Frozen Free Fall: Snowball Fight Review by CheneyHeadshot

05 Nov 2015 05 Nov 2015
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Frozen Free Fall: Snowball Fight is a good game at its core, it takes the Bejeweled template, strips away all the interesting extra game modes that the amazing Bejeweled 3 gave us and adds all manner of hateful microtransactions. They are the main sticking point. Like any F2P match three puzzler (for example Pokémon Shuffle on 3DS/mobile & the bafflingly popular Candy Crush Saga), you get credits/lives that refresh after a certain time. You run out, you can buy more if you're desperate to play some more. But if you're wanting to play this for an extended period instead of anything else on the One/360, take a long look at yourself and consider trading in your console.

On the face of it, you could beat the entire game on just five lives, but some of the levels will require multiple retries. So unless you're some kind of match 3 savant you'll come back to this game once your lives refresh (+1 every half hour) or just forget it altogether.

The mechanics of the game are complicated further by power ups, first few are free but again, run out and you'll have to pay to replace them. With some of the most laughable IAP prices I've yet seen on the One, you'll probably not bother after the first use. In effect pay to win, but you'd have to be some sort of chump to actually cough up.
You can play it without shelling out but it'll take considerably longer to clock than if you give in to the microtransactions. Although one in particular to unlock all multiplayer characters is £16 so hardly micro.
Thankfully you'll unlock all the MP characters in time, but you need to plough some serious time into single player to do so.

Some levels are incredibly luck driven, sometimes you won't get a decent run on and you'll squizz through your lives in no time, other times you'll be flying through.

Match 4 ice crystals together in a line and you'll get a power-up that'll wipe out a line in the same direction as the group you just matched. Similarly, make an L shape with 3 crystals in either direction and you get another power-up. The daddy of them all is the five in a row jewel that'll eliminate all of a particular colour if you match with them. Combine these power ups together and you'll get some glorious chain reactions that are often the key to three starring a level.

There's also local multiplayer tacked on, it's largely unessential, but unlike singleplayer it's not curtailed by a life limit. You can boost some of the achievements with a second controller, recommend you do so.

The fact that this has the Frozen license is largely immaterial, no doubt it'll attract kids and Disney musical fans to the game but for anyone else, just play with the sound off and enjoy this for what it is, a servicable match three game with some free gamerscore. Good luck maxing it quickly though, it's a long haul effort unless you actually pay up for extra lives & powerups.
Though if you haven't already played it though, fuck this off altogether and go play Bejeweled 3 instead. Hopefully it'll be on the list of One backwards compatibility games as its too good a game to slip into the ether.
FullMoonBeaverGood review. Never knew the transactions were so pricey. If t had been £5 or there about, I may have gone for it. But damn, that price = no way. On the whole, its good for a quick blast. 6-700g is fairly quick and painless.
Posted by FullMoonBeaver on 30 Nov 15 at 13:30
PuritanSoulGood review +1
Posted by PuritanSoul on 14 Feb 16 at 15:50