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Born Adventurer

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Born Adventurer+0.7
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02 Nov 2015
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This achievement is earned by playing through the Toy Hub.

Once you have unlocked each of the five terrains and completed the initial quests that each sidekick tasks you with, a door will be unlocked. Each door consists of a variety of mini-games for you to play. To unlock this achievement you need to simply load up each mini-game and quit out as you are not required to complete every available mini-game to earn this achievement.

Feel free to leave a comment if there is anything that I can do to make this solution better.
YOOPER 906Something happened when I was going to the 2nd part of the Castle world and my character glitched off the rail and fell to their death. Once I spawned, I just figured it was the game being stupid so I went back up to go over it again but the rail wasn't there and the 2nd world disappeared. I have no idea how to make it reappear. I've tried restarting the world, doing all the steps I took to get the 2nd part to spawn, and nothing has worked. When I restart the world, all it does is bring me back into this glitched one, is there any way to completely start over?
Posted by YOOPER 906 on 09 Nov 15 at 20:08
bigeasy97Are you referring to the section of the toy hub where you are tasked with completing a platforming section within the castle/fortress that is within a tree-line or the Disney castle that is past the movie theater?
Posted by bigeasy97 on 09 Nov 15 at 20:23
YOOPER 906The platforming section within the castle/fortress I believe.
Posted by YOOPER 906 on 09 Nov 15 at 22:11
bigeasy97Since this is not an issue that I have come across myself here are my three suggestions in which may be successful:
1. Attempt to delete your cloud save (not sure if the Win 10 has that option but I know it worked resolving a glitch for me on Disney 2.0 for the Xbox One)
2. Attempt to uninstall and than reinstall the game to see if that helps correct the problem.
3. If all else fails I would suggest contacting Disney Interactive about the issue, they tend to be helpful when there games have issues.

Since this is a new issue, once you discover a solution let me know what you did to fix this issue and I will add it to this achievement solution. I apologize for not being able to help you out further with this issue.
Posted by bigeasy97 on 09 Nov 15 at 22:29
YOOPER 906Alright, thanks.
Posted by YOOPER 906 on 09 Nov 15 at 22:36
BloodDiamond174I have played through all Adventures and no achievement. Anyone have the same Problem? It is stuck at 80% and in the Feats is all done....i have read, that you can try to replay one of the Sidekick-Missions (Green Door), but the achievement still didn´t Pop for me
Posted by BloodDiamond174 on 30 May 16 at 17:02
JuicyjamsMy progress bar shows I haven't done any, and Ive actually been doing them... I hope I'm doing the right doors, the glowy ones right? They have like 5-10 things you can do in each... Man I hope this isn't broke.
Posted by Juicyjams on 26 Jun 16 at 16:21
JuicyjamsOk I did each adventure, literally playing through and nothing. Same for the tutorial one, no progress. Once I finish the 75 quest things I will resart for good measure but I'm pretty sure these are broken now.
Posted by Juicyjams on 27 Jun 16 at 00:46
bigeasy97Well Disney is in the process of shutting down their gaming studios so unfortunately this game may be neglected currently
Posted by bigeasy97 on 27 Jun 16 at 01:32
speedygamers90Does this mean achievements may be offline soon so we can't get them?
Posted by speedygamers90 on 26 Jul 16 at 14:02
WestsideSxE100% - going to be fun figuring out how to coax this one haha
Posted by WestsideSxE on 08 Aug 16 at 17:28
MtldI had the same bug as PiCkLE SQU1D... Any clue?!
Posted by Mtld on 07 Sep 16 at 02:14