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MP - World War II Victory Medal

Come in first place on every map in any game mode in ranked matches

MP - World War II Victory Medal0
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04 Nov 2015 21 Oct 2017
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[UPDATE]OCTOBER 2017 - Fixes are still possible





This achievement has known issues, that can potentitally cause it to become unobtainable for some. However, do not despair. All hope is NOT lost.

#1 - IF you already know your achievement is glitched skip to #2 for potential fix.

First off, go for this achievement first and try to unlock it at the same time with American Campaign Medal. At this point literally no one plays this game so you will need a boosting group of 4 xboxes / players as this is the minimum amount for a match to start. Work out who will go first, second, third, etc. in your group. Anyone who is not going first should have a secondary account setup ahead of time to use until it is there turn to go.

When it is your turn to go, run through the 6 maps in Objective Airborne game mode. Select ranked matches and custom and input in the map you are going for. Complete the match ensuring the first placer gets flags 1 & 3 and co-caps flag 2 with teammate. This should take less than 2 minutes per map with load screens. Complete 2 rounds in this manner for your first win. DO NOT press the 'B' button upon match completion as many theories have this pegged as potentially one cause for unobtainability. Once timer counts down you will be back in menu screen. Repeat step and all players choose a new map under custom. Repeat until this player has all 6 wins in first place.

#2 - IF you already know your achievement is glitched or it becomes glitched from boosting this part is for you.


I'll try to help with this indefinitely, but I can't guarantee any specific cut off date at this time.


So i've made a new best friend. They work for DICE. They helped me unlock my achievement on November 1st, 2015.

This a for the Medal of Honor: Airborne "MP - World War II Victory Medal" Achievement.
(Came in first place on every map in any game mode in ranked matches). This solution has been created if you have already "Glitched" the achievement and it has become unobtainable for you.

With the help of a lone DICE Employee, working on their own time we looked into this achievement. In early November 2015, successful troubleshooting of this achievement occured. We discovered that some # X of 6 categories of the stats listed as Map A (i.e. Insert Map name) Highest Rank i.e. "MAP_AVA_BESTRANK" (Avalanche) had values from "1st" to "12th" (indicating the highest place you came in on this map match-leaderboard) instead contained values of "0th" place. We then solved how to unglitch all the "0th" places and this allowed them to revert to the previously attained "1st" places (or highest places previously attained) on any glitched map categories. Then once 1 map was played on ranked, and we obtained first place, it allowed the achievement to finally unlock. It is not 100% known what causes a stat to get glitched to "0th" place. Maybe it is quitting a match early or pressing the "B" button upon a match completion rather than letting the count down timer go, or it could just be issues with the patch that was released shortly after the game came out. They do not have access to the code and EA has given up on this game, so the chances are we will never really know and there will only ever be theories.

Leaderboards can not be reset, but instead individual gamertag unglitching of the vital statistics can occur. As there is no way to know with 100% certainty that our process will not have adverse effects on other achievements, it is HIGHLY recommended that you complete ALL MP achievements prior to this unglitching in order to not make something else unobtainable. Although many gamers have "rolled the dice" so to speak and had no issues.

ONLY Once you've gotten the other achievements completed, send me a message and request your stats to be unglitched. By sending this message you are acknowledging that we have no way of knowing if other achievements could become unobtainable due to our unglitching process. AGAIN - finish all the other achievements then message me requesting an unglitching. I'll forward groups of handful or so to the DICE contact and message you letting you know that you should be good to go. Once you're unglitched, you should only have to come in first place on any 1 map and the achievement should unlock (takes 5 minutes for 1 win). Many have reported that they did not even have to win the match and that they also did not use a secondary account and it still unlocked for them.

STEP 1 - READ Solution Description ENTIRETY
STEP 2 - PM Request that your stats be unglitched (PM: Example)
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

STEP 5 - WAIT for 2nd AUTO Msg with Greenlight
STEP 6 - READ Greenlight Directions
STEP 7 - FOLLOW 2nd AUTO Msg Greenlight Directions

When you are ready to PM me, your PM must contain somewhere in the body of your message.

It shows me you have read and understood everything outlined.

