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Attained Gold on all Comic Missions.

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14 Jan 2009
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Attain gold on all comic missions.
All the missions but the ones in mephisto's Realm and the Hellicarrier have a part with infinite enemies. Look at how many points you need to attain gold and don't defeat the boss until you already have that many points.

S.H.I.E.L.D. - 6 pods that constantly generate guys until you destray the consols. Don't destroy all of the consols.

Murderworld - The bumper car part.

Asgard - The whole damn mission until you get to the boss.

For the others, wear an outfit that boosts atatack and defense and max those out. Also, upgrade and assign good special attacks and buffs. If you can kill all the enemies (including when they respawn sometimes) as fast as possible, you should be able to get your time bonus to elevate your score to the gold standard.
Chino SkeletonCan this be done in the easy difficulty???
Posted by Chino Skeleton on 02 Jun 09 at 19:05
Posted by Thestas1 on 05 Jun 09 at 13:46
SpazpolHellicarrier has a re-spawn point. In the 4th room (the room you can see from room 1) if you kill the enemies and go back to room 3, they will re-spawn again. Making the 2 areas with no respawn Mephisto and Skrull.
Posted by Spazpol on 04 Jul 09 at 22:52
Chino SkeletonIn Mephisto Realm there's a respawn at the first Fire Giant, but I still don't get Gold for Dr. Strange, Ghost Rider and Iceman ... which outfit you recommend for those missions?
Posted by Chino Skeleton on 13 Jul 09 at 17:30
Thestas1Well, I was referring to infinite respawning. With those characters, I had to use them in the game long enough to max out their defense and strength. Then I increased their abilities for boosting, extreme, and radial so I can be the most effective in a short amount of time. I sold the game after I achieved out or I'd tell you exactly. Sorry
Posted by Thestas1 on 14 Jul 09 at 14:21
Chino SkeletonI achieved it, YAY, with Dr. Strange (Ultimate) - Black Magic power maximized, Ghost Rider (Vengance) - Ravagin Flame power maximized and Iceman (Spiky) - Polar Explosion maximized, with all Defense of each character maximized as well and on Easy, also what I did was kill the first Fire Giant three times, the first encounter, then when you reached the begining of the bridge return to kill the Giant again and the last time after crossing the bridge, I return for another kill and another sword, also keep in mind of using the sword of the second Giant to slash the Mission Boss (Misterio or Baron Mordo)
Posted by Chino Skeleton on 21 Jul 09 at 16:02
MLC2074If you still need help SJ, the one between Thing and Dr. Strange is Black Panther. To get his simulator disc, you need to collect 5 Black Panther action figures in the game. Daredevil is the one between Mr. Fantastic and Crimson Dynamo. Need to collect his 5 action figures, as well.
Posted by MLC2074 on 14 Jan 10 at 17:02
MakkerJust to clarify for others.

You don't have to complete all of the SIM mission objectives in order to get a Gold. An example of this is Wolverine's SIM mission where there is an objective for protecting 8 power cores. You can Ignore this and get your Gold simply by obtaining 30,000 points just from killing enemies.

For the Iceman SIM mission (regarded as one of the harder ones) I used the Spikey costume fully upgraded (minus the XP bonus) and Iceman's Gear that boosts his Polar Explosion power. I kept finding the Leapers were a massive pain in the ass but repeated blasts from Polar Explosion would damage several of them at once and keep them away from me. Keep Frosty Aura going at all times.
I returned to fight the Fire Giant near the start 4 times (he respawns about once a minute) for the extra points but speed is your ally here. Dunno how long it took me to beat Mysterio but I had 13:09 on the clock when I finished and scraped through with something like 20040 points for my gold.
Posted by Makker on 05 Jan 11 at 17:52
DJAnarchy420ok im seeing how to beat it, but how do i ubtain all the missions since i cant back track and gotta start all over and cant seem to find a walkthrough that can show me were it all is, messege me if uk what will help me
Posted by DJAnarchy420 on 23 Jul 12 at 13:37
Thestas1EMO DJ ANARCHY, try this:
Posted by Thestas1 on 23 Jul 12 at 19:42
The SCHWARTZ 00The Skrull map does have a few rooms where enemies respawn, but not infinitely. It's best to make sure you memorize each room that has the finite respawns and take advantage of them. Especially at the very end, right before you enter the door to fight the boss of that mission, about 6 or 8 Galactic Punishers will spawn there, try throwing them off the side of the map to make it go by faster.
Posted by The SCHWARTZ 00 on 17 Jun 16 at 01:11
BMT619Actually in the Heli, the fourth room you are able to respawn enemies simply by walking to the locker room and then going back into that big room.
Posted by BMT619 on 21 Feb 20 at 04:31