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03 Nov 2015
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Hey everybody!

Putting this as a solution on three different achievements so more people will see this and breathe easily after realizing that there is a way out of 50-100 hours grind.

My fellow achievement pirates, read carefully the order of things :

1. Go to your phone, settings > date & time > put automatic date & time to OFF.
2. Start moving the calendar day ahead.
3. Press Windows button ( the one that brings you to the main phone screen ).
4. Start Monster Go!
5. The window with 500 coins will pop, press Collect.
6. Press and hold Back button (shows you all opened windows ).
7. Close Settings tab ( it will confuse you ) by pressing X on top of it.

~~~Attention : this is not Date & Time tab! You have to see only 2 tabs - game and date & time!

8. Choose Date & Time tab, move calendar a day ahead.
9. Press and hold Back button again, choose game's window.
10. Press back twice ( don't hurry ), and the window with 500 coins will pop again, collect them.

~~~Attention : sometimes the game will stuck ( the screen will be dimmed ), in that case just close the game with X and restart it.

11. Rinse and repeat again and again.

~~~Attention : don't forget to change months and eventually, years.

I am doing this on Lumia 920 and I realize that there are better and worse phones out there, but the time frame has to be more or less the same.

Don't forget!!! Before you will try to buy something, exit the game, return Date & Time to automatic, and restart the game, just to be sure that nothing will get messed up.

To calculations now : when you get a hang of it, you'll clock 4-5 times per minute, meaning 2000-2500 coins.
That makes it 120,000-140,000 coins per 1 hour.

In total Magician and 5 pets are worth 1,300,000 coins, so we're looking to 11-12-13 hours of "grinding".

Why this and not usual Adventurer with money-grind build, you ask? Because, as many of you have seen, everything in this game has been nerfed ( read : changed to make more money for developers ), gold coins are worth only 5 and not 10 like before, where Double Income perk costs 8,000 and not 3,000 as before. And it feels as the game became even harder...

Anyway, I am sure that this is the fastest way to get money now. Please let me know if this helped you or, on the contrary, if you have other thoughts.toast
Leadfoot2010Steps are repeatable, so it's quite doable to setup a macro and let it run for a day.
Posted by Leadfoot2010 on 03 Nov 15 at 18:52
AP E JCDo you know if you can go back and forth the same two dates to get the 500 coins? This way you could easily setup a macro for it.
Posted by AP E JC on 04 Nov 15 at 16:16
tornprince2012That's the point, you can't. But hey - look at the bright side - no more stupid pop ups "collect your 500 coins" for the rest of your life! laugh
Posted by tornprince2012 on 04 Nov 15 at 16:17
AgentZachMorganWorked a treat, thank you sir!
Posted by AgentZachMorgan on 05 Nov 15 at 18:38
tornprince2012Happy to help! Congrats on finishing this crap!
Posted by tornprince2012 on 05 Nov 15 at 19:05
Smoky BrennethDon't forget to set date and time back right before unlocking achievements!! Hehe, good solution man :)
Posted by Smoky Brenneth on 05 Nov 15 at 19:26
tornprince2012Thanks! It actually says what you wrote, in the middle of solution laugh
Posted by tornprince2012 on 05 Nov 15 at 23:11
TNTJudbudI have still not updated from the first release version. Would the Adventurer route still be better to boost coins? Then update the game after i boost 1,300,000 coins?
Posted by TNTJudbud on 11 Nov 15 at 00:32
tornprince2012Good question. I still would recommend against it but this depends on a few aspects. First and foremost : are you finished all the challenges? Add 500,000 coins for the third monster you need to buy as well. That, Magician and 5 pets will total at tremendous 1,800,000 you'll need. Add boosts needed for another achievement and boosts for 2 achievements for beating levels at low Evo, and XP boosts for leveling up one pet. Around 2 million, or more. One calendar year is 180,000 coins, roughly, so 11-12 of those should suffice. I had no interest nor energy to play this shit anymore, so for me it was easier to watch something on my laptop and flick the finger on my phone. You can do 2-3 calendar years a day, so just a few days and you will be done with that.

Leveling the pet and going through 2 levels with low Evo will make you co crazy anyway, so I would not recommend that. Making 30K playing without an update, or 25K with a date trick ( 10 minutes time ) - I would choose no play method any time. At the end, final decision is yours, mate.
Posted by tornprince2012 on 11 Nov 15 at 00:58