TROUBLESHOOTING (Section) / Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What happens if I don't reply to the auto msg in a timely manner?
Essentially if a reply is not received to the first auto msg #1, then you will not be pooled to that queue and a second auto msg #1 will be sent once the next queue is up for processing. Further no replies will push you "down the ladder" so to speak and you will continue to receive auto msg #1 until you have replied correctly.

What's the normal turn around time for this process?
Currently pools are small and you should be queued in under one weeks time.

I still haven't gotten my stats unglitched...what gives?!?
If it has been longer than 1 week and you still have not received a PM with the heading "Airborne - Greenlight (Directions)" then one of the following has probablly occurred. 1) You did not follow rules listed above to obtain an unglitching 2) We are waiting for more gamertags to be ready in order to pool a larger group 3) Your request for an unglitching was hidden inside your random PM and most likely overlooked or 4) Your PM was not received for whatever reason. Re-start at STEP 1 to remedy.

What do I do if my achievement re-glitches during my boosting session?
In the event that it re-glitches (more common with -998 groups) a second or even third unglitching may be required for the achievement to unlock properly. Simply send a new PM request for an unglitching each time and you will likely get the achievement after 1 to 2 additional unglitchings. Attempt to play on the Map - "Destroyed Village" if you fall into this issue.

What if I don't have a secondary / dummy account?
Many have reported that they did not use a secondary account and even lost the first match of their boosting session and the achievement still unlocked post unglitching. In the event that yours does not when using your primary an additional unglitching may be required and when attempting to boost the second time, I suggest that you work it out with the group to allow you to "go first".

Can your friend at DICE help with other games?
They have now successfully helped with Battlefield: Bad Company 1 & Medal of Honor: Airborne. In the future, I may attempt to contact them regarding similarly coded glitched achievements. That is to say achievements that have a "glitched" counter issue and can be simply fixed with a +1 code segment to the category. Need for Speed: Carbon and Army of Two: The 40th Day are potential candidates. Any games / achievements that are unobtainable as the result of a server shutdown would be beyond the realm of realistic fixing.

My [insert achievement name] achievement has also become glitched. Will this unglitching make other glitched achievements obtainable?
As far as I know, no other achievements are legitimately unobtainable or glitchy. This process should only unglitch the specified glitched map ranking stats categories. Therefore no other achievements should be effected. However, as previously stated, we do not have access to the programming code. Therefore, I still highly encourage this unglitching only after you obtain all other achievements.

I just got a PM saying "my soldier was not found". What does this mean?
This means that we are unable to find you as having played the multiplayer for Medal of Honor: Airborne. This is either because you have not played the multiplayer or more commonly you have changed your gamertag since you played the multiplayer last. The system does not seem to automatically update with gamertag changes. In order to remedy this you will need to complete one match of ranked multiplayer for your new gamertag to be force recognized as having changed. Once you have played one match of ranked multiplayer, search in your inbox for the auto message "MUST READ…" and re-reply with the correct message. This should force a 2nd auto scan and subsequent 2nd "GREENLIGHT" auto message. However, IF you don't receive a 2nd "GREENLIGHT" auto message within 48 hours, send a PM and it will be looked into.
Lost LegendsThank you very much , this guy helped me get my achievement
Posted by Lost Legends on 10 Nov 15 at 00:59
jordaUwUCan you see if they can help correct my stats? I've had this game incomplete for years now.
Posted by jordaUwU on 10 Nov 15 at 03:28
JoNNy BoJanGlsI can confirm that ghosts methods work I have recently got achievement last night .. Thanks
Posted by JoNNy BoJanGls on 10 Nov 15 at 11:10
BRITISHLEGION93I haven't started Airborne yet. Whats my best option to get this buggy Achievement?
Posted by BRITISHLEGION93 on 10 Nov 15 at 14:09
FNSUITE GHOSThmm... following above solution maybe? ;) or is something unclear in my method, please specify and I will elaborate :)
Posted by FNSUITE GHOST on 10 Nov 15 at 14:31
BRITISHLEGION93My bad. Would it be better for DICE to fix everyones gamertag for the buggy Achievement and then when I start the multiplayer for the first time, it wont affect me. OR shall I start the game ASAP and get the buggy Achievement to glitch on me and wait for DICE to do the investigation?
Posted by BRITISHLEGION93 on 10 Nov 15 at 14:38
BRITISHLEGION93Thanks for the detailed info. I did read the solution but I wasn't too sure of what position I was to start the game for the first time. I'm gonna start the game now and have faith for next year.
Posted by BRITISHLEGION93 on 10 Nov 15 at 15:06
xAcCeSs DeNiEdThis achievement was glitched on me, but thanks goes to FNSUITE GHOST for making this achievement obtainable. Worked like a charm, many many thanks. dance
Posted by xAcCeSs DeNiEd on 10 Nov 15 at 17:35
FNSUITE GHOSTAs stated in solution this is not a DICE / EA endeavor. They have given up on this game. This is a random guy / girl who works for DICE and out of the kindness of their own heart decided to help us out on their own FREE time.

