Dust: An Elysian Tail Review by togethawiistand

29 Oct 2015 31 Oct 2015
4 5 0
What seemed at first like the cliché story of a guy who looses his memory and eventually recovers it only to find out he was a disgusting bad person, thankfully turned out to be more than just that.

Dust is an interesting side-scrolling adventure with some RPG elements. Its dialogues have a nice sense of humor and will surely make most people laugh every here and there. The story also has an emotional appeal that makes it sad and cheerful at the same time. The graphics and the playability are those you can expect from a good arcade title.

Achievement wise, Dust is a game with balanced achievements that don't require ridicule grinding such as reaching a specific high level or to collect all of certain items scattered in the world and that sort of crap. For instance, there's an easter egg achievement for finding and freeing characters from other notable arcade games, and you will find enough keys around to do that without having to find them all.

Also, there are 3 mildly challenging achievements: The Stuff of Legends (to earn 4 stars on each of the six trial courses), That's More Like It (to reach a 1000 hit combo, which you MIGHT have to repeat later for a specific quest if you unlock it earlier in the story) and Above and Beyond the Call (to complete the game on tough difficulty). But honestly, all of them are very doable. The trials require a little getting used to as well as the 1000 hit combo, which you won't have to keep repeating in the game after you're done with that achievement. Playing on Tough difficulty seems a little too hard at the beginning, but if you are smart when spending your money and upgrading you'll have a powerful enough hero to pull it off.

Overall, Dust is a good game which I personally would give 3.5 to 4 stars considering some of its elements that stand above the average good.

I'm glad I've played it. It might be one of the last ones I complete on the 360.