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03 Nov 2015 28 Jan 2016
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Hey everybody!

Putting this as a solution on three different achievements so more people will see this and breathe easily after realizing that there is a way out of 50-100 hours grind.

My fellow achievement pirates, read carefully the order of things :

1. Go to your phone, settings > date & time > put automatic date & time to OFF.
2. Start moving the calendar day ahead.
3. Press Windows button ( the one that brings you to the main phone screen ).
4. Start Monster Go!
5. The window with 500 coins will pop, press Collect.
6. Press and hold Back button (shows you all opened windows ).
7. Close Settings tab ( it will confuse you ) by pressing X on top of it.

~~~Attention : this is not Date & Time tab but Setting tab! After closing it you should see only 2 tabs - game and date & time!

8. Choose Date & Time tab, move calendar a day ahead.
9. Press and hold Back button again, choose game's window.
10. Press back twice ( don't hurry ), and the window with 500 coins will pop again, collect them.

~~~Attention : sometimes the game will stuck ( the screen will be dimmed ), in that case just close the game with X and restart it.

11. Rinse and repeat again and again.

~~~Attention : don't forget to change months and eventually, years.

I am doing this on Lumia 920 and I realize that there are better and worse phones out there, but the time frame has to be more or less the same.

Don't forget!!! Before you will try to buy something, exit the game, return Date & Time to automatic, and restart the game, just to be sure that nothing will get messed up.

To calculations now : when you get a hang of it, you'll clock 4-5 times per minute, meaning 2000-2500 coins.
That makes it 120,000-140,000 coins per 1 hour.

In total Magician and 5 pets are worth 1,300,000 coins, so we're looking to 11-12-13 hours of "grinding".

Why this and not usual Adventurer with money-grind build, you ask? Because, as many of you have seen, everything in this game has been nerfed ( read : changed to make more money for developers ), gold coins are worth only 5 and not 10 like before, where Double Income perk costs 8,000 and not 3,000 as before. And it feels as the game became even harder...

Anyway, I am sure that this is the fastest way to get money now. Please let me know if this helped you or, on the contrary, if you have other thoughts.toast
X2poetIt didn't pop 500 coins for me.
Posted by X2poet on 06 Nov 15 at 17:10
tornprince2012No idea what's wrong. It popped for everyone who commented on my other solutions, same order of things. Are you still connected to the internet ( wi-fi, 3/4G) when you moving the date?
Posted by tornprince2012 on 06 Nov 15 at 18:18
shelbygt5252This worked for me when you posted it, but I can't seem to pop those 500 coins anymore. Any idea what is going on?
Posted by shelbygt5252 on 10 Nov 15 at 18:35
tornprince2012I haven't touched the game the moment I finished it, going all the way to 2026 on the calendar. It worked flawlessly for me and others, no idea what's wrong. Do you still get your coins naturally, on the day after or did you go too far now and still haven't caught up to this date?
Posted by tornprince2012 on 10 Nov 15 at 20:14
Bonien2+ thumbs up! Great solution! :)
Posted by Bonien2 on 12 Nov 15 at 18:59
tornprince2012Thanks, just happy to help!
Posted by tornprince2012 on 12 Nov 15 at 19:06
X2poetProbably I connected and now I can't get it whatever I do.
Posted by X2poet on 14 Nov 15 at 10:05
tornprince2012Try to delete and reinstall it if you already unlocked all challenges.
Posted by tornprince2012 on 14 Nov 15 at 17:07
GottleDarn, I was closing & re-opening the app every time! laugh
Thanks for the hint
Posted by Gottle on 24 Jan 16 at 13:01
tornprince2012Glad to see the whole wall of text helps people! wink
Posted by tornprince2012 on 24 Jan 16 at 13:04
GottleWell, I've unlocked the achievement, but it didn't appear on, and now i've all the pets, so i don't know how to fix it. It's the second time i unistall it (losing EVERY progress), so i don't want to restart all over again!
I'll try to understand what to do, but your method worked well wink
Posted by Gottle on 28 Jan 16 at 18:07
tornprince2012You were connected to the internet when you brought the date to the right one, didn't you?

Try to log out and log in back in the game ( if you can ), and sit tight. If this will not get synced, sadly, you're screwed. In that case start looking on forums if anyone had problems like this with any other DLC achievement.
Posted by tornprince2012 on 28 Jan 16 at 18:28
GottleDamn, I tried to delete the game (again!) and re-earn the achievement: still nothing cry

I'll try reinstall the game (4th time...) and try to earn this ****ing achievement completely offline, in flight mode, so that my phone won't sync with MS servers.

I know that my problem isn't related to your solution, I'm just posting to let everyone know what could go wrong with this game! angry
Posted by Gottle on 04 Feb 16 at 01:02
tornprince2012Plenty....Plenty can go wrong with this piece of shit!!!

From what I can see, you have a biiiiiiig problem now. I had once an achievement that unlocked itself on 360 but never got to servers. Lucky for me, I had more achievements left locked and when I popped another one, they both got synced. You, on the other hand....don't have another one...If I were you, I'd start talking to xbox support and Game Troopers...
Posted by tornprince2012 on 04 Feb 16 at 09:23