If you haven't played before as stated go for that achievement first, there is a good chance you will get it (as that is how most people have unlocked it). If you come to the point where you have no achievements left except the 1 glitched above, then a fix is required and look into the session link in solution for further info.

Fixing all 36,342 tracked gamers (on xbox 360 alone) as you've suggested? (if I understand correctly) would be unrealistic at this point. A "patch" type fix would be likely impossible for 3 reasons 1) no server physical access [Sweden] & 2) no ability 'permission' to insert new code into server and 3) EA / DICE have essentially given up on this game and doubtful they would be willing to spend $ on an 8 year old game.
Posted by FNSUITE GHOST on 10 Nov 15 at 18:24
SnowsuxYou're the man. Can't state this enough.
Posted by Snowsux on 10 Nov 15 at 18:37
X30 andreas2807I got the achievement today. Very BIG Thanks @FNSUITE GHOST and his Friend from DICE. :-)
Posted by X30 andreas2807 on 10 Nov 15 at 22:12
B Diddy620Ghost is the man. Popped after first match post reset. Thanks for the help.
Posted by B Diddy620 on 12 Nov 15 at 01:48
LJParnellYes, excellent work and thanks. I got the achievement straight away after my stats were updated.
Posted by LJParnell on 14 Nov 15 at 07:46
ElmoRedColorGot the achievement, thank you very much for helping me get it.
Posted by ElmoRedColor on 14 Nov 15 at 21:05
ReliantGung hoThanks for the help, Ghost.
Posted by ReliantGung ho on 14 Nov 15 at 21:24
mak 90Thank you FNSUITE GHOST!!! This worked perfectly. The achievement unlocked for me on Objective Airborne Destroyed Village and it wasn't even my turn to go first! I didn't have to do anything but sit through one match and it popped for me right at the end. A special thanks of course goes to your friend at EA for helping everyone with this. It is very much appreciated!!
Posted by mak 90 on 16 Nov 15 at 02:30
HarbringernightI was in the -998 category and played one game of objective on Destroyed Village. I came in first place and got it. Even better was the fact two others received if after that first match as well.

