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No Ticket

Kick fifty enemies off of trains.

No Ticket-0.1
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25 Oct 2015
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Just reeplay play sequence 1. When you Get to the train fights kick down 5guards, then restart last checkpoint before you reach the bridge.
Then you start where yor about to jump on the train 10-15 min Work
labtoyJust make sure to load after 5 guards, or you will hit the next checkpoint. Like I did.
Posted by labtoy on 25 Oct 15 at 08:27
mclaren518how to kick down ?
Posted by mclaren518 on 26 Oct 15 at 11:01
DeadGreg84works like a charm, just count to 5 as you will have to repeat the whole mission again
Posted by DeadGreg84 on 26 Oct 15 at 12:41
lll GAMBLER lllDoesnt work for me. My counter stays on 14%.
Posted by lll GAMBLER lll on 26 Oct 15 at 14:51
Captain Chao5You have to KICK them off the train. It took me many replays to get to 50 as I kept killing them without kicking off the train.
Posted by Captain Chao5 on 27 Oct 15 at 17:54
lll GAMBLER lllI push only the A Button. They get low on health and then evie kick these Guys from the Train but the counter still says14%
Posted by lll GAMBLER lll on 28 Oct 15 at 15:09
S4WOne tip I can add though is to make sure you attack with "A" first then button mash "X" and he should do a head butt first then kick them off, works everytime for me so far and I'm at 93% as we speak.
Posted by S4W on 28 Oct 15 at 15:34
lll GAMBLER lllThx worked like a charm
Posted by lll GAMBLER lll on 29 Oct 15 at 13:17
De Beast 66666Worked perfectly for me, Thanks!
Posted by De Beast 66666 on 29 Oct 15 at 18:21
disturbedone47I'm pretty sure I'm doing it right have kicked around maybe 30 guys off trains and still stuck at 40 % and not going up
Posted by disturbedone47 on 01 Nov 15 at 01:26
MR2TURBOMine is stuck also at 96% I dont know what to do
Posted by MR2TURBO on 07 Nov 15 at 05:48
DritnulFor people just starting the game you will fight few enemies on trains after act 1 so grinding this out early won't be a waste of time.
Posted by Dritnul on 09 Dec 15 at 23:22
Ashen SeraphFYI, you also get credit for kicking enemies off the parked trains just after sabotaging the factory. I was on top of the coal cars when getting credit.
Posted by Ashen Seraph on 30 Dec 15 at 18:27
Mal RennI discovered a faster way to get this achievement. In sequence 1, before you open the the big door, there are several blighters (about 10 or so) in a train yard with two parked trains. Since it counts if you kick the enemy off a parked train, you can just lure the blighters to the parked trains and kick them off.
Posted by Mal Renn on 08 Jan 16 at 06:32
AussieBigfootPersonally, where I've boosted this, is on sequence 5 - 'end of the line', plenty of enemies and stationary trains!
Posted by AussieBigfoot on 02 Apr 16 at 06:17
xWild YakWorked perfectly for me. I just kept my camera facing the direction the train was travelling in and looked at the minimap to see when an enemy was close to begin attacking. I managed 5-10 enemies this way and reloaded when the metal train bridge came into view.
Posted by xWild Yak on 07 Feb 17 at 19:21
Stan2bauZWell mine is stuck and glitched out... sadly. It got stuck on 98%... and won't get to 100. I already kicked like 100 more of off the trains... and nothing works. Also did the hard reset on my console, so I guess it's stuck forever. It's been stuck like 3 days now... Anyone knows something about this glitch?
Posted by Stan2bauZ on 21 Mar 17 at 23:56
JuSuCriFor me this is bugged. The stat is blocked to 98%.
Posted by JuSuCri on 20 May 17 at 18:37
Firstmate FizzNegative vote. You give a good place to get the solution but you fail to say how to get it
Posted by Firstmate Fizz on 11 Nov 17 at 20:00
pradDIABLOSilly question here.. How to restart a checkpoint? Didn't see any option to restart a checkpoint. I think the restart option in menu restarts the whole level, right?
Posted by pradDIABLO on 17 Apr 18 at 17:31
TheOnlyMattorestart option starts u back at checkpoint or beginning of the level if there is no checkpoint reached. ty for the info
Posted by TheOnlyMatto on 27 Apr 18 at 02:20
gazhibsHave to be so careful not to go into the cutscene, and then it's a bloody long trek to back through the mission
Posted by gazhibs on 04 May 18 at 10:47
TheUnknown285The achievement evidently only includes kicking off, not kneeing off. To get the characters to kick off, hold RT and hit X repeatedly. It probably helps to have weak weapons so you don't just deliver a coup de grace instead of kicking them off.
Posted by TheUnknown285 on 19 Sep 18 at 13:01
HieronimusI found it much easier to do what AussieBigfoot said and do it on Sequence 5 "End of the Line". You can start kicking enemies off trains almost immediately without having to do the long beginning of sequence 1 and without the danger of messing up the checkpoints.
Posted by Hieronimus on 22 Oct 18 at 10:44
GrogsThis is pissing me off. I just ens up knowing everyone.
Posted by Grogs on 18 Jul 19 at 04:16
Posted by Grogs on 18 Jul 19 at 04:17
thanatos8285In case anyone is in the same position as I was, my tracker froze at 98% (which means I just needed 1 more). I replayed 2:1 and 5:2 5-10 times each and did enough train heists to completely max out Ned Wynert's loyalty without it popping. Tried every trick I could that got the other frozen achievements to unfreeze (which was mainly deleting my local save and reloading from the cloud, and starting Jack the Ripper), but it stayed frozen. I went offline, deleted my local save, started a brand new game, went back online once it was underway, and toward the end of the first mission when Jacob is escaping on the train, the achievement popped with the first guy I kicked off the train. I can't say exactly which of those steps was necessary and which did nothing, but if anyone is stuck like I was, give that a try. I made sure that was my very last achievement though just in case I lost progress on any in-progress achievements.
Posted by thanatos8285 on 06 Mar at 15:36
Mrs x TomahawkFor the people that end up only knifing them:

Don’t use B and then X, If you’re a high level you will instant kill them.

If they are blocking use A when they ain’t blocking hit X when the health bar is blinking move them to the side of the train and then press X again, this way Jacob will kick them off.
Posted by Mrs x Tomahawk on 11 Apr at 14:43
MrNoLuckFoxThe most aggravating thing is accidentally waiting to long to reload checkpoint. fml
Posted by MrNoLuckFox on 11 May at 16:11
khrys07azevedoUma coisa irritante é conquistas bugada
Posted by khrys07azevedo on 15 May at 19:27
Brutal GutsI think this achievement is broken. Stuck at 98% (one kick shy) I have been doing memory 1 and memory 5 as per suggestions. For achievement stuck advice I did do. And came back, NADA and once more I seen 1 BLIGHTER? Or Templar? In 1 train in the dlc and I thought they seen me so went to attack, ended up somehow just assassinating but regardless it is STILL NOT POPPING UP. Is there any more advice in being 1 shy I have done this and repeating for hours trust me it's stuck
Posted by Brutal Guts on 04 Jun at 23:15