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No Guts, No Glory

Perform a 2.5 second or longer swan dive

No Guts, No Glory0
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09 Nov 2015 09 Nov 2015
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This Achievement can be obtained in the Geothermal Valley next to the Ridgeline Base Camp which can be accessed either before or after exiting the Archives mission.

To the right of the Camp then is a ramp that will be used to perform the swan dive. Back away from the ramp and click cn_LS in to sprint towards the ramp, as soon as you hit the edge hit cn_A and then quickly tap cn_LT to perform the correct dive.

This might take a few attempts because of timing but if you fail simply reload back to the Camp and try again.

MrZweisteinThe achievement doesn't unlock even its showed with 100% in the achievements app. :/
Posted by MrZweistein on 15 Nov 15 at 19:07
Deranged AsylumDoes it say "done unlocking"?
Posted by Deranged Asylum on 15 Nov 15 at 19:56
LeiChatHow do you get passed the spiked wooden barrier on the way up the hill?
Posted by LeiChat on 29 Nov 15 at 18:01
JasonDeadlyIs the timing SUPER tight on this? I cant get this. I'm pressing LT right after I press A. Hrrmm. Anyone with tips please help.
Posted by JasonDeadly on 26 Jan 16 at 20:17
JasonDeadlyI'm convinced this is bugged now. I can only get the pencil dive, not headfirst swan dive. Very frustrating.
Posted by JasonDeadly on 26 Jan 16 at 20:26
Crackhaw2its glitched for me
Posted by Crackhaw2 on 11 Feb 16 at 11:48
Evil Brett DeezHey guys, I think the angle you approach and jump off the ramp is important, I couldn't get it until I made sure to aim more toward the middle-left part of the ramp to jump. Once I did that I got it on my first try.
Posted by Evil Brett Deez on 19 Feb 16 at 07:01
Kexol^Nice comment. Didn't work till I aimed for the middle left part of the platform.
Posted by Kexol on 15 Aug 16 at 19:42
DAGGERO97Had a lot of trouble this, but got it by sprinting off the small edge of the cliffside beside it on the right, not the actual platform. Then it worked first time!
Posted by DAGGERO97 on 21 Aug 16 at 13:52
Apostle92627@DAGGER097, thanks for your comment. I tried that and it worked on my first try as well.
Posted by Apostle92627 on 24 Aug 16 at 16:00
UnfadingShimmyAfter many frustrating attempts. I finally just jumped off the cliff to the left of the platform, hit LT, ding...
Posted by UnfadingShimmy on 20 Oct 16 at 18:41
Deadsh0tGG@DAGGER097 thank you for your comment, mate! Tried about 20 times from the ramp with no success. Went to the cliff (on the left side though) and not to the ramp and got it with no hustle, on my first attempt.
Posted by Deadsh0tGG on 06 Jan 17 at 00:55
Sneaking ZombieSo no matter what I've done nor how long I have done a Swan dive for I can not get this to unlock. I'm not overreacting either, tried all the other ways from the comments and had no luck, even dove for 5 secs and counted and nothing :(
Posted by Sneaking Zombie on 16 Jul 17 at 19:05
Warboy925Plus one from me, it great that its one of the high dives you need for the challenge anyways....
Posted by Warboy925 on 29 Jul 17 at 05:39
KennyannydennySame as the other achievement. You don't have to sprint. Sprinting has absolutely no effect on how far you jump. A game tip in the beginning of the game explains that.
Posted by Kennyannydenny on 29 Aug 17 at 11:14
TheAnonymitythis makes me sick. an achievement based off poor gameplay mechanics + RNG.... i have done this dozens of times and still nothing. i have tried sprinting, not sprinting, different angles etc and nothing works... she only wants to pencil dive, but not even immediately.
Posted by TheAnonymity on 04 Feb 18 at 07:03
OrpheusDeGrootI tried it a few times with sprinting, and it only did the pencil dive for me. Then I tried it without sprinting at all, I think I even stood still, it triggered the swan dive for me and the achievement with it...
Posted by OrpheusDeGroot on 06 May 18 at 15:22
JakThaRiPP3R84why the fucking fuck will my whore not dive off this cunt. cunthole dynamics needa learn to fucking code properly.
Posted by JakThaRiPP3R84 on 09 May 18 at 23:01
Warboy925Looks like they only coded it right for 33,582 people on this site.........why not the rest of the gaming community???? Doesn't seem fair at all!!!
Posted by Warboy925 on 09 May 18 at 23:55
Ultra RevengeI just wasted an hour of my life before finding this. If you are struggling with this, as myself and many others did, try this solution; walk to the right of the ramp and jump directly off the cliff, quickly tap LT. I got it first try. The video demonstrates this. Full credit to PowerPyx on Youtube.
Posted by Ultra Revenge on 21 Jun 18 at 22:14
EscapeTheRoachAfter an hour...I did it! I jumped from the left of the rampsmile
Posted by EscapeTheRoach on 29 Jun 18 at 16:04
Kanchanaburisame here, got the challenge for the jump completed and the achievement for 2.5 by jumping off the left of the platform which never worked.
Posted by Kanchanaburi on 09 Jul 18 at 08:29
WildwoodMikeI just got this by walking to the right of the platform, hitting A to jump, then immediately holding B. I couldn't get it to work with LT.
Posted by WildwoodMike on 01 Nov 18 at 18:05
Darth Hawk CZJust jump from the cliff next to the ramp, it works like a charm there. Still counts for the dive challenge FYI.
Posted by Darth Hawk CZ on 22 Dec 18 at 07:05
Iggsy81Can anyone explain how far into the story you need to be to access this area? For me it's blocked off with spikes and im worried i've missed the base camp and now it's just locked away..
Posted by Iggsy81 on 06 Mar 19 at 10:59
AerithenYou have to get pretty far, Iggsy. This becomes available shortly after:
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
Posted by Aerithen on 05 Jun 19 at 22:05
CitrineWorm138Thanks to WildwoodMike for the tip - I could not get it to work in >30 attempts trying to hit LT, but I got it first time hitting B.
Posted by CitrineWorm138 on 29 Dec 19 at 13:23