A huge Thanks from the community to you FNSUITE GHOST and anonymous Dice employee.
Posted by Harbringernight on 16 Nov 15 at 16:22
KronicPaulThank you FNSUITE GHOST!!! and the un-named helpful sole at Dice, following the stats reset the above solution worked perfectly for myself, cheeky 315, Biohazard1320 & Adz85360. The achievement unlocked for each of us on Objective Airborne Destroyed Village map. Ive Up voted this solution as it very much works, and has allowed us to 100% complete the game, and release that all important 0g cheev !!!
Posted by KronicPaul on 17 Nov 15 at 23:03
Bomb 2 chestIs it possible to come in first place on a map and not win on said map ? Or does your team need to win to be considered first on the map ? Only reason I ask is because I have played online along time ago but never got the american campaign medal achievement. I was thinking if I could go through each map and get first place but lose I might still be able to pop this achievement. Since american campaign medal seems to be tied with this one some people have said if you pop the american achievement this achievement might not pop.
Posted by Bomb 2 chest on 20 Nov 15 at 15:42
LoneSt4r1836Many thanks FNSUITE GHOST. And to your friend at DICE as well. We took no chances and used dummy accounts until it was each person's turn. Popped for each person after their turn. Thanks again!!!
Posted by LoneSt4r1836 on 23 Nov 15 at 22:39
FNSUITE GHOSTIn order for a first place to register it appears you have to be on the winning team. I have not heard of anyone unlocking the achievement pre-reset without winning the match.
Posted by FNSUITE GHOST on 23 Nov 15 at 22:56
AceMcCloudThank you FNSUITE GHOST, I was a 998'er and then it oddly glitched to 2nd place on all maps (after playing just Destroyed Village as Axis and not unlocking it), thanks to GHOST tonight I unlocked it, as Allied joining GHOST's custom match, so maybe being host isn't great in this. So glad after all these years to have it, thought it would be glitched forever.
Posted by AceMcCloud on 24 Nov 15 at 00:00
FNSUITE GHOSTYes, maybe if you have a similar issue as AceMcCloud try the GamerTag who needs achievement searching "Quick Match" instead after another GamerTag is in "Custom Match" search, that way you are not the host of the match. This seemed to fix the issue we had with AceMcCloud.
Posted by FNSUITE GHOST on 24 Nov 15 at 00:06
Firing DutchmanYou are da man! I finally unlocked this achievement after playing and winning 1 round of objective airborne! This was the only glitched achievement on my card, so I'm truly grateful that you've put your time and effort into this, together with DICE ofcourse. Thanx again!!
Posted by Firing Dutchman on 25 Nov 15 at 10:14
Firing DutchmanI game I meant, so 2 rounds :-)
Posted by Firing Dutchman on 25 Nov 15 at 11:18
Mr RodsterGot it today. Thank you very much, and thank you to the unnamed friend at DICE.
Posted by Mr Rodster on 27 Nov 15 at 19:04
smrnovBig thanks here as well, won a match in Airborne on one of my non-glitched maps, and it unlocked at the end of the match. Definitely didn't think I'd ever finish this one, amazing dedication getting this sorted.
Posted by smrnov on 01 Dec 15 at 16:07
Tinus SlayerThank you very much Ghost and friend
Posted by Tinus Slayer on 02 Dec 15 at 17:23
DriZzT1987thank you! it pops even when you are on the losing team.
Posted by DriZzT1987 on 05 Dec 15 at 21:26
Th3 ReplicantGot it today: Couldn't believe there was a session going on :-) I bumped in to some TA-ers (BritishLegion93 and WhataLump) who invited me to their party. They graciously let me cap some objectives. In the end I was second but won the match and the achievement popped.
So many many thanks to Ghost and his "Random DICE Employee": you two are brilliant!
Posted by Th3 Replicant on 26 Dec 15 at 11:13
SupraDriverThank you smile
Posted by SupraDriver on 27 Dec 15 at 06:53
TeenJackBauerManaged to get it today after playing a single ranked match, thanks :)
Posted by TeenJackBauer on 03 Jan 16 at 19:36
CrossFire84Also managed this first game yesterday, thanks very much to you both!!
Posted by CrossFire84 on 04 Jan 16 at 20:50
ScotE Doesnt NoThank you! If you (FNSUITE GHOST) ever need help with anything then send me a message.
Posted by ScotE Doesnt No on 09 Jan 16 at 01:34
IM TOM JWThanks to you FNSUITE GHOST and of course your DICE employee friend. Your time is appreciated by me and many others.

This also unlocked for me having played one game also.
Posted by IM TOM JW on 12 Feb 16 at 23:33
guycarbI wish I could vote this up more than once - thanks for your help. Popped the achievement last night and already got rid of the game.


I can confirm that this unlocked for me after 1 win, even though his msg said that I needed 2!
Posted by guycarb on 17 Mar 16 at 18:36
STYL4ZGot the achievement, thanks for the effort put into this for everyone.

