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Worms Don't Surf

Knock two Hunters into the ocean during the Battle of Sunaion.

Worms Don't Surf0
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03 Nov 2015 16 Jan 2016
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Worms don't surf. Sounds so simple, doesn't it? Let two stupid hunters leap off the ledge. Well you couldn't be wronger.

Thanks to 343 tinkering with the AI, the formerly most powerful infantry in the Halo universe now RUN AWAY from you when you're attacking them. Maybe they're afraid you'll do what you did in halo 4? Maybe they didn't really like exploring the floor, maybe they simply just don't like the water.

Anyway, you're stuck. The AI retreat and you really want this achievement. Maybe you have a buddy with you but you're grinding away only ever able to get one down.

Well, I have a solution for you. Tough Luck Skull.

I'm not kidding here folks. TL makes the enemy refuse to retreat in combat, your Hunters will have no cooldown on their melee swipes and will charge at you like the good ol' days of yonder past.

Put it on, come near a hunter and lure him to the edge, either with your buddy or just use your hover near the edge of a ramp so the hunters will lunge off the edge while you're jetting. You'll find the hunters happily suiciding within the first move or two.

Shouldn't take you more than 10-15 minutes using any of the previous methods as long as tough luck is on. Just remember to make sure to save your last checkpoint before you begin in case your AI decide to ignore instructions and attack the Hunters too. Good luck and Happy hunting.
S00 CRATESTremendously helpful. Thanks.
Posted by S00 CRATES on 04 Nov 15 at 05:11
Daemonic NZworks 100% confirmed first hand account with this gamer great solution
Posted by Daemonic NZ on 05 Nov 15 at 08:19
TopherXPwnsThis tip is a life saver. I was ready to pull my hair out without the skull.
Posted by TopherXPwns on 05 Nov 15 at 09:28
SighrisLong winded guide to just say use tough luck skull, but it helped a lot so you get my upvote.
Posted by Sighris on 05 Nov 15 at 15:43
count023I felt like it wasn't really a guide if I just wrote "use tough luck skull", heh. Hence why it's longer.
Posted by count023 on 05 Nov 15 at 21:28
JehugasmThis definitely helped for me.
Posted by Jehugasm on 09 Nov 15 at 22:05
ChunkzUnlimitedthis guide is great once i got the timing of my dashes right didn't take long at all
Posted by ChunkzUnlimited on 10 Nov 15 at 13:19
CR4SHED"Save last checkpoint" just in case your teammates kill a hunter!
Posted by CR4SHED on 11 Nov 15 at 06:10
AirNathChanged vote,Tough Luck skull helped get it,thx.
Posted by AirNath on 26 Nov 15 at 17:34
A Ghost 0f OnyxJust got this. As an extra note: You can still get this if the second enraged hunter falls with you.
Posted by A Ghost 0f Onyx on 26 Nov 15 at 23:08
FeedMeHumansThis made it about 10,000 times easier. Thanks! toast
Posted by FeedMeHumans on 03 Jan 16 at 00:54
EaseAndInspireLour and wronger aren't words lol, nice solution though. +1
Posted by EaseAndInspire on 16 Jan 16 at 15:41
adraedinDefinitely turn on the Tough Luck skull & set it to Easy.
Here's the trick: So you're at the ledge and the hunter starts to swing...
DO NOT try to jump around/over the hunter while he attacks - he will more than likely turn towards you (and solid ground). Instead, jump up and back slightly, then hit LT to hover. There is no solid ground beneath you now and the hunter follows through. Wait as long as LT allows before dashing back to land - you should see the hunter go down while you hover. EZPZ.
Posted by adraedin on 22 Jan 16 at 05:27
spammerstrikerBy far the hardest achievement in this game. Last one I need and cant do it even with the tough luck skull. Even on easy they kill you pretty fast. I knock one down then the other one kills me or my mentally ill AI buddies kill him. Truly a sadistic achievement.
Posted by spammerstriker on 31 Jan 16 at 20:09
count023If you're having difficulty, use a co op buddy, they'll let you respawn as many times as you have to to get the achievement.
Posted by count023 on 01 Feb 16 at 00:04
TMONEYRKO619Tough luck skull really helps, still a pain in the ass to get. Tricked the first hunter easily but the second one ended up falling along with me but surprisingly the achievement still unlocked.
Posted by TMONEYRKO619 on 19 Mar 16 at 19:23
Robster80Worst. Achievement. EVER! Thanks for the tip, after so many tires solo, I finally got the achievement but it was a NIGHTMARE getting it - the other Spartans kept coming back no matter how many times I sent them to a far-off location, and the control configuration just STINKS!
Posted by Robster80 on 04 May 16 at 15:24
OverChunk143877Got it within 5 minutes with no skulls... just hovered in front and above them (as high as possible) and they did their swing. Either I was lucky or they couldn't shoot me this way.
Posted by OverChunk143877 on 04 Jul 16 at 09:04
r3volv3r789Just got this yesterday but needed to do it in 4 person coop. makes it much easier when all 4 players can lure baddies to the edge. Not sure if it is worth adding to the solution BUT on the right side of the ramp leading up to the platform where the hunters are there is a pillar you can hide behind right next to the edge. As the hunter tries to swing at you he will fall off.
Posted by r3volv3r789 on 09 Jul 16 at 15:05
kinoo1Basically screw this achievement in its stinking rotten bum with 12 baseball bats...

