knows what's going on with my game.
Posted by Roose91 on 29 Oct 15 at 03:01
ImaginaryRuinsMulti-kills do not need to be done within a combo. Also, my advice is not to mash the X button when fighting enemies, so that whether an enemy is near-death can be more easily observed.
Posted by ImaginaryRuins on 29 Oct 15 at 06:42
NeGo x MaTriXi have disc version and i unlocked in 5-2, after take police car i wait the cops attack me, i just take double kills and was done, i hope help.
Posted by NeGo x MaTriX on 30 Oct 15 at 11:44
LarkiasThis achievement was stuck at 98% for me too (I have the disc version).
The solution I found was to disconnect your xbox from the internet, then go into manage game and delete the save data for Syndicate (your save will still exist in the cloud, don't worry). I then played the game up until sequence 3, getting about 5-10 double kills along the way. Then I reconnected to XBL (while still in the game), then quit out of it. After reloading the game back up, the achievement unlocked. You'll then be able to resync the cloud save back to your Xbox.
This should probably work for any other glitched achievements you have as well. Just do the same steps, and play up until you've done whatever it is you need to do.
For eg, if Without A Grudge is stuck, drive around and destroy a couple hundred items, then go back online.
Posted by Larkias on 06 Nov 15 at 02:41
I Spiritus Ibah glitched for me too, only need 1 more :(
Posted by I Spiritus I on 09 Nov 15 at 21:44
I Spiritus IThis just unlocked for me by itself. If your having a glitch, give it a few days to see if it unlocks :).
Posted by I Spiritus I on 10 Nov 15 at 18:38
TheDude722unlocked today, no problem
Posted by TheDude722 on 11 Nov 15 at 01:51
Tha Real CuberThanks Larkias worked for whirlwind and destruction
Posted by Tha Real Cuber on 10 Feb 16 at 19:17
HannahBannerDid anyone have any problems with the most unsporting achievement? Mine unlocked then relocked after the game crashed. the progress tracker ( from the dashboard) says 100% complete but It say's locked! its so annoying as its the last acheivement I need!
Posted by HannahBanner on 30 Mar 16 at 15:55
HannahBannerThanks Larkias- i tried your solution and it fixed my problem! 100% complete! Great solution!
Posted by HannahBanner on 02 Apr 16 at 19:12
jacoozamine blocked at 90% angry
later i will try "larkias" solution

i just want to report that i unlocked it
simply playing the dlc "jack the ripper".
i don't know why,
but the counter that was blocked...
just restarted to work during the play of dlc
Posted by jacooza on 01 Jul 17 at 19:51
MONDAR JIBSI also had this issue, May 2020. After two days it just unlocked. It was stuck at 98% and I just noticed that it said it was unlocked on the 25th even though I know I saw it locked last night. Hopefully it’s that easy for everyone else.
Posted by MONDAR JIBS on 27 May at 10:24
Archaic AvidityI can confirm, whatever was blocking the multifinishers from being counted, was removed during the DLC. I was at 96% on my alt account, did 2 more multifinishers, and boom, cheevo unlocked. Same could be done for Without a Grudge, and likely Most Unsporting (though I was away when I heard it unlock, likely did the final countershot before I went away from my controller)
Posted by Archaic Avidity on 06 Jun at 19:32