Only played one game after the reset, didn't even win the map :)
Posted by STYL4Z on 21 Apr 16 at 22:27
TG IceStormI unlocked this achievement on the 21/04/2016, many thanks to FNSUITE GHOST and the person who works at dice.
Posted by TG IceStorm on 28 Apr 16 at 00:59
ox BlackJack xoanyone can help me, please, do not understand English well. I glicht the result for years I have to do? the game also works on xbox one? plzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Posted by ox BlackJack xo on 27 Jul 16 at 07:12
ox BlackJack xoTHX AceMcCloud. anyone know what is meant by using a second profile? you can play with split screen with two active profiles on the same console? (I do not remember it was a long time). Once done the process, need to finish first on all maps and all the game modes? or just finish first in all the maps? Forwarding have not been found because I changed the name of the gamertag. I have to play a ranked match right? The game is compatible with xbox one? Thank you all.
Posted by ox BlackJack xo on 28 Jul 16 at 06:53
AceMcCloudQuesto sta usando Google Translate .
Un secondo profilo è un altro gamertag con oro su cui non si cura di successi o di completamento , la sua utilizzati per aiutare il vostro conto principale o gli altri a ottenere risultati, in questo caso, aiutandoli a Theres un glitch- senza ri- glitch per il vostro principale account. Non è per schermo diviso .
Questo gioco non è compatibile con le versioni precedenti di Xbox One .
Posted by AceMcCloud on 28 Jul 16 at 07:36
ox BlackJack xoAce, thank you, you're so kind. You can also explain in detail the subject of the second profile? in English does not take too many disturbances . also sends a private message . thank you
Posted by ox BlackJack xo on 28 Jul 16 at 10:28
Netzo91Got the achievement!
Thanks to Ghost and his friend.
Posted by Netzo91 on 06 Aug 16 at 21:34
RoccoSinicoJust got the achievement. Work perfectly, just win one game !! Big thanks to Ghost and his friend.
Posted by RoccoSinico on 07 Aug 16 at 15:33
ox BlackJack xothere is someone to play a game in ranked? I have to update my data. send message
Posted by ox BlackJack xo on 02 Dec 16 at 17:45
TachikomaShikiThanks to FNSUITE GHOST and his friend, my stats have been fixed TWICE. The first time my stats were fixed, I thought I'll try winning one map and see if the achievement unlocked but unfortunately, some of the randoms I was playing with, quit the game after a few deaths and this seemed to cause my stats to glitch again. I played 3 matches on 3 different maps and at least one random quit at some point during each one which messed my stats up on those maps all over again. Luckily, I messaged FNSUITE GHOST again and he sorted it. Now I'm gonna wait for a boosting session since playing with randoms is INCREDIBLY RISKY so I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

Thanks again for the help! Will comment again once I finally get this achievement. toast
Posted by TachikomaShiki on 04 Dec 16 at 04:47
TachikomaShikiSo I finally got around to trying it again today but it turns out I'm pretty unlucky on this and my stats glitched again somehow. I let FNSUITE GHOST know about it and he told me not to give up and he fixed it again. I didn't want to ever play this game again at this point lol I had a few consoles set up and one of them sounded like it was ready to explode with how old/loud it was. But after trying the very next game, it finally unlocked! I could hardly believe it! :) Seriously happy it's now complete. It was 8 years since my last achievement before this one for this game haha... Thanks a lot again FNSUITE GHOST and your friend!
Posted by TachikomaShiki on 12 Dec 16 at 19:12
light447This worked perfectly for me. Thank you so much (and BIG thank you to your friend too) for your time end everything you've done, I never thought I would complete the game after so many years.
Posted by light447 on 19 Dec 16 at 23:18
MisterKIKIThank you Ghost and the Dice developer! Just started the process. If anyone wants meet up on ranked together, please let me know, cheers!
Posted by MisterKIKI on 03 Apr 17 at 22:21
HarbringernightHave you created a session?
Posted by Harbringernight on 30 May 17 at 17:26
HarbringernightLook into the creation of sessions. That is how you will get anything done.
Posted by Harbringernight on 30 May 17 at 18:44
BegFourMercy3091 days 20 hours 36 minutes to complete. Plus of minus a few minutes. lol.

