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Shoot 10 enemies off zip lines.

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30 Oct 2015
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Please read the other solution if you're unclear of something.

NOTE: If the enemies were killed on this tower at any point in the game, you cannot do this method

1) Fast travel to Helicopter Hill
2) Connect the rope to the tower shown in the video.
3) Now use the zipline and go up to the tower with 2 enemies.
4) Immediately ride the zipline down.
5) Hide behind the small structure and wait for them to come down the zipline. (They won't come if you are visible. You must be hidden from them.)
6) Equip your bow and draw back on it all the way. Press cn_LB to slow down time, if you are having trouble. Only go for headshots! This is very important.

This achievement is really glitchy and it took me well over 50 kills to get. Once I realized nothing else was working, I used my bow, pulled back all the way on it, used cn_LB and went for headshots. Sure enough, after my 4th headshot, the achievement unlocked. Getting 10 headshots still might not unlock the achievement. Instead, go for 20 headshots before completely giving up on this method.

If the bow doesn't work, I've heard of people using a shotgun instead. This is more trickier to do though, as you need to time your shot almost perfectly.

Also, make sure that the enemies die while on the zipline. They will die, and it will look like they are floating in the air. This is also how you do the multiplayer achievement for killing an enemy on a zipline. It must be done while they are on the zipline, meaning headshot.

If neither of these methods work, try shooting the enemy once with a pistol then go for a headshot. Good luck :) Video credit by me.

Dajko84I had trouble with bow headshots, but with pistol it was easy to get headshot for me.
Posted by Dajko84 on 29 Aug 16 at 21:44
Zarda1An alternative location for this would be the next basecamp - windmill. If you go to the gap where the windmill blades are spinning and jump across away from the camp you'll see a zip line overhead. Move forward and climb the tower the zipline is attached to. There should be three enemies. Go down the zip line jump across the gap with the blades again go left and scramble up the walk there, drawing your bow immediately. All three will take the zip line as long as they can't hit you.
Posted by Zarda1 on 10 Apr 17 at 13:15
OperativeEmeralThanks for posting a link to this video.
Posted by OperativeEmeral on 10 Jun 17 at 13:55
YOOPER 906No problem. I'm glad it could help smile
Posted by YOOPER 906 on 10 Jun 17 at 23:37
Can this be done in multiplayer?
Posted on 18 Mar 18 at 15:02
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YOOPER 906Got some real nasty people on this site lmao. It's sad that people forgot how to talk to people with respect. They spend too much time on the internet and forgot what reality is.
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