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I Thought I'd Lost You

Escape the Hunters in the lab and fight them in the hangar in Blue Team.

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25 Oct 2015 27 Oct 2015
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Mission 2: Blue Team
Difficulty: Easy

Continue playing the level until you reach the two hunters in the laboratory, instead of killing them use the pipes to sneak to the back of the room. Open the hatch and jump down. Now proceed through the level until the very end and after killing the 2 hunters, an additional two hunters will spawn (from the area before). As soon as the 2nd pair of hunters spawn the achievement will unlock.
Rich V90Just to note, I was pretty quick to jump down the vent but the other spartans managed to kill one of them (I assume) as they didn't spawn at the end.

Probably best to tell the others to wait at the back or something.
Posted by Rich V90 on 26 Oct 15 at 15:30
HolyHalfDeadThe achievement description says to do this in Blue Team, but it would be helpful to state that this is Mission 2.
Posted by HolyHalfDead on 27 Oct 15 at 04:54
the games mastaI highly recommended you don't attempt this on your solo legendary play through, like I did, as it makes the fight in the hanger so much harder!
Posted by the games masta on 31 Oct 15 at 11:27
NewbieKenobiDid this one on Legendary co-op, really easy. At the end in the hangar we took out all the enemies in the hangar and collected ammo and heavy weapons. There is a SAW, a rocket launcher, a rail gun and a bunch of fuel rod guns. Three players then hung back in the room from which you enter the hangar. One player ran to th far end of the hangar and startad up the Prowler, then dashed back to the rest of the team. Then we took up defensive positions in the room and just picked enemies of nice and easy. Enter the first pair of hunters, took them out, the second pair arrive and achievement pop. The whole fight from we got of the elevator in the lab with the first hunter encounter to finish was about 8-10 minutes.
Posted by NewbieKenobi on 03 Nov 15 at 13:15
SergeantMajorAJSolo legendary is possible. Just did it. My recommendation is to hold on to the hydra launcher that you get a bit earlier (bit of a hassle but worth it). Soon as you drop down before you leave the big doors have someone pick up the saw, then use their wep (mine happen to end up a pistol which is helpful) then use the smg (more accurate when zoomed if you didn't know) and the pistol to pick off the enemies. I did use a few rounds of the hydra launcher to pick off elites. Soon as everything is dead juggle all your weps that you plan on using for the fight to the front (you have plenty of time). As soon as you are ready flip the switch and get ready for the fight. Pick off the jackals first (don't worry they will rush you) then grunts then the elites. STAY BY THE SWITCH (that level is fine but near the window at least). There is another saw right behind the switch and a dmr/ battle riffle chest on the opposite end. Wait for the hunters till the very last thing then use your power weps to take them out. There are at least 2 more hydra launchers and a railgun located around the room.

P.S. Pick up the rocket launcher from the banshee section and fill it up you won't have to use it until this room. I found this to be easier then taking on the hunters in that room on normal.
Posted by SergeantMajorAJ on 11 Nov 15 at 20:02
x i Am Le9end xlol i did it single player on legendary and i must have died 25 times before i finished the mission do this achievement on easy please !
Posted by x i Am Le9end x on 29 Jun 16 at 01:29
HEATH 10Worked great on easy. Thanks!
Posted by HEATH 10 on 04 Feb 18 at 20:33