Thanks for the reset that was almost 1 year ago. EA Access has the game now free in the vault. Me and another person who had it glitched and fixed with the above process popped it at the same time. He was on the losing team. I was on winning team and ranked 1st. We had a 1, 2, 3, 4 finish.
Posted by BegFourMercy on 10 Jun 17 at 17:23
MisterKIKIThanks to Riss787 and the other German gentleman, who allowed me to at least join a ranked game. All I did was play a full round of Objective Airborne. Lost both rounds to Riss787 with all flags captured. Achievement popped after end of Round 2. I was in a Category 1 reset back in April or so.
Posted by MisterKIKI on 30 Jun 17 at 16:27
YOOPER 906This had glitched on me before. I came first place on every map twice and no achievement. Well tonight, everybody in the session was able to get it first try. I think this might be fixed.
Posted by YOOPER 906 on 09 Aug 17 at 03:58
Z GreyFox Z^^^Can confirm the above, was apart of that group, and it had glitched on me before, and did it once more.
Posted by Z GreyFox Z on 11 Aug 17 at 02:25
FNSUITE GHOSTThanks for the info guys! And You guys might be right . I haven't gotten in touch with my friend yet, but I'm guessing one of two things happened when the server migration occurred when game became EA ACCESS. Either they automatically reset (more likely) or less likely my friend reset everyone. I'll have to do more research. That would suck if people's progress towards Weapon Virtuoso got jacked as a result!
Posted by FNSUITE GHOST on 11 Aug 17 at 02:48
FNSUITE GHOSTHey guys, I think this may actually still be glitched. I'm waiting for more users to supply information, but so far I have heard back from Vader XXX and they have stated that running through the steps they were unable to unlock it still.

It is possible either Z GreyFox Z and PiCkLE SQU1D got lucky and it unlocked for them, or Vader XXX got unlucky and it reglitched for them. I can't say for certain either way as there is currently too few data elements to make a mathematical decision on probability.

For those trying now, If it unlocks for you currently post EA ACCESS inclusion than that is awesome. If not, I'm optimistic we will get the unglitching process back up in running some time before the end of the year.

Thanks for all the info / updates though guys!~ Keep 'em coming!
Posted by FNSUITE GHOST on 12 Aug 17 at 11:29
Marcus PigeonI just attempted it with a group and I was NOT able to unlock the achievement.
Posted by Marcus Pigeon on 13 Aug 17 at 02:54
YOOPER 906Grey Fox didn't get his right away. Instead, we had to start the map rotation over again and he got it on the first map.
Posted by YOOPER 906 on 16 Aug 17 at 03:24
FNSUITE GHOSTFor starters I really appreciate your spitballing with this solution PiCkLE SQU1D, it shows a lot about a gamers character when they've gotten the achievement and still check in to the comments to help others! Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to have been fixed. I've received a half dozen or so PM's with people saying it's still glitched and Godfather A7X 's group went as far as 8 hours running through multiple rotations for each and still wren't able to get a few of their group the achievement.

FORTUNATELY though, I think we have successfully troubleshot the cause. It appears to be fixed now and can proceed with further unglitchings for those who get it glitched!
Posted by FNSUITE GHOST on 16 Aug 17 at 05:55
Z GreyFox ZHelp for those going for World War II Victory Medal: 50/50 chance it might or might pop for you guys, just letting you guys know exactly what we did that night and how it unlocked for us.

Originally, we were just boosting for Objective Points on Destroyed Village in Objective Airborne. My buddy RockChaulkWuShok said he needed the achievement American Campaign Medal for being on the winning team for every map in ranked matches. So, we ended up doing this for everyone in our group. Instead of starting with the first level we decided to start from the level after Destroyed Village which is The Hunt, then Avalanche, Neptune, Husky and finally Remagen.
Everyone in my group did this with the exception of myself as I already had unlocked this achievement years ago. Also note we didn't do one player plays all the maps, then another player. We instead did each player for each map, and then moved on to the next one completed. Once every person had completed Remagen the achievement for the WWII Medal popped for them along side the American Campaign Medal which is what originally was being going for, with the exception of PiCkLE SQU1D. He said the achievement popped for him on Husky, but I don't think he did on that map. Oh well.

When everyone was popping off, I decided that maybe I can go for it if its unlocking for them and since PiCkLE SQU1D had mention that it had glitched on him previously. So I decided might as well start with Remegan. I think we skipped Destroyed Village) and going through the rest of the levels. So we did that and nothing popped for me, at this point I was frustrated and thanks to my amazing group of buddies, we decided to go once more for the achievement, so I started with the map The Hun this time around till we got to Remagen and it popped for me. So my theory is that it is a specific map order that makes the achievement pop.