However I just noticed something that might help: the 2nd Hunter won't rage if it doesn't see his "brother" die. I had 3 instances when the Hunter fell and the other one must have been back or behind the pillar because it didn't rage. That's how I got it in the end.
Posted by kinoo1 on 31 Jul 16 at 20:53
KennyannydennyThank god, just like some above me I fell into the water together with the second hunter. Still got the achievo smile
Posted by Kennyannydenny on 19 Sep 16 at 15:18
HeraizenMakes this achievement super easy, after 5 failed attempts without the Skull, we managed to get it with the Skull on our first attempt and in less than 5 minutes.
Posted by Heraizen on 22 Sep 16 at 12:31
vexer6Another way to make this easier is to kill your teammates after the hunters spawn so they don't get in your way.
Posted by vexer6 on 30 Nov 16 at 03:55
Eric FiltroDid it without Tough Luck. I can confirm that, once you are done with the first one, if you make the second one jump off and you die too, you still get the ach.
Posted by Eric Filtro on 11 Apr 17 at 05:06
Kung Fu RikiNot Sure if this was said already but when in solo campaign, you can more easily knock your teammates off the edge with a ground pound. This will get them out of the way so they don't kill the hunters.
Posted by Kung Fu Riki on 24 Jun 17 at 14:17
SplashFalcon"make sure to save your last checkpoint" So I am going back and trying to finish some achievements (including this one) and I want to save a particular checkpoint to come back to later and play for achievement. In the past, I was able to do so... now I can't figure out how to save a particular point in the game. The last checkpoint will reload but when I leave the game I have to start the mission over again. I used to have 3 save slots and now they are all old saves but I can't replace them with new saves. Thoughts?
Posted by SplashFalcon on 27 Aug 17 at 18:31
count023Are you running iron man skull? that'll trigger a checkpoint to only be for start of level
Posted by count023 on 15 Oct 17 at 21:47
IMKevin117All the jokes and extra stuff was not necessary. Funny, sure, but I'm trying to get straight to the point of what I need to do and how to do it. Thanks for the solution but next time, keep it straight to the point please.
Posted by IMKevin117 on 25 Jun 18 at 06:45
LepraSaun@SplashFalcon turn off Score Attack. I had the same problem.
Posted by LepraSaun on 28 Aug 18 at 11:46
DarkSam644Omg could some kind person help me with this please? I've tried it solo, and coop, just cannot do it! Would be very grateful!
Posted by DarkSam644 on 28 Mar at 21:36
zZombieCatThe skull made it way easier, I did this with time attack off and fell with the last hunter as most have said no issues it popped
Posted by zZombieCat on 03 Jun at 19:53
H3rmitardFound a quick way to do it was to get one hunter to follow you slightly down one of the ramps, then stand as close as you can to him on the platform where they spawn (imagine a triangle from the corner of where the ramp and platform meet) and they'll try and swing at you, not realising what triangles are and fall in as they leap at you over the edge.

I also found that the second hunter won't go green and electricy if he doesn't see the first hunter die. If you do it quick enough he won't see the first hunter and make tricking him off a lot easier
Posted by H3rmitard on 30 Jul at 09:56