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Root Beer

Collect all kids objects

Root Beer+0.5
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08 Nov 2015 29 Jul 2019
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This achievement description is inaccurate.

It should say "Collect all the goddamn jelly beans because f*ck you."

So that's what you have to do. You won't be able to do this until you unlock all the costumes so don't bother collecting on your first playthrough.
platform legendI can confirm that all you need are the jelly beans i finished the last level i needed with all jelly beans and missed one beagle scout on purpose and still got the achievement.
Posted by platform legend on 11 Nov 15 at 21:59

I'm playing this game today and going to give you a thumbs up just because of your achievement description.
Posted by BigNev44 on 20 Nov 15 at 17:19
Bieser101AGGGH, I just beat it the first time hoping I didn't have to collect everything.
Posted by Bieser101 on 20 Dec 15 at 19:41
ComesBrothers+2; I also can confirm you "only" have to get all the jelly beans.
Posted by ComesBrothers on 25 Apr 16 at 02:35
CauldronOfDeathI second BigNev44's thumbs up! Awesome description dude!
Posted by CauldronOfDeath on 14 Jun 16 at 20:09
MathGuy42I suggest using a second controller for Woodstock. If you fly him through a Woodstock symbol, shortcuts are opened or extra platforms move to make your quest easier. You can fly him into an enemy to temporarily stun them. He can also move jelly beans slightly, but that hasn't seemed helpful.
Posted by MathGuy42 on 26 Jun 16 at 23:05
AZIANDRAGONI'm guessing the scouts are to unlock snoopy' s family members who are all npc.
Posted by AZIANDRAGON on 16 Nov 17 at 20:49
ubiquetous1138this correct description was very helpful. Don't forget the jelly beans from the jars count as well so if you missed any of these get them as well. I could be wrong but I think the giant jelly beans in the can may count for more than 1 jelly bean.
Posted by ubiquetous1138 on 17 Jan 19 at 17:16