If anyone wants to test this theory, and let me know if worked for them. If it doesn't pop if you start the order from The Hunt to Remagen, try Destroyed Village first and then go through Remagen, the reason we didn't bother with Destroy Village was as I mentioned earlier we were boosting Objective points on Destroyed Village and then went on the next levels from there to get their wins for the maps.
Posted by Z GreyFox Z on 16 Aug 17 at 22:13
Vader XXXI just unlocked this ever so elusive achievement thanks to the help of FNSUITE GHOST and his friend on the inside. I only had to play one match on Avalanche for it to unlock though it appeared I might have to play on Neptune as well. After starting this game a little over nine years ago it is finally truly completed. I am most pleased.
Posted by Vader XXX on 17 Aug 17 at 06:17
SaracinWith this going free next month expect a lot more messages soon lol
Posted by Saracin on 27 Sep 17 at 18:39
GEO I AlejndroQPlease answer my pm if it still working
Posted by GEO I AlejndroQ on 18 Nov 17 at 16:29
Unmet PlayerI believe this achievement is no longer unobtainable. Stats reset every time you load the game. If it glitches, resetting the game should fix the issue.
Posted by Unmet Player on 21 Nov 17 at 09:14
GEO I AlejndroQWell, FNSUITE GHOST's friend unglitched my achievement. I just played 1 match on Avalanche, in Team Deathmatch (I lost the match) and achievement unlocked.

Thank you so much FNSUITE GHOST
Posted by GEO I AlejndroQ on 02 Dec 17 at 19:20
fjmontero1Big thanks FNSUITE GHOST.
Posted by fjmontero1 on 03 Feb 18 at 22:22
SkorpiionThanks for the help FNSUITE GHOST
Posted by Skorpiion on 03 Mar 18 at 13:11
CryptCoreHas anyone tried unglitching the achievement BEFORE getting all other achievements and still able to get other achievements afterward?
Posted by CryptCore on 10 Mar 18 at 21:12
SkorpiionI dont think he unglitches before all the other MP achievements are done
Posted by Skorpiion on 10 Mar 18 at 22:05
SkorpiionI dont think he unglitches before all the other MP achievements are done
Posted by Skorpiion on 10 Mar 18 at 23:53
SkorpiionI dont think he unglitches before all the other MP achievements are done
Posted by Skorpiion on 13 Mar 18 at 00:02
Fyre InsydeJust wanted to drop a special note both to confirm that this process 100% works (earned my achievement today) and to commend GHOST (and his friend at DICE) for taking the time to help out the community. This is a lot of time and effort on their part organizing and coordinating with the folks who've had to deal with this glitch. Thanks again!
Posted by Fyre Insyde on 22 Apr 18 at 23:26
BushidoBrown305Is this still happening. I sent a message months ago and never heard anything back. Followed all your directions. Cheers for any update!
Posted by BushidoBrown305 on 26 Aug 19 at 18:48
Blackout 4171Are you still doing that ? I sent you the message but you have never answered it
Posted by Blackout 4171 on 12 Nov 19 at 08:43
Blackout 4171I have unlocked that achievement after a year, i've been unglitched and it worked fine even though i was losing
Posted by Blackout 4171 on 11 Sep 20 at 20:23
dj nike touI have unlocked that achievement after 13 not lose hope
Posted by dj nike tou on 12 Sep 20 at 11:48
Pmalone6A+++ extra effort on this, thank you!!! Finally got this tonight with this workaround.
Posted by Pmalone6 on 29 Sep 20 at 00:44
ASHBA KNOWSIt worked perfectly, I can't believe I finally completed it, thanks
Posted by ASHBA KNOWS on 29 Sep 20 at 05:43
Posted on 07 Feb 21 at 02:15
so there is a workaround to have this unlocked?
Posted on 06 Mar 21 at 14:55
elefantenmenschIt worked for me man! Thanks a bunch for the effort and give your buddy at DICE a big kiss!
Posted by elefantenmensch on 04 May 21 at 21:56
Burty JrThis man and his awesome friend at DICE are heroes, no question. Thank you so much for doing this still toast
Posted by Burty Jr on 05 May 21